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Can australia have a cool event

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And what about those of us that live absolutely nowhere near any of these places? At times this game really feels like it's punishing people for not living in major cities/certain parts of the world.
It'll reach you eventually. Ingress has had events almost everywhere so you'll eventually get SOMETHING. On the plus side you get the feeling of "hey I really earned this rare Pokemon!" :)
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What exactly does Niantic get from regional exclusives again? They don't get money. Well besides making money from holding events with the exclusive Pokemon like the failed Go Fest. But I doubt anyone's going to go to another one of those.

Also kind of question why Europe got the event before the country of origin. Sometimes Niantic doesn't make any sense.


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Also quite sad Europe events seems to happen a lot, we don't get anything in Canada. Along with raids and muk spawns, it's just another thing countryside people can't enjoy.


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Yay! Planning to go all the way out to Glasgow for this one.

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