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Pokemon Chosen Ones (Coming Soon)

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Welcome to the place where Arceus Started, Embark on a journey to explore the Zowto region and become a Pokémon Master!

Catch, train and battle Pokémon in a world where Evil starts to grow over the region. Take on Gym Leaders, stop Team Vikour from capturing Arceus, and conquer the Pokémon League! End an evil cult's plans and meet a familiar legendary Pokemon in exciting new story arcs!

The Story starts with Zero(You) who is woken from a conversation or dream.... with Arceus warning you that there is a great evil coming over your region and only you and three others can stop them from taking control over the world and as your venture all over the region you will meet and even battle past famous trainers and more like you


Left to right: Zero, Zira, Luis, Pandora, Zargon


#1.2 Changelog
  • Added - Nuzlocke Mode - by JV
  • Simple HUD Optimized - by FL
  • added more story up route 2
  • added Pokemon Birthsigns
  • added a new intro


  • Includes All Pokemon From Gen 1-7 include to add any more in future
  • Custom Pokemon Eggs
  • New Alolan forms
  • Switching or keeping Pokemon like in Gen 7
  • Following Pokemon
  • Trainer Detection
  • Pokemon Ride
  • Wonder Trade
  • Wild item drops
  • Speed Up ( F Button )
  • World Tournament after game
  • Large post-game, possibly containing another region to explore


Spoiler: Plus, a surprise...
Special Halloween Pikachu


Current Version (1.4)
  • 1st Town (Done)
  • Route 1 (Done)
  • Cave (Done)
  • 2nd Town (In Progress)



  • Gamefreak - HG/SS, BW and B2/W2 music
  • Pokemon Ow's by Clara, PrincessPhenoix, LunarDusk6
  • Maruno - Pokemon Essentials
  • Pokemon Amie/Refresh Version 1.0 - by Pizza Sun
  • Show Species Introdution - by FL
  • Pokemon Level Balancing - by Umbreon
  • Random Egg Generator - by FL
  • Wonder Trade Script - by Black Eternity
  • Trainer Detection like in Pokemon Sun and Moon - by shiney570
  • Better Fast-forward Mode- by Marin
  • Automatic Backup System- by Marin
  • Name-box by Mr. Gela
  • Advanced Pokédex - by FL
  • Storage system mouse compatibility - by DaviRx
  • Easy Mouse System - by Luka Sj
  • Evolution Moves - by Crystal Noel
  • Pokéride Ride - by Ulithium_Dragon and Marin
  • Pokemon Essentials
  • Smogon XY Sprite Project:
  • Fletchling- Wyverii, princessofmusic
  • Fletchinder- princessofmusic,
  • Talonflame- Wyverii, Harrie, princessofmusic
  • Bunnelby- Wobblebuns, Layell, princessofmusic
  • Diggersby- RedRooster, Legitimate Username, Wobblebuns, Layell, princessofmusic
  • Skiddo- paintseagull, Wyverii, princessofmusic, aXI, Layell
  • Gogoat- Siiilver,princessofmusic, aXI, Layell
  • Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite Project
  • Cutiefly- princessofmusic
  • Ribombee- princessofmusic
  • Added - Nuzlocke Mode - by JV
  • Simple HUD Optimized - by FL
  • Thread CSS - Trev


Contact MethodsPlease contact me if you like to beta test!
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