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Hey there!
We're Marty152 and xThatOneGuy and we're here to show you our fangame!

We've been working on this game for the past few years and we're proud to say that it's in a state in which we can release a demo. We've created the game using Pokémon Essentials in RPG Maker XP. We're planning to continue developing the game until it's finished and we hope you enjoy playing it!

You are a young boy/girl who just moved to the Litho Region with your mom. In the Litho region, you're old enough to become a Pokémon trainer already, so you immediately enrolled for the Pokémon School. After graduating, you'll enjoy a journey throughout the Litho region with your newly made friends and explore all different landscapes the region has to offer.

However, you encounter an organization that is illegally trying to obtain money and knowledge. What are they doing this for? And are they just troublemakers or should they genuinely be feared by the people?

  • A classic Pokémon adventure through an enitrely new region!
  • Story driven journey
  • Choices may affect certain events in the game
  • Sidequests
  • Custom Abilities
  • Some Pokémon have different typings
  • All Pokémon will eventually be available

The game currently has 3 gyms and a bit after that.
The story is completely thought out and for the next demo, we're planning to make the player be able to win the Pokémon League.


Without of any of the following people, our game wouldn't be here right now, so shoutout to them!

Nintendo and Gamefreak - Everything affliated with Pokémon

Pokemon Essentials(used to create the game):
Maruno - Without this engine, almost none of the fangame making would be possible.
Awesome props to you dude for creating such a good engine!

Luka S.J. - Elite Battle System (this system is legendary, check it out if you haven't!)

The outside tileset - Calis projects, Dewitty & Minorthreat0987 - This tileset is amazing
and works well with the style we want our game to be, thanks for creating it!

The interior tileset(watch out these will be a lot of awesome collaborators):
Kyle-Dove, Speedialga, Spacemotion, Alucus, Pokemon-Diamond, Kizemaru-Kurunosuke,
EpicDay, Thurpok, UltimoSpriter, Dewitty, Minorthreat0987, TyranitarDark,
Heavy-Metal-Lover, kaitoooo, WesleyFG, BoOmxBiG, CrimsonTakai, ThatsSoWitty &

Overworld balloon sprite - Makattack202

Waterfall autotile - Hel el Grande

Some beach-y tiles - WesleyFG

Bauerklos - Overworld music(route 2, route 3, route 5, Trovine Town, Breezefell City &
Aquadrift City, Battle Wild Pokemon/ Trainer/ Gym leader) - He makes great remasters,
you should really check out his work if you're looking for some music!

EternalSushi - Haystack Town music(Where I belong on the youtube channel) - I love all
the work from EternalSushi and I'm looking to incorporate more work of him

Kamex - Venzor City - Really good remix! The rest of his work isn't really suited for
in a game, but it's great to listen to though!

Bliitzit - Team Nova battle theme - Amazing dude with a lot of great work on his channel!
You should really check him out!

ZameJack - Team Nova Admin Battle theme - Great active channel with a lot of realistic
remasters keeping true to the originals!

Again Luka SJ for the Elite Battle system, it's so amazing I kinda need to mention him

M3rein and Grace - Questing interface script - We were looking for this a long time and it is
perfect for us, great script!

KleinStudio - Map Connection Overlap fix - KleinStudio has some amazing scripts to
polish your game. We wanted to include more,but the website was temporarily taken

Shiney570 - BW2 UI scripts(loading screen, trainer card, menu screen, party screen and bag)
An amazing set of scripts to make your game look like BW2. Though some scripts seemed
to interfere with other scripts we already had, we really adore this addition!

The following people helped us by giving advice and feedback during the production of
our demo. We really appreciate the way they helped us improve our game:
Luster Purge(Lycanroc)
Mutant Yoshi

To play the game, download the following folder and run Game.exe.

We hope you enjoy the game!