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Posted June 24th, 2020
That is a very nice looking special edition 2DS XL. The colours work really well. I wonder if more 2DS XL special editions will be released in the run up to Sun and Moon.

I brought a 2DS XL last week. The Orange and White one which is available currently in Japan and Europe. It is good news that the Orange and White 2DS XL will be made available in the US.

I had a look on Twitter and Japan are getting an adorable special edition yellow and brown Pikachu edition 2DS XL and also white with lavender highlights and black with lime green highlights models too.

It is good that more colour variants are being released for the 2DS XL but it is a shame some are Japan only.
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That orange/white one is so pretty. If I didn't already have a standard n3DS, I'd get this 2DS XL in a heartbeat. Really love it.

...omg the more I look at it the more I want it ((o(;?;)o))
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Posted April 22nd, 2018
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This makes me ridiculously salty - but only because I've already purchased the black and blue edition, having assumed we wouldn't be getting that beautiful orange and white mix.

Honestly, though, this makes me happy - it's good to know there's a chance for more colors and editions, and that the 3DS line - or, I guess, the 2DS line now - isn't just going to be forgotten in the latter half of 2017, and probably will still be fully attended to for 2018. I probably won't get a new one, as tempting as the Pokemon one is.

The one thing I really still wish Nintendo would let us do is customize the system's colors. They're starting to get there with the Switch's Joy-Cons, in a way - especially in Japan - but wouldn't a black 2DS XL with a red accent just be kinda awesome?

Anyway, I digress - can't wait to see what other colors the future brings!