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This is fine.

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Courtesy of ThinkGeek, we're doing a giveaway! Check out the article for the details and fill in the form for your chance to win the above Pikachu Coin Bank (and a Pokémon TCG Sun & Moon Elite Trainer Box!). By having your friends enter and using your referral code, you can also get more chances to win!

Before you enter, check out the PokéCommunity's Facebook and Twitter platforms for special referral codes to enter into the form for an extra chance to win as well. You can't use them after you enter so make sure to check them!

Charlie Brown


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The special referral code will be up on Twitter in a few hours! Stay tuned!

Another special referral code is already up on Facebook.


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United States citizen only, awe :(
Good luck to all! Still a cool Giveaway :3
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