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I replaced Platinum's Pokemon sprites with those from HGSS by simply swapping out the "pokegra" NARC, which worked perfectly. However, many sprites now have the wrong y position (e.g. Graveler is floating off the ground and Rhydon's legs are underneath the HP bar). Does anyone know which NARC contains this information in Platinum or HGSS?

So far I've tried editing height.narc, poke_yofs.narc and pokeshadow_ofx.narc, but have had no luck. It seems height.narc controls the height of the back sprite, and the other files are unused junk data left over from Diamond and Pearl. A Google search turns up several people who had the same problem, but unfortunately none of them found a solution either.

Any suggestions for methods I could use to find this file myself would also be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Turns out MeroMero indirectly answered this in his Mind Crystal thread. The HGSS narc containing sprite positions is a/0/0/5, and the Platinum equivalent is actually pokegra/height.narc. Additionally, sprite animations are in a/1/8/0 and poketool/poke_edit/pl_poke_data.