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Buffel Saft
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  • Hi @Buffel, I want to ask if there is a way to reset the game and keep some of the Pokemon I caught for the new journey?
    Hi! I am using a translator because I am not good at English. I'm having a lot of fun playing Photonic Sun, but Dratini won't pop up in Seaward Cave. How can I get him?
    Is there a way I could get the Pokémon data (new stats and types) from eternal x/y and combine it with an ORAS hack? So keeping the hack data but changing types and moves.
    Hey, I just spent the last few weeks doing everything I could in Inclement Emerald, and I love it a lot. I just have one question for when the next update eventually comes out: is there a chance for more box space? 14 boxes isn't enough for a game that has over 800 Pokemon in its data, and I had to release several of them to ensure I didn't run out of space while filling up my Pokedex.
    Ah, alright. Thanks for the quick response.
    Also, I just realized that you are the person that made Wilting Y, which I played a while ago and enjoyed quite a lot. So, good work on that one.
    Hey, I am about to play Prismatic Moon and wanted to look up some item locations beforehand, but there's no document in the Google Drive about them. Is it missing or did you only change the shops?
    Ah got you. That's what I was doing but it looks like it messed with the modified BST of the mons since they're preset in pkhex, but I really cant tell for sure. I honestly wish there was an inclement emerald for every main line game. I've been playing pokemon since 2006 and never found as much enjoyment in the games as I did with that hack. It's kind of ruined all other main line games for me lol. Thank you for the response and up the great work !
    Hey ! I just finished playing through inclement emerald and it has become the definitive pokemon experience for me. I've now started wilting Y and was wondering, are there ways to reset EVs and change natures like in ie? Being able to skip that step of the grind was one of my favorite things about ie, so just wondering if it exists in wy. Thanks for the amazing content !
    Hiya! I'm currently having an issue in PSPM (rebalanced, on 3ds) where the right clerks at pokemarts are selling their vanilla items and not the items listed in the vendor changes document. Edit: just realized that the trainers are vanilla as well. Wild pokemon encounters and learnsets seem to be working, so I can confirm that at least some of the romhack works.

    Edit 2: Fixed now, user error. A good chunk of the files just didn't make it in. Now my boyfriend and I are restarting since we spent half the game battling vanilla trainers.
    But, none of the Gen 9 pokemon? Or not most of the pokemon but the regional variants and/or paradox, or none at all? Because there are many cool regional variants and paradox Pokemon.
    I mean, that is fair, because there are way too many pokemon now, and it whould be just Impossible to add every pokemon every time, but it still sad.
    Hello, I whould like to ask, do you intent to bring the new Scarlet and Violet itens too? It whould be realy cool, since this way we whould have an item for Pokemon with Iron Fist and the battery in the case you intent to bring the Paradox Pokemon soon.
    It is nice to know that, but hey, dont forget to rest and have a little bit of fun when you can, and I hope everything goes well <3
    Hello, I was replaying Inclement Emerald again and I realised that maybe there was an update, I am playing version 1.13 , is this the latest version? If yes, then do you plan on adding more content? Hope you have a great day!
    Hi Buffel! I was reading through Eternal X's docs and noticed that all experience gained after getting the exp share is effectively halved. I was wondering how you made it so. Did you use pk3DS for this or some other method? Pokemon in Omega Ruby level up too fast with exp share on, so I wanted to make the same mod for it. Also, Thanks for all your work on Eternal X and other hacks. I thoroughly enjoyed Eternal X and consider it the best 3ds pokemon hack.
    Hi, i figured it out the other romfs in eternal x but what is the romfs a/1/6/5 represent coz it contains large file, and how to use code.bin,banner.bin and icon.bin in romfs. Is this hack rom allows me to use any pokemon or hacked pokemon in any battle facilities just like the hprismatic moon? thank you!
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