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Mantine Surf is the best feature in this new game period end of story.

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I've gotten 24 BP with my high score of 118,347 on Ula'ula. I've noticed that there's a large gap between 10 and 11 BP. I believe that you get 11 BP if your score's around 70,000, but I'm not sure.

Edit: Just beat that high score. Now it's 125,409. I got 28 BP.
Edit 2: Uh. Why do I keep beating my high scores? 162,026 and 50 BP.
Edit 3: It definitely caps at 50 BP. Now I'm at 185,284 and that's the most BP I've gotten.


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On the poni island surf before reading the article I could only get 43,000 and I read the article and tried one more time and got 83,000
Unfortunately, the article is pretty outdated in several aspects. For example, it states that the maximum amount of BP you can get is 10, but every time I do surfing I get 50 on a near-regular basis.

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