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I've been willing to try out this, well, super weird hack for a long while, so here we go! Now, the rules will be the basic ones, just catch first encounter and box the fainted mons. Let's go!

1: Time to start

So here's the title. Nah, lemme change dat.


Okay, basic professor intro...

Typing in my IRL name...


But I think that's more fitting. Just imagine there is an 'I' between the 'A' and 'L'.

Take dat item outta da box,


WE KAHN MAEK YOU LAFF...oay nothing interesting here. Time to pick the start-


Okay I guess that's a normal starter so...


Okay, this was a weird set of starters. Well whatever it is, go ahead and pick my starter for me. So what is it guys, the real starter, or which of the 2 fusion things?

Nah jk I've already played way ahead of what I'm documenting.

The moves actually aren't translated but that's fine since I can already tell what it is by the power and accuracy. From top to below, it's Quick attack (I originally thought it was Scratch), Tackle, Leer, and Iron tail.

The rival doesn't use one of the starters we choose from. Huh.

It dead.

Okay guys, here is where the craziness starts...

Why yes, a Ghost mon. And if we didn't have Iron tail it would be unbeatable. But I've seen crazier things in this place...

...Like that.

Anyway I want to get the parcel sidequest done now so that I can start the nuzrun.

*insert dirty joke here* Anyways, good! we can now officially start the run!

Ah rite, first catch of the run. Didn't expect it but glad to have gotten a fully evolved mon. I used it before and it was kinda good so I'm glad.

I decided to use a random word generator to determine everyone's names from now on. Feel free to see them in your own names if you don't accept that. Anyway even though the nature isn't too useful on it, the speed boost should come in handy and I don't think we get physical attacks straightaway. But still hopefully this particular mon actually proves to be decent anyway.

On route 22 we found this guy, which I'm actually 100% satisfied with! I've been wanting to use this guy for a long while and he actually has a neutral nature which is good! Now let's see what we get in route 2...


I mean yeah the hack has been throwing some crazy ass muk but DAYUM that is something. Let's catch it.

He doesn't even have a bad nature!

Forest time. With all the drugged up stuff I've been getting so far I'm expecting a Bug/Steel type or something.

Instead, we get something I'd never even imagine would be in a forest. Also first female on the team. And first NFE.

And first gen1 mon so it has a dex entry...kinda.

Everyone, Orange, Orange, everyone. Let's go.



Don't remember when this was but Psychic STAB hooray!

I felt I grinded enough so let's battle the rival!

Okay so he still has a bird. Considering all the drugged up stuff I've been seeing I was expecting something totally random.

Done and done.

He still had his starter btw. But Eagle bodied him. Rival's done, back to the forest.

First bug I saw in the forest and...

WAT THE FU- okay yeah this is a thing. It also gives out 1 exp for some reason.

This was against a Bug catcher. and yes, he has at least 1 non-bug.

Oh yeah, and this game also has the gen6+ EXP share system. However for this case, it doesn't come as an item and you can't turn it off. During the playthrough it has proven to be both a good thing nd a bad thing, you will see why later on.

After a long while, we got out of the forest! Now I'll do a bit of grinding and then the gym.

This was the furthest I could go before getting tired. I looked up, and yes, the leader uses mons with much much higher levels. Though for some reason I feel the gym trainer will give plenty of exp so hopefully it's okay.

To the gym! .......Tomorrow. Tomorrow we will challenge the gym. See you all next time!
I… might put something interesting here eventually.


I can’t do money puns. It just doesn’t make any cents.

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2: A particular death

First trainer's mons, not bad. Though the 2nd one was a rattata to defeat due to Sand attack. Now...

The non-English speaking leader! Anyways, let's battle.

He starts of with this fossilised bird thing which...should be easy.

Lolno, he healed and did tons of damage with Wing attack.

Also, why did I send in my Medicham against this thing? He was my main counter for the ace, bah. This is gonna get particularly bad. Pun intended.

Nonono. It's fine. Everything's fine. Oven killed this beast. Now onto that Rampardos...

...Who killed my starter. I....have no words for that.

But then Rampardos missed a bunch of attacks and fell. Good.

Rock tomb. There was one particular mon on the team who could benefit greatly with this move, even though it has its old power, and he's dead. Guess who that was, hint, it was before the word before 'mon'.

I mean yeah, I saw Particular's death coming, but UKE NOOOO WHYYYYY I was just growing on him and he was my starter. Of COURSE he died. Well at least the battle was a good challenge. So were the 2 deaths worth it?

Yes, because RUNNING SHOES FINALLY. Now we can go on and....

Oh no...


...Was nothing. Poor guy didn't even use Metal claw.

Oh yeah, since Uke is dead, we have a glaring weakness to Grass. Welp, bye Orange. You were a nice Seel. I think I'm gonna dislike Leafeon once this battle is over...wait no I've always disliked Leafeon. Yeah I really do.

...Come on now. We were 5 levels ahead of it.

Encounter time!

This is...good? Cyndaquil is great but I would have preferred something stronger, though it does cover our Grass weakness and hit them super-effectively....wait that's a good thing. Changed my mind, I want this!

And I also caught it in ball 1! Well, I thought it would be a hard one to catch because starters have high catch rates but I got him immediately!

And also a usable nature too. Okay, he's coming with us.

Headed straight to Mt. Moon for my encounter and got this. Okay, this should be good-

If it was. No attacking moves. LITERALLY none. I can't even tell what it has. I mean, the nature might be subpar but it doesn't look like it changes its stats much but NO attacking moves.

Maybe the other things here are also ba- what the psyduck.

Oh and his guy has Drain punch. I wish I was exaggerating. So yes, at least 1 encounter better than what I got.

Anyways, let's get outside to train.

Lemme also say PSYDUCK multi hit moves as well.

But thankfully this happened before we finished all the trainers. Good.

Nice, Ice shard and.....that description.


Level 20 AND has Ice punch. Anybody who didn't have a good team at that point or few Ice counters then good luck.

Pre Mt. Moon team.

God, something Interface can hit super-effectively.

Also, I never took a screenshot or anything, but in Mt. Moon, there are wild Mega Gengars. They don't have annoying moves or anything, but they have Shadow tag so you can't run away, and of course they give 1 exp. And I can't buy Repels. Honestly, that and pretty much everything else about Mt. Moon in this game is just simply the worst thing in this playthrough so here are screenshots for the whole thing.

That Serperior at the end nearly made me lose it because nearly all of Interface's Fire PP was drained by those Mega Gengars. Okay, yes, Mega Gengars are the worst. But thankfully, we learnt Faint attack so good! They might not be so bad anymore.

"Joshua! Here's where I give you advice you didn't ask for! Did you know the Mega Gengars here are psyducking assdicks who should go die in a fire for being in this place?"

FINALLY WE ARE OUTTA HERE. I don't care about missing Thief, we probably don't need it anyway and I just don't want to deal with those Mega Gengars or random Serperiors again. By the way, in case you were blind, the Hikers here are female. But everything about their male counterparts were kept. Yeah.

And we learnt Mega punch! The other option was Slam which is meh so this is a good change!

New catch time! And it better have attacking moves!

This is...not bad. It could've been worse. I'm one of those rare people who feel that type redundancy doesn't change a team in any way or form so I'll take this in with open arms.

I've decided to end this update basically once I get a full team so yeah. See you guys next time, where we challenge the rival and whatnot.
I… might put something interesting here eventually.


I can’t do money puns. It just doesn’t make any cents.

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3: What were we on again?

Oh yeah. That.

If the screenshots weren't obvious enough he was easy.

Can't remember exactly where this was, maybe against a trainer on the bridge.

It doesn't have it's new power so no. Plus I already have the TM for it anyway.


He lost easily.

Encounter time!

Nice. Let's get him.

He will take a while to be useful, but at least he's going to be actually worth a team slot. Unlike a certain someone. *coughcoughKnockcough*

Onto the next route!

Introducing Staircase! Who has a reaaaallllllyyy bad nature. Ouch. Good thing I caught Shatter earlier on. Sorry Staircase, Maybe if something bad happens to the team I will bring you in but until then, rest in the box.

I can't find the screenshots for it, but I defeated all the trainers here and got the boat tickets.

And no 2nd gym yet. Maybe it would be overleveled like the 1st one?

And finally we got Dig! I think I will save it for now since nobody needs it urgently but at least this one has it's current power! (In the actual game, it's like 60BP)

Also, Bullet seed has 80BP?

Our next encounter Sorry guys, but I'm honestly not a huge fan of this one.

Broke out of all my balls but the last one. Maybe I just shouldn't have bothered.

Meet Retain, who thankfully has an okay nature. Too bad Razor leaf is like his only usable move or something. But since I don't care for it's species Retain shall be retained in the box.

You know the drill.

Now we have a Grass mon I actually like but I'm not sure or not whether to use him. Though he does have pretty good nature even though he doesn't have any specially attacking Grass moves. He does have Power whip for some reason though.

Hooray for less boring grinding!

Oh and this too.

Went to fish in this city and...okay?

But yes, it seems as if it is what it looks like. I'll keep it in the box for now though.

That's all for now, next up we will get the bike and some new catches.
I… might put something interesting here eventually.


I can’t do money puns. It just doesn’t make any cents.

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I know it's been 2 months but whatev.

4: Mega encounters

So here is the fan club chairman who loves his Rapidash way too much. And with that, we got the bike voucher! We'll get the bike later, now we get encounters from the route and the cave!


No really, I'm not being sarcastic, I'm not very keen on Lucario. Last time I used it it was disappointing. I doubt a stronger version will be any better.

Didn't screenshot it, but we didn't catch it. It wasn't on purpose, it broke out of all my balls. So we went to buy more balls and go to the route and...

We get a mega form that I actually like! Remember some of my super early posts I made on this site back like 3 or so years ago where I said I didn't like Mega Absol's design? I'm still skeptical about those wings, but overall, I've grown on this guy over time and after trying it out in my UM normal playthrough, it turned out to be really useful! Don't know why it has Magic bounce though. Just keep Super luck(or Pressure I guess), Magic bounce is 100% worthless on this. Having to reflect Leech seeds and stuff doesn't really seem all that fitting on a sweeper-ish thing, give it to someone with a more defensive role instead. Though maybe it's fine in competitive, I don't know because I don't play competitive.

This Mega Absol though doesn't have any of the abilities mentioned above, it has Intimidate. Which is probably even better. Now let's head off!

Don't know why I screenshotted this.

Thunderbolt! Didn't expect to get it so soon but I guess that means the next gym will be more or less toast.

And finally bike get!

And time to make a splash at the Water gym!

What. The. Shniz.


Oh and a non-Water mon.

Leader time!

One shot and someone learnt something.

Yep, I wanted a challenge.

And nothing bad happened!

Water pulse get!

And this immediately after. She seriously needed some Water STAB honestly.

Insert dirty joke.

That's all folks, Next update: we're on a boat.

Jk, it's this update.

This was actually outside the boat. I fished for an encounter, but Every attack I could have on my team could ohko it and it breaks out of an ball I had (I only have normal balls). So I tried for a weak attack but it still died.

But at least we got Bite!

And Brick break! And with that, time to really close the update for now. Next one, we explore the rest of the boat!
I… might put something interesting here eventually.


I can’t do money puns. It just doesn’t make any cents.

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Okay I'll try not to take 3 months to update.

5: I'm on a boat

Some teammates doing stuff.

Forgot what move this was supposed to be but whatevs.

And have some kitchen dialogue too.


Double coolio. That's Rock slide by the way.

Rival time.

Welp, just killed one of his mons.

This one was easy.

Ok, going to be honest, what happened to your previous starter? No really last time he had a different starter from this.

Oh and it looks like I forgot about Dragon rage or something because I just lost a mon to this guy. ouch.

It dead.

We left the boat but at what cost.

Someone had to Cut.

Gym time, and since when was there a Bird type?

That ain't an Electric mon.

And neither is- oh wait yes it is.

Oh wat it's a new leader.

No seriously it is.

And he doesn't have no Electric mons, but he has mega starters.

Aaaaand that wraps up the update, shorter one this time. Next up, the rest of the leader. Sure he has a bunch of mega starters but half of the team is 6/7 levels above them soooo....
I… might put something interesting here eventually.


I can’t do money puns. It just doesn’t make any cents.

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6: Looks like someone's gonna die right now...

And it's not Neck. Did you guys really think I'd lose a Fire/Flying mon to a Grass mon?

Don't think I screenshotted it but he switched out after I landed an attack.

Oh my, what to do now? Probably anything but switching out! ....Yeah.

And this happened. I don't know why I switched into him in the first place.

Done and done. Now for the last one...

It died too.

3rd gym cleared.


Man that was a blow. Interface could have been really cool too.

Hooray, Flash. Insert me having to waste 20 minutes finding gen1 mons just to get it.

It wasn't even worth it. And yes, no screenshots. I don't want to remind myself about it.

No, you ren't a physical attacker.

Yay! Aerial ace!

Too bad nobody can learn it, not even Neck!

Anyways, encounter time. This is fine. I'll take it.

And it's possibly the only thing I'm willing to teach Flash to.

What I could have gotten instead. I'll have you guys know that this line is actually surprisingly good gen6+ when they are dual typed! I'm using one in one of my other nuzruns and I'm impressed that he's much better than I've expected. But don't go anywhere close to the pure Grass ones. They are just... yeah. So I'm assuming it's pure Grass in this hack, so I'm glad I got what I got.

My catch for the next route. It's fine, I guess.

And yes, Flash wasn't worth it.

But I got a capture that's not bad at all. I remember using one of these guys before and it was a fine addition to my gang so welcome to the team.

Now we fight trainers.


Selling fodder!

Dunno why I screenshotted this, maybe to show that Oven was such a bro he OHKO'd something that resists all his attacks.

Hostile is proving to be a decent teammate...

Question time! So let's guess what will happen to-

Oh right nevermind. That wasn't even a question but whatever.


Good on you for evolving before your dying. Though looks like you will be boxed for a while for being overlevelled.

Out of the cave! Too bad Market died on the way!

Didn't screenshot it but we then made it to the next route for a new encounter, it's a...

Good encounter, I mean I already have one in one of my current nuzruns but this one looks like it would be a great addition. Also it has Signal beam for some reason.

And the route after! Wow, having massive luck and getting one in my SM nuzrun made these somewhat less valuable. Already have 2 Water mons, this can wait.

And now the roadblocks are a non issue.

And now my last encounter before we have officially (pun unintended) caught up with the playthrough. see you next time as we do whatever I feel like.
I… might put something interesting here eventually.


I can’t do money puns. It just doesn’t make any cents.

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7: Short update this time, apologies to anyone who died waiting 5 months for this update.

Best NPC ever.

And here's the team for the gym. Speaking of which...

Caught this on the route beside the city! He seems like he will be useful in the long run.

Who needs type advantage when stuff like that could happen.

That ain't a Grass mon.

Youch. We couldn't ohko that.

Now that was- oh no.

Oh no. Oh NO.

Dude, get back here! You won't even stand a chance! Come on, please! 2 super effective types, resists almost everything you have-

-Did I trick anyone? Though I have no idea how I got past that either.

Anyways, Neck leveled up!

And so did my boring Cut slave. Don't get cocky, Flavour. You're only here because a tree was blocking the path to the gym.

Different leader now. Now that I come to think of it, the old guy just now was lying.

That was easier than expected. Maybe the next 2 are harder?

We interrupt this program to show that Fireplace learnt a new move that I forgot what it meant.

Sure there were 2 mega bugs, but I one-shotted them. So just another easy gym.

And we get Giga drain! They didn't boost it's PP, but they boosted it's power to what it is now, so it should be still good!

I told you not to be cocky, Flavour. You were only brought to the gym just for Cut.

Next, we did the bad guy base in the game corner, didn't screenshot anything because nothing interesting happened.

I did screenshot the boss battle...

Who certainly has changed....

This would have been threatening if it was on the same level as us....

It went down after a long fight...

The last 2 were weak to Water so I won the battle....

Why am I still typing this way....

...And we picked up the Psychic TM before heading off!

That's about it! Next up, possibly the graveyard.
I… might put something interesting here eventually.