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I, for sure, am really excited about this. I really hope they do something here in the UK like they did last year.

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From July 14 to July 15, Pokmon GO Fest will return to Chicago. Pokmon GO Fest 2018: A Walk in the Park is to be held in Lincoln Park and will involve a 1.8 mile walking course that will involve activities for GO players.
I hope that Niantic has learned from last year, another epic fail like it would be really bad for them.
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Niantic is getting off to a strong start with Gofest2

I guess a lot of bots bought the tickets on release and are now selling them for 1,000’s on ebay.

Niantic really should have implemented a “if you buy a resold ticket it is void” or require an id for your ticket upon entry. Instead they gave the scalpers 2 weeks to resell the tickets.

I guess the site crashed at release as well so a lot of big Pokemon go Youtubers didn’t get tickets either. Funny thing is the scalpers won’t be attending so it’s sold out but there will be a lot of empty seats.


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Posted September 18th, 2020
Yeah... they really should have tied it to individual accounts honestly initially. The way they went about it was silly. And unfortunately... now tons of people are going to miss out :/