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To this day, he still can't beat Air Man...

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Get ready to rock.

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This is fine.

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Updated the article with further details, including the new Shiny Pokemon released: Omanyte, Kabuto and Aerodactyl!
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Found a shiny Kabuto on the 26th in 177 Kabuto encounters during the event. Found a shiny Omanyte on the 28th in 333 Omanyte encounters. Both were found after 10pm when I was headed home because its been 90 from about 10am until sunset. So can only hunt early morning or late at night.

Aerodactyl is a bit harder to find. My main source of them is the evolving research, but Adventure week research is rare, yesterday I got my first adventure week research of the day after 12 pokestops. Don’t have any means of travelling everyday so luckily the pokestops change every day. So far I’ve seen 8 Aerodactyl.

I might try a raid again, my first two attempts ended in failure as I was able to knock it out but the timer keeps going over the fainting animation and I usually faint it with 5 seconds left. Personally I think timer should stop once health bar is gone and not after fainting animation.
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