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Welcome to Pokémon Anime!
As always, make sure to follow all the normal PokéCommunity rules.

Specific Rules

Linking to or uploading full episodes, soundtracks, and movies is prohibited. The PokéCommunity does not condone piracy and will not allow users to link to and/or upload such material. All posts containing a link to and/or attachment of full episodes, soundtracks, and/or movies will be edited to have the links and/or attachments removed. Repeated linking and/or uploading from the same user may result in more serious consequences such as infracting.

Linking to and/or uploading trailers, clips less than four minutes long, and individual songs is within the rules. However, it is advisable to link to safe websites such as YouTube and Anime News Network, or official websites such as TVTokyo, Pokémon TV, and Cartoon Network.

Please do not reveal where pirated content may be obtained. Even if it is not a link, a post containing the name of a website or method to obtain pirated content will be edited to have that information removed. Further posting of such information may result in further consequences such as infracting. If a user asks where to obtain pirated material, it is best to either say that it is against the rules to answer, or to tell the user to use Google, Bing, etc.

To be considerate to those who do not watch the Japanese episodes or keep up on the latest news, users are encouraged to put such information in inside [Spoiler] or [Spoilertitle] tags if it comes up in single posts, or mark their whole threads with the

Any event from any episode that has not yet aired in the English dub is considered a spoiler. Any news pertaining to unaired Japanese episodes, such as episode titles, CoroCoro leaks, TVTokyo trailers, etc. are also considered spoilers.

The 'stickied threads' at the top of the forum list are the general chatting thread "The Anime Chat Café" in which you need to use the [spoiler] tag in each post you talk spoilers in, and the "The Capture/Evolution/ Release, etc. Thread" which is a whole spoiler marked thread in which you can talk freely about recent or desired changes to the characters' teams!

The current moderator of this section is Sheep. Feel free to message them if you have a problem or need help with anything regarding the Pokémon Anime section or the PokéCommunity Forums. See you around!

Rules and design by Wobbu. Edits by Astromancer.

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