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Ooh, I'm glad you've praised this movie as well; I thought this movie was really well done too, and I hope they'll take this example to future episodes and movies too. <33

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I watched it and enjoyed it. It was your typical pokemon movie, but I couldn't help but notice the countless things that just "happen" or loop holes.

1) That tiny bottle holding so much poison. If that scientist was any smart, why would he create a biological weapon? I know that it was for medicinal purposes, but clearly he didn't know the full extent of the capabilities and thus shouldn't even be handling it.

2) Where the heck did that fire storm come from? I didn't get that at all. One moment there's stuff happening, then bam oh look an explosion in the forest (This could just be me missing something, I'm trying to write about what I can remember so correct me if I'm wrong)

3) That windmill, why did they need to create a cure for the poison in the first place? The wind generated from that thing should make the poison move anyway since it is a gas.

4) I liked most the characters, even Risa to some degree. But oh my lord, I could not accept the fact that she didn't want to "run" or couldn't. I would understand something else, but out of all the options running? Human instincts and adrenaline kick in so sometimes you might end up running whether you want to or not. She stands out as if she never ran after the accident (Which I have so many issues with believing) and that whole "only you could do it" part made me cringe so much.

I can empathize with her to some degree though. I messed myself up while I was penny boarding down a hill. I went to fast for my own good, messed up my entire left side of the body from the sand/rocks on the side of the road (Luckily my head landed on the grass). Since then, I've never went on the board again, but it still impacts me when I snowboard. It's the same feeling and I still can't go that fast because of fear that I will just mess up and feel the pain again. So I guess I can understand her issue in a way.

Those are some of the problems I found when watching the movie, there's probably more that are minor but I just cant remember. If there is something on my list that doesn't make sense, I missed it or misinterpreted it, please let me know. I enjoyed the movie for the most part. Wouldn't say I wasted my time.

Another minor problem: Ash's eyes keep getting further apart.
Aren't all the Pokemon technically birds?

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I just finished watching it this morning on the way to work and I enjoyed it.

It was low key compared to the other movies and I think it worked well, although I don't think it's anywhere near being the best movie for me.

Is it me or does Ash seem more competent in the reboot movie series?

P.s. Toren really annoyed me...


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I kinda appreciate Ash's designs to make him more bit of an shounen, his eyes is so big it makes me like Pokemon Movie is for Shojo audience instead of shonen.

Also, the action battle and the tradegy that Zeraora was the most brutal, it even ended up introducing death concept in the dub without editing no matter how far TPCi try to cut it out.

The story also revolves around the friendship and great friends and how strong they can be as well, also trying to resolve the fix a lots of stuff that is making a lots of disaster around the region (whose the name has never been revealed). Also, Team Rockets we're behind all the mayhem instead of being running gags as idiots who try to help Ash and his friends stop an evil threat from other evil pure stuff.

Also, Ash has no Pokemon other Pokemon, only Pikachu around with him, and its so far the only Pokemon that Pikachu Ash has up with it.

Also, this is also the only Pokemon movie that Kunihiko Yuyama has not directed himself, Tetsuo Yajima directs the film instead. Also, it has an epilouge and soundtrack in the dub is healivy retained from the Japanese version.

Koichi Yamadera has also provided the voice of two characters, Zeraora and the Major (Oliver). The Japanese ending of the song by Ponro Graffiti was the worst choice, since Sony Music Japan is handling all the soundtrack even though irony the fact is that Sony has produced Playstation and Nintendo should make their own record label to do, not Sony Music itself.

That's all.

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