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Escape from Server Island

A new Digimon MMORPG with retro gameplay is being released, and you got your hands on an early copy! However, unlike the other professional reviewers playing the game, you actually got pulled into the Digital World, and have to escape Server Island! Team up with a small group of Digimon, select the perfect moves for them, and face off with foes who don't realize you're more than just another player...

This ROM Hack is finished and Ccomplete! The only changes made from here on out are going to be bug fixes.

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Explore Server Island
A whole new map to explore, filled with all new characters, with unique dialogue, and all-new side missions! Discover new items, puzzle through new mazes, and unfold multiple layers of story and lore...

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Discover New Monsters
There are 164 unique Digimon, each with their own Signature Move. Digivolve and De-Digivolve your 'Mon through a Digivolution Web to add to their move set. Befriend new 'Mon and complete your Digidex by using rare Evolution Gems to transform your monster into any other monster! Each Digimon has a Tribe, as well as a Type, which you must master and understand in order to exploit with an attack's Attribute.

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Battle in New Ways
With 164 brand-new moves, balanced in a brand-new manner, you'll be able to craft a playstyle unique to your team. Because the world of Digimon is based on raising monsters rather than catching them, improving your battle effectiveness is a matter of cultivating specific strengths and managing inevitable weaknesses among your small group of digital friends.

As you battle your way across Server Island, you'll run into many familiar YouTube and Hollywood personalities, who are playing the game you yourself are trapped within. To them, it's just a game to play and review. But to you, it's a desperate battle to escape the Digital World and return home!

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Extremely Detailed Support
The download file includes not only the IPS patch, but also a detailed README file, and a Prima-Style Strategy Guide!

In the README file you'll find a list of known issues and bugs, as well as recommended emulators listed by platform.

The Strategy Guide, directly modeled after the Prima Guide for Pokemon Emerald, has an indexed and searchable list of all Digimon, learnable moves, abilities, Digivolutions, and Type/Tribe/Attribute-effectiveness chart!

The creator is also directly available through multiple channels of communication, and is ready to respond to any and all questions.

Download it Now!

Google Drive Download Link

File includes:
  • IPS File
  • Lunar IPS itself
  • README File
  • Strategy Guide PDF
I, Bijhan, made this ROM Hack. I did not receive any direct outside help.
The Digimon sprites are ripped from various Digimon video games, and/or the anime. I bitcrushed them, and then cleaned them up by hand. Similarities to other Digimon ROM Hacks is a result of having the same source material, predominantly the Digimon World DS games.
I learned the coding from all the various tutorials on the web, from sites such as YouTube and Reddit in particular.

I utilized almost every tool available on RomHackTools, especially:
  • Nameless Sprite Editor 1 and 2
  • AdvanceMap
  • PokemonGameEditor
  • Gen3Tools
  • XSE Scripter
  • Advance Sprite Suite
Gameplay Video


Currently open for rom hack beta testing.

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it looks pretty good but the sprite could be a little better. other than that it looks like an okay rom hack.
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It dosen’t look too bad.
I actually really like the concept of inserting different
game characters into games they dont belong in.

I hope that ppl will help you so you can become
Much better. :)
I’m working on a ROM hack called pokemon penny.
It is a hack of emerald.

Sry, im not very good at typing the english Language.
This is the best Pokemon. FIGHT ME!!!

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Congratulations on releasing a completed hack! My only qualm with this would have to be the sprite work but apart from that, it's pretty dope. Loving the new battle animations as well!
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Thank you! Please be sure to let me know what you think. I'm planning on eventually starting work on a sequel, so constructive criticism is very welcome.
I Will. I plan to try it out tomorrow. I had a deadline to finish for the anime webzine I work for lol
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I did skip the readme file to discover all by myself. Once u manage basic stuff like: when the digimon learns the tech without Calumon help plus focusing on wich digimon u want as final one, things become lighter and very entertainning. Since I already passed/finished the game, I can say it's a pretty cool rom hack, it reminds me to digimon world 2, ya know?¿ up to 12 techs per digimon can hold at the same time, here its reduced to 4 moves. So u just have to lvl up a digimon to lvl 40, de-evolve and evolve it to app/data/vir and u get a mega moveset quickly (sry by the spoiler; but I'm saving u time/money/items to spend it better grinding in Victory road against these random +70 lvl digimon).

I have many stuff to say about this hack; but I forgot it cuz I'm dissapointed when I tried to "Miracle" evolve Devimon to Lucemon and I got Kimeramon instead (now it's figuring only in the hall of fame), just later I noticed, after I passed the game, that other digimon can joins ya by talking to the ppl. I went out to grind on most of places and tried to finish the game in 4 hours with only a digimon, then I passed 3 hours later spinning around and trying digivolutions that I wished to have before passing the game, there' no much after finishing the rom hack, it would be nice to include something like a battle tower and a grinding place with only mega digimon there. I tried to "Miracle" evolve angemon but it doesn't show Lucemon also, I hope its included next update still if nothing else will be added (I'd start over just for it; Kimeramon is pretty powerful then I remember how looks like the "Digimon emperor" and well...).

What would be nice too, "Miracle" evolves should have around three techs, just like dw2 lastest mega forms (one tech to hit one, one tech to hit all and one as support). Leaving one to learn it by lvl or when it evolves to it and these others be learned using the "Info heart", that way I'd find useful to buy x99 of these items. The double battles were cool also, though u would add a better version from "Counter" and "Mirror coat" to Gallantmon in this game.

I forgot what else I would add here as suggestion, I don't even know if someone else would be agree or if it means tons of work to do, I find all maps r k, just can't figure out yet how to reach the guy in the cave of Victory road from the weirdo league. It's under a bridge and it seems isolated with an item. I already spent around 30 minutes with no luck about a secret passage to reach it. If anyone knowes it, send pm.

Greetings and thx by this splendid rom hack, gonna start over if u add someday Lucemon and these others evolves it has, otherwise I'll keep hanging around with that digimon last on the dex, it's pretty powerful (I still don't know how Gallantmon Crimson Mode was more faster than my Puppetmon and blasted me in the league, since then I manage to get Kimeramon then took the rematch, Puppetmon gots high hp/spd but Gallantmon CM somehow managed to outspeed my digimon on that time).
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I played this game are the digimons learing just 1 attack in each stage ? I am asking since that was seemed to happen when i played this game
Yeah, u must stack signature techs in one digimon, u can build a strong one to pass the whole game by evolving and devolving, good thing for you, the items are cheap once u reach certain shop in the game where you can buy all you need; it's half way of the game I suppose or even a little more. May checking my forepost can guide you a bit better.
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Hello Bijhan! Discovered this two days ago and it's really awesome, thank you. Been always a fan of both Digimon and Pokemon (mostly Digimon), when I finish the game I´ll post a full review . If a sequel eventually occurs, I'd be really glad to try iy too!

P.S.: Do you speak spanish? I saw you were living in Uruguay. I'm argentinian, that's why I'm asking jajaaj

Thanks again.