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Emerald Emerald: Trashlocke Edition [Complete]

Started by PokemonChallenges May 3rd, 2019 5:11 AM
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Posted May 4th, 2019
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Have you ever wanted to Nuzlocke a Pokemon game with only bad Pokemon?

This hack offers EXACTLY that and allows the player to do what I like to call the "Trashlocke"

The Pokedex was handpicked. The philosophy of the design focused on distributing encounters to the player based on the viability of a Pokemon. Each and every Pokemon within Generation 3's National Dex was discussed and debated with my Twitch chat upon whether or not they were to be included.

The only changes made were to wild Pokemon and static encounters as well as adding NPCs that restrict access to certain areas. The reasoning behind this is to get as close to beating Pokemon Emerald with only bad Pokemon as possible.

The game is optimized for the Nuzlocke challenge and that is in my opinion the most fun way to play it. That being said feel free to enjoy the game in whatever way you like. The balance is also made with the fact in mind that trade evolutions are unavailable, that’s why Onix, Machoke and Haunter are in the game.

Of course the list of available encounters and all other content is subject to change. If you have any constructive criticism or feedback or notice any bugs feel free to post in the forum thread

  • Edited encounters to have only bad Pokemon from the National Dex. Every Routes Wild Pokemon has been changed.
  • Changed the starters to Slugma, Sunkern and Goldeen
  • Changed static Pokemon encounters
  • Restricted access to certain areas
  • Changed the opening cutscene


Credit to Twitch user nomis226 for showing me the ropes for Gen 3 hacking and my entire Twitch chat for helping sort out the list of Pokemon to include!

Download Link (Includes documentation)

Backup Download Link

Inner Rhymes

Team Skull's Hood.
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I'm a huge fan of using underrated Pokémon as well as Nuzlockes, this sounds like something I will play. Thank you for this!
I finally released my first Official music Video of my new single Lulla-bye:

A whole lot of effort went into this creation. Do consider listening and subscribing if you genuinely enjoyed it!
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