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FireRed Pokémon Aquamarine (Beta 1.0.3)

Started by AquamarineVaporeon 2 Weeks Ago 1:38 PM
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Pokémon Aquamarine Version

NOTICE: There was a game-breaking bug in versions 1.0.0 and 1.0.1. An updated version is available that fixes these issues!
Version 1.0.3 Update (11/13/2019)

400th obtainable Pokémon added
(try looking around the bottom floor of Machu Pichu for it!)
New abilities given to most Pokémon with 1 ability, mostly hidden abilities
Late-game gym leaders buffed by around 3 levels
Added script to prevent player from not obtaining the pokedex before leaving Nova City
Fixed a few minor bugs

Older Update Notes

Vesion 1.0.2:(11-6-2019)
Gamebreaking bug in Triunfo Road actually fixed (for good this time)
Fixed bug with Map on 4-7 Islands
Added an updated sprite for Elite Four Ashley
Fixed a few text errors and typos
Fixed bug that causes Nurse Joy to crash the game at the Elite Four

Vesion 1.0.1:(11-5-2019)
Gamebreaking bug in Triunfo Road Fixed
Fixed Triunfo Road Trainers
Bug with Rock Smash Fixed
Bug with not obtaining national dex fixed (Talk to Ace Trainer at Andromeda City if you can't evolve non-Kanto Pokémon for a quick fix)
Fixed some tiles
Added some flair to maps (in progress)

Rom Base: FireRed [BPRE]
Language: English
Creator: AquamarineVaporeon/Vaporeon22

Pokémon Aquamarine is a ROM hack of FireRed that has been a passion project of mine since 2014. It started with me just messing around with a concept for making an entirely new Pokémon region based off South America. Truthfully, I made the main characters into Mew for no particular reason other than it being cool to control Mew. As I poured in more and more ideas, it was slowly becoming a game of its own. I couldn't figure out a plot for it and gave up on the project altogether for a few years. Later on, I realized, hey, this is something really cool that I should probably finish up. I had gotten really into Science Fiction by then, so new ideas for the plot kept on coming until I finally got a solid idea of where to take the game next. At its current state, the game is more or less complete and in Beta version 1.0.3. If you happen to find any bugs, please let me know!

It also comes in different colors!
Pokémon Aquamarine is one out of nine variants of the same game, each corresponding with Eevee or one of its evolutions. There aren't many major differences between the variations, but the title screens are different, and the team your rival uses changes depending on the version. If you're unsure of which to play, I suggest going with your favorite!
These variations include:
Opal- Eevee
Aquamarine- Vaporeon
Topaz- Jolteon
Garnet- Flareon
Amethyst- Espeon
Onyx- Umbreon
Turquoise- Leafeon
Quartz- Glaceon
Zircon- Sylveon

If you're curious about what differences it makes to the Rival's team...

Aquamarine/Topaz/Garnet: Rival's team contains either Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon
Amethyst/Onyx/Zircon: Rival's team contains either Espeon, Umbreon, or Sylveon
Opal/Turquoise/Quartz: Rival's team contains either Eevee, Leafeon, or Glaceon

Pokémon Aquamarine starts out with the player having a strange dream, where the local Professor, Professor Palm, tells him/her that they've turned into a Mew. A group of Scientists (Team Tactix) inspired by the Mewtwo event that occurred in the Kanto region 7 years ago are supposedly responsible for the sudden change. When the player wakes up, he/she finds out that they've actually turned into a Mew. It is then the player's goal to figure out how to return to their human body.

The plotline diverges whether the player chose to be male or female.

In the male plotline, the player turns into a regular Mew. The following spoilers contain lore and some gameplay spoilers.
In this timeline, Team Tactix obtains a bit of Mew's DNA. They reverse-engineer this DNA and are able to synthesize whatever Pokémon they desire in the future. This sudden influx of genetically engineered Pokémon causes the future's ecosystem to collapse, so that timeline's Celebi goes back in time to prevent Team Tactix from creating that future. In the process of genetic experimentation with Mew's DNA, Team Tactix manages to synthesize a Shiny Mew.

In the female plotline, the player turns into a shiny Mew. The following spoilers contain lore and some gameplay spoilers.
In this timeline, the leader of Team Tactix caught a Shiny Celebi in the past, which gives him an obsession with Shiny Pokémon. When the player shows up, the Team Tactix leader is determined to capture this Shiny Mew that appeared out of nowhere, but fails and only manages to obtain a DNA sample. He tries to reverse-engineer the DNA sample, but is unable to synthesize a clone out of it. Instead, he manages to figure out when Mew used to live on Earth and uses Shiny Celebi to travel back in time and capture Mew.

Aquamarine incorporates a lot of themes from both science and science fiction. I suggest playing to find out, but if you're really curious...

Ecosystem Conservation
Genetic Experiments and their moral implications
Time Travel
Parallel Universes
Earth Science/History
The Creation of the Pokémon Universe

And one big one: Shiny Pokémon
This aspect of Aquamarine was inspired by the Cute Charm glitch in Gen 4
If every other Pokémon you find is Shiny, do those Pokémon lose their value to you?
Are you the type of person to mash A in the Game Corner just to get some more Stardust?
I'm interested in how people go about this mechanic.

  • New Region based off South America
  • New Subregions based off Hawaii, Galapagos, and Antarctica
  • Starter is Eevee
  • New Story with a diverging plot depending on gender
  • Added Pokémon from Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Alola
  • Added custom "Fakemon"
  • Customized Trainers
  • Increased overall trainer level
  • Added Fairy Type
  • Added Physical/Special Split
  • Added new moves
  • Decapitalized a ton of stuff
  • All 400 Pokémon in-game are obtainable
  • Trade Evolutions obtainable through Level-Up
  • All Eevee Evolutions obtainable through Evolutionary Stones
  • Obtaining Stardust usually guarantees the next Pokémon to be shiny
  • Different endings depending on what choice you make at the Elite Four
  • Yes, this includes a "good" ending
  • Post-game playable without saving at Elite Four

Pokédex + New Methods of Evolution

1- Bulbasaur
2- Ivysaur
3- Venusaur
4- Charmander
5- Charmeleon
6- Charizard
7- Squirtle
8- Wartortle
9- Blastoise
10- Caterpie
11- Metapod
12- Butterfree
13- Weedle
14- Kakuna
15- Beedrill
16- Hummling (Evolves at level 18)
17- Fairikeet (Evolves at level 36)
18- Peaxie
19- Rattata
20- Raticate
21- Pichu
22- Pikachu
23- Raichu
24- Spearow
25- Fearow
26- Cleffa
27- Clefairy
28- Clefable
29- Nidoran♀
30- Nidorina
31- Nidoqueen
32- Nidoran♂
33- Nidorino
34- Nidoking
35- Sandshrew
36- Sandslash
37- Vulpix
38- Ninetales
39- Alolan Vulpix (Evolves with Icy Stone)
40- Alolan Ninetales
41- Zubat
42- Golbat
43- Crobat
44- Onix (Evolves at level 40 or by trade with Metal Coat)
45- Steelix
46- Paras
47- Parasect
48- Venonat
49- Venomoth
50- Diglett
51- Dugtrio
52- Meowth
53- Persian
54- Dolphry♂ (Evolves at level 33 or by trade with DeepSeaTooth)
55- Triphin
56- Dolphry♀ (Evolves at level 33 or by trade with DeepSeaScale)
57- Narwish
58- Growlithe
59- Arcanine
60- Elekid
61- Electabuzz (Evolves with ThunderStone)
62- Electivire
63- Magby
64- Magmar (Evolves with Fire Stone)
65- Magmortar
66- Machop
67- Machoke (Evolves at level 40 or by trade)
68- Machamp
69- Abra
70- Kadabra (Evolves at level 40 or by trade)
71- Alakazam
72- Tentacool
73- Tentacruel
74- Geodude
75- Graveler (Evolves at level 40 or by trade)
76- Golem
77- Ponyta
78- Rapidash
79- Tangela (Evolves at level 38)
80- Tangrowth
81- Magnemite
82- Magneton (Evolves at level 40)
83- Magnezone
84- Doduo
85- Dodrio
86- Farfetch'd
87- Igglybuff
88- Jigglypuff
89- Wigglytuff
90- Shellder
91- Cloyster
92- Gastly
93- Haunter (Evolves at level 40 or by trade)
94- Gengar
95- Scyther (Evolves at level 40 or by trade with Metal Coat)
96- Scizor
97- Drowzee
98- Hypno
99- Krabby
100- Kingler
101- Voltorb
102- Electrode
103- Exeggcute
104- Exeggutor
105- Cubone
106- Marowak
107- Porygon (Evolves at level 20 or by trade with Up-Grade)
108- Porygon2 (Evolves at level 40 or by trade)
109- Porygon-Z
110- Rhyhorn
111- Rhydon (Evolves at level 55 or by trade or by friendship)
112- Rhyperior
113- Chansey
114- Blissey
115- Kangaskhan
116- Smoochum
117- Jynx
118- Mankey
119- Primeape
120- Staryu
121- Starmie
122- Mr. Mime
123- Pinsir
124- Tauros
125- Magikarp
126- Gyarados
127- Lapras
128- Ditto
129- Eevee
130- Vaporeon
131- Jolteon
132- Flareon
133- Espeon (Use Sun Stone)
134- Umbreon (Use Moon Stone)
135- Leafeon (Use Leaf Stone)
136- Glaceon (Use Icy Stone)
137- Sylveon (Use Shiny Stone)
138- Omanyte
139- Omastar
140- Kabuto
141- Kabutops
142- Aerodactyl
143- Snorlax
144- Articuno
145- Zapdos
146- Moltres
147- Dratini
148- Dragonair
149- Dragonite
150- Mewtwo
151- Mew
152- Chikorita
153- Bayleef
154- Meganium
155- Cyndaquil
156- Quilava
157- Typhlosion
158- Totodile
159- Croconaw
160- Feraligatr
161- Sentret
162- Furret
163- Hoothoot
164- Noctowl
165- Ledyba
166- Ledian
167- Spinarak
168- Ariados
169- Smeargle
170- Chinchou
171- Lanturn
172- Togepi
173- Togetic (Evolves with Shiny Stone)
174- Togekiss
175- Wynaut
176- Wobbuffet
177- Natu
178- Xatu
179- Mareep
180- Flaaffy
181- Ampharos
182- Azurill
183- Marill
184- Azumarill
185- Poliwag
186- Poliwhirl (Evolves into Politoed at level 40 or by trade with King's Rock)
187- Poliwrath
188- Politoed
189- Sneasel (Evolves at level 30)
190- Weavile
191- Gible
192- Gabite
193- Garchomp
194- Wooper
195- Quagsire
196- Misdreavus (Evolves with Dusk Stone)
197- Mismagius
198- Murkrow
199- Honchkrow (Evolves with Dusk Stone)
200- Tyrogue
201- Hitmonlee
202- Hitmonchan
203- Hitmontop
204- Pineco
205- Forretress
206- Dunsparce
207- Gligar (Evolves at level 40)
208- Gliscor
209- Snubbull
210- Granbull
211- Horsea
212- Seadra (Evolves at level 40 or by trade with Dragon Scale)
213- Kingdra
214- Heracross
215- Unown
216- Teddiursa
217- Ursaring
218- Slugma
219- Magcargo
220- Swinub
221- Piloswine (Evolves at level 40)
222- Mamoswine
223- Remoraid
224- Octillery
225- Shuckle
226- Mantine
227- Skarmory
228- Houndour
229- Houndoom
230- Klefki
231- Phanpy
232- Donphan
233- Turtwig
234- Grotle
235- Torterra
236- Chimchar
237- Monferno
238- Infernape
239- Piplup
240- Prinplup
241- Empoleon
242- Miltank
243- Raikou
244- Entei
245- Suicune
246- Larvitar
247- Pupitar
248- Tyranitar
249- Lugia
250- Ho-Oh
251- Celebi
252- Treecko
253- Grovyle
254- Sceptile
255- Torchic
256- Combusken
257- Blaziken
258- Mudkip
259- Marshtomp
260- Swampert
261- Chespin
262- Quilladin
263- Chesnaught
264- Fennekin
265- Braixen
266- Delphox
267- Froakie
268- Frogadier
269- Greninja
270- Lotad
271- Lombre
272- Ludicolo
273- Seedot
274- Nuzleaf
275- Shiftry
276- Taillow
277- Swellow
278- Wingull
279- Pelipper
280- Ralts
281- Kirlia
282- Gardevoir
283- Gallade (Use Dawn Stone)
284- Deino
285- Zweilous
286- Hydreigon
287- Litwick
288- Lampent (Evolves with Dusk Stone)
289- Chandelure
290- Zorua
291- Zoroark
292- Riolu (Evolves with Friendship)
293- Lucario
294- Croagunk
295- Toxicroak
296- Snorunt
297- Glalie
298- Froslass (Use Dawn Stone)
299- Nosepass (Evolves at level 40 or by friendship or with Moon Stone or with ThunderStone)
300- Skitty
301- Delcatty
302- Sableye
303- Mawile
304- Aron
305- Lairon
306- Aggron
307- Meditite
308- Medicham
309- Electrike
310- Manectric
311- Swirlix (Evolves at level 30 or with a Shiny Stone)
312- Slurpuff
313- Inkay (Evolves at level 30)
314- Malamar
315- Tropius
316- Gulpin
317- Swalot
318- Carvanha
319- Sharpedo
320- Wailmer
321- Wailord
322- Numel
323- Camerupt
324- Torkoal (Evolves from Tortot with Fire Stone)
325- Spoink
326- Grumpig
327- Spinda
328- Trapinch
329- Vibrava
330- Flygon
331- Cacnea
332- Cacturne
333- Swablu
334- Altaria
335- Zangoose
336- Seviper
337- Petilil
338- Lilligant
339- Ferroseed
340- Ferrothorn
341- Corphish
342- Crawdaunt
343- Baltoy
344- Claydol
345- Amaura
346- Aurorus
347- Tyrunt
348- Tyrantrum
349- Feebas (Evolves with Beauty or Friendship)
350- Milotic
351- Castform
352- Kecleon
353- Shuppet
354- Banette
355- Drilbur
356- Excadrill
357- Surskit
358- Masquerain
359- Absol
360- Relicanth
361- Makuhita
362- Hariyama
363- Spheal
364- Sealeo
365- Walrein
366- Clamperl (Evolves at level 20 randomly into either Huntail or Gorebyss, or by trade with DeepSeaTooth/DeepSeaScale)
367- Huntail
368- Gorebyss
369- Shroomish
370- Breloom
371- Bagon
372- Shelgon
373- Salamence
374- Beldum
375- Metang
376- Metagross
377- Regirock
378- Regice
379- Registeel
380- Latias
381- Latios
382- Kyogre
383- Groudon
384- Rayquaza
385- Jirachi
386- Deoxys
000- MissingNo.
???- Probopass
???- Omanyte (OG)
???- Omastar (OG)
???- Kabutops (Fossil)
???- Aerodactyl (Fossil)
???- Tortot (Has 7 evolutionary paths)
???- Tortide (Evolves from Tortot with Water Stone)
???- Tortundra (Evolves from Tortot with Icy Stone)
???- Tortasty (Evolves from Tortot with Shiny Stone)
???- Tortalus (Evolves from Tortot at level 30 if ATK = DEF)
???- Tortress (Evolves from Tortot at level 30 if ATK < DEF)
???- Tortremor (Evolves from Tortot at level 30 if ATK > DEF)
???- Ghost

Gen 6/7 Sprites- Layell (X/Y Sprite Project, Sun/Moon Sprite Project)
Hummling/Fairikeet/Peaxie- Shiny_Vaporeon/Vaporeon22
Dolphry- The_ShinyMew/The_ShinyMew_2015 (iFunny)
Narwish- SurfingRaichu/SpookyWorld (iFunny)
Triphin- MegaStarizard/Vesper09 (iFunny)
Tortot/Tortundra- Rybread52 (iFunny)
Tortide/Tortress/Tortremor/Tortasty- MegaStarizard/Vesper09 (iFunny)
Tortalus- Aka_Kun/Kazeun (iFunny)
Music help from UmbreonGurl/Umbreon (iFunny)


Map of the Manta Region

Map of Sevii Island Replacements

Different Version Title Screens:


Download (Version 1.0.3):
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32 Days
Is this a fakemon hack? I see the hummling just curious.
There's not too many. 3 families total, plus a few I wouldn't explicitly call fakemon


Hummingbird line
Dolphin line
Tortoise line


Fossil Aerodactyl
Fossil Kabutops
OG Omanyte/Omastar
Seen 21 Hours Ago
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46 posts
32 Days
Just downloaded it,is my evee starter supposed to be shiny or did i just get super lucky?(playing as the girl character)
Vague spoiler:

The Eevee isn't explicitly scripted to be shiny, but there definitely is something going on. Depends on how adventurous you are at the start of the game.

Explicit spoiler:

Finding Stardust usually guarantees that the next Pokemon is shiny


Beta Tester for Pokemon Saffron Version and Pokemon Chroma Version

Age 17
Seen 1 Day Ago
Posted 1 Day Ago
250 posts
3.5 Years
i have played your no story version and i didn't hate it. but now i'm most defintly going to play it again in the near future. thanks for completing it.
Rom hacks i support: Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter, Pokemon Gaia, Pokemon Firered Rocket Edition, Pokemon Orange, Pokemon Unbound, Pokemon Masterquest, Pokemon Saffron Version, Pokemon Dark energy

Hacks I have beta tested: Pokemon Masterquest, Pokemon Saffron.

beta tester for: Pokemon Saffron version. Pokemon Chroma Version

i decided since my beta testing is slow to just try beta testing 3 rom hacks. as i'm currently doing 2 at the moment i figure i could pick up a 3rd one to beta test. PM me or leave a visitor message and i will more than likely help beta test your Rom hack.
Seen 21 Hours Ago
Posted 1 Day Ago
46 posts
32 Days
This sounds dope. I really liked your intro, glad that you decided to finish an old project. I'm planning on playing this tonight, would it be a bad idea to do a nuzlocke on my first play through?
Thanks! Really appreciate it! I tried to make the gameplay a good balance between being both challenging and not requiring ridiculous amounts of grinding with nuzlocke runs in mind. It definitely helps knowing what you're up against beforehand, but going in blind could prove to be a fun experience.
Seen 21 Hours Ago
Posted 1 Day Ago
46 posts
32 Days
i have played your no story version and i didn't hate it. but now i'm most defintly going to play it again in the near future. thanks for completing it.
Thanks for playing! Glad to have been able to complete this project after such a long time, hope you enjoy the updated game world!
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