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So I've been playing the new Pokemon Sword game in handheld mode and I've noticed that when you are in the process of catching a Pokemon in a max raid battle there is some white lines along the edge of the screen. I've only noticed it recently. I don't know if its just something in the game or it's my actual screen. The fact that I can take screenshots of it makes me think it might be in-game. Anyone else notice this as well?

I've attached some screenshots.



This is fine.

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Seems more like a question thread so I'll move it to that subsection.

You've got a keen eye! I'm not sure myself. However, I asked my friend who knows a bunch about game dev, and he says... (minor editing):
To assume things based on what we know about the middleware gamefreak is using, it's probably the post processing suite they used for Let's Go and Swsh handling off screen pixel shaders poorly. It's basically reading those areas as pure white pixels when blending.
So it's likely something in the game. I don't have the game handy rn to try and check for you with if it's appearing in mine too, but I can do that after work, probably.
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