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Gym Design Challenge
This event is for ROM Hackers to create their own unique Gyms! Whether you are new to hacking and would like to practice, a veteran who has been at it for years or are somewhere in between, this contest is open to all who want to join in the fun.

Firstly, you'll choose a theme for your Gym. This isn't limited to Pokémon types - get creative!
Next, you'll create a demo. Construct your Gym's puzzle and interior design!
Your gym may include battles with trainers and/or a leader, but they're optional and are not part of the judging criteria.

Once your demo is complete, you can submit it by posting a download link to it in this thread.
Include the name of your Gym's theme with credits to resources used and the names of your team members, if you're not flying solo.

This event is for ROM hacks - no Game Dev projects. You can use any generation you like.
Patches only, please! Linking to ROMs is strictly forbidden.
Don't submit work from an already existing project.
You can work on your own, or as part of a team. Teams should be no larger than 3 people.
Entries must be submitted no later than 17th February, 00:00 UTC.
Only use resources you have permission to use. Give credits where necessary.

The judging round will last an additional week after the final submission date. There will be a separate categories for different generations, decomp or disassembly based hacks if there are enough entries; otherwise, all bases of hack will be judged together according to the following categories:

‣ Aesthetics - does it look good, without any tile errors? Is the graphical style consistent?
‣ Difficulty - is it too easy to get to the Leader? Is it hard to the point of being frustrating?
‣ Theme - how well does the puzzle, overall look and feel of the Gym fit its theme?

The competition will be judged by Avara, DrFuji and mgriffin.
Judges may submit demos but are not eligible to win.

Good luck!