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Interview in Japanese has come out with that statement on the game, amongst other things. See the article, yadda yadda.


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After the disastrous reveal, they've got a loooooong uphill climb to make this even remotely appealing to a lot of people. It still sounds and looks just like another MOBA, honestly. If it looks like an apple, smells like an apple, and tastes like an apple, then it's probably an apple. It's not suddenly a different fruit just because it has a Pikachu carved into the side of it. I'm pretty sure that all popular MOBAs have their own unique little gimmicks and gameplay mechanics, and that doesn't somehow make them more than another MOBA. I am strongly reminded of EA's attempt to differentiate their lootboxes from everyone else's lootboxes...

That it's not going to be an eSport by design could potentially alienate the one group of people who are going to find this hugely appealing in some desperate attempt to cater to the people who don't care about it, too. I'm sure the game will be a massive success either way because it's Pokemon and Pokemon prints money, but I still find that an odd choice in some respects, because it is clearly marketed towards these people first and foremost. But accessibility is always a key aspect in Pokemon titles - for better or worse - so perhaps that's not as surprising as it might seem. Swings and roundabouts. At the end of the day the design choice probably doesn't matter, because it's Pokemon.

I also find it somewhat ironic that they're more willing to listen to fans about what they want than Game Freak are. I mean, a console release with proper controls from the get-go with no mess or fuss based on a survey? Say what you will about this game and its developers, but at least they're trying. Compare this with Game Freak, who are utterly deaf to any and all complaints levelled their way about Sword and Shield...


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Like Dawn said, I'm sure it has its gimmicks and mechanics that will differentiate it from other MOBAs, but I seriously wonder at the point of this game. Like, if a hardcore MOBA player wants to pick up a new title, they're not going to play this imo, which leaves an audience of almost just Pokemon fans. That's fair enough, Pokemon has huge appeal worldwide, but I can't see the majority of fans playing this for longer than say 10 hours? It just seems like a really niche game that doesn't have much longevity in it, especially as there's no PC release.