Binary Pokémon Re:Kanto (Possibly BW Hack)

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Will you like a Harder game where:

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Posted October 4th, 2021
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A Story-driven Kanto Remake - (HGSS hack ignore the title)

Before listing anyone else I want to give full credits to the whole Kingdom of DS Hacking server, on discord.
In particular, I want to thank immensely Jay-san for his tutorials and for always landing us a hand:
Major credits to BagBoy, my hero and savior. Thanks for all of your research and for correctly importing many graphics into our game.
(Title screen's background, trainer card's hero sprite, intro background, touch-screen background and - in general - all the support directly given to me and the whole Re:Kanto dev-team.)
A huge and special thanks to AdAstra / LD3005, and his project "Legends Arise", for being such an inspiration.
(Especially for showing us that re-doing the touchscreen menu was possible, and how great Gen5 OWs look into an HGSS hack.)
You taught me how much can be achieved with the graphics of a Gen4 Hack, and that we should never settle for less but work harder to achieve more. Thank you, pal.
Thanks guys.
Sterter's reposes in the opening are from LogiedanT-T's:
5yo Red and Blue in the intro are based off Levaine's and Nephae's:

Heroes gender selection sprites based off Otamago's:
Hero front 3-frames animated sprite is based off Ha-Na-Sa-Ku's sprite (1st frame) and Flamejaw's (3rd frame):
Heroine front animated sprite is based off Flamejaw's sprite and NeonShadow's additional frames:
Gym Leaders and Elite 4 (pre-timeskip) mugshots are taken from an unknown source (AstralShadow, maybe):
Ash's Mugshot is based off PkmnTrainerSpriteC's:
Misty's frontsprite (pre timeskip, LGPE clothes) isbased off Drawnamu:
Hero backsprite (throwing animation) with Rocket Uniform is based off Oth's:
Rival's backsprite (2nd costume) is based off MegaBlueAce's
Campers OWs are from Segesi's
Campers Frontsprites are from Litera-Sure's

Raichu's frontsprite is Conyjams's:
Rapidash's frontsprite is Conyjams's:
This is all, for now.

Concept/Story/Direction MaMe
Maps - Monkeyboy - Salrei's Hope
Scripts - Drayano - Stralern
Sprites - MaMe
Various - Firesai
What's new?
[Gameplay Features]
Following Pokémon (being an HGSS hack)
Story-Driven (more details later)
An engaging cast of Characters (more details later)
Open World (more details later)
A whole new narrative approach to mapping (more details later)
HMs are removed (only Surf and Fly are still in)
Boss Battles (trainers) - Lots of them. Blue, Red/Green(depending on your gender), Ash and even Rocket Executives.
Wild Bosses (pokemon) - Some places may hide a stronger Pokémon you have to battle. Like an ominous Pinsir that's making all of the Pikachu in Viridian Forest flee in fear...
Gym challenges will require you to strategize, and not only brute force and leveling:
- Defeating a weather-based team
- Stalling conditions like Trickroom
- Some leaders will force you to use items like X-Defense.
Game modes. Customize your "Gym Challenge":
- Classic Mode: As difficult as StormSiver, this mode is the closest to a classic Pokémon experience - with many Gyms/Elite4 being in Singles and some in Doubles.
- Realism Mode: This mode is as difficult as the one before, but will enable you to role-play a bit more like a Pokémon Trainer! How?
In the Realism Mode every "official" battle (Gyms and Leagues) will follow the rules of the IRL Pokémon World Championship (VGC)! Meaning that every official battle will be in Doubles.
All the other battles will play like you're used to in a regular Pokémon game, mainly in Single and only sometimes in Doubles.
This means that "Realism Mode" is exactly as difficult as "Classic Mode"... But building your team will be more challenging than's ever been in any Pokémon game.
(Not suited for the less experienced players).

Ponyta Express - will allow you to fast travel through the open area of the Region (first half of Kanto)
Secondary Quests - Every place is alive and will display different people with different needs and mindsets! (Keep track of SQ with a dedicated "Bulletin Board" in each town)

[A Story-Driven Kanto Remake]
We want Kanto to feel like a real place, where collecting badges is just the main character's 'job'. But the actual story/campaign will be focusing on the character's growth and story.
You all know how Red's journey goes, Badges - Rockets - Champion. Right?

But what if I tell you there's more to that?
What if I tell you that there's a reason Red's and Blue's parents are still unknown to us?
What if I tell you that Team Rocket already existed for 30 years before Red's journey?
And... what if I tell you that all of these questions can be answered with just two words?
Two words that the majority of the people don't even know, and the ones who know would gladly bring this secret to their grave - instead of being associated to what those two words mean.
"Project M2"

Embark on a journey, where so much is at stake that you'll feel like Gyms are only secondary quests - and Badges are just mere pieces of plastic.
A journey of discovery and loss. A journey about love and death.

[An Engaging Cast of Characters]
Character growth will play a huge role in this story.
Your protagonist will mature, make mistakes, repent, be stubborn, laugh and cry - and on many occasions you will even be more akin to the villain's point of view more than you would like to admit.
Blue (the rival) 16 years old, from Pallet Town.
Red (male protagonist) 16 years old, from Pallet Town.
Green (female protagonist) 16 years old, from Saffron City.
Upon choosing the male character, "Green" will initially being addressed as Midori - a real Japanese name that means both Blue and Green (Kinda fitting).
Red and Green are not alter egos! Think before choosing one because the POV of the story will change drastically.
[Main Characters]
A lot of well-known faces will show up during the game like Professor Oak, Ash, Looker and many more.
The villains will absolutely feel like Main Characters, as they'll play a major role in the story (as in every story-driven game).
You'll see even how it's like to be a Rocket member - constantly scheming to get a promotion or win the favor of their leader Giovanni.
[Main Villain]
My favorite character has to be Giovanni: the main villain of this game.
You start your journey without even knowing about his existence... But you will, soon enough.
And you'll learn to hate this villain with your guts. To fear his plans and the very presence of a man that cares only about money - and won't esitate a second to serve you as dinner for his Persian.
I aim for Giovanni to be unsettling to the players, every time he shows up I want you to go "Oh no..."
Just one single man, as intimidating as a whole army.

[An Open-World Kanto]
Yes. This game will be an open world game. Open world-ish, at least.

The first half of the region will be fully explorable from the very beginning, and the Gym Leaders can be challenged in no specific order: you decide.
Your Charmander got stomped by Brock? Why don't you start your Gym Challenge from Erika then?
Your first badge can very well be the Rainbow Badge. This because the Gym Leaders will use a different team, depending on how many badges you have collected up until that moment.

This means that you can roam freely - but beware! The wilderness really is dangerous!
You may reach a route where your Pokemon is simply too weak to protect you! This is why Kantonian people often use the "Ponyta Express".
It is a system of carriages that will let you fast-travel from town to town, since the very beginning!

In order to let the player explore this open side of the region on foot, we've edited the wild encounters in many areas.
Some got nerfed and some buffed. Therefore expect wild Pokémon around Celadon to be basically at the same level as those around Pewter!
So... how do you train before a hard battle? Do you have to grind through Lv10 Rattatas forever? Nope. Not at all :P

Just Enter a dungeon.
There'll be a lot of dungeons in this open area of Kanto, caves and forests. These places are dangerous, and a rookie should totally avoid this kind of places!
This will allow you both to explore more and to have solid training grounds, as you expect in a Pokémon game.

And lastly but not least... the Ponyta Express.
It's a system of carriages players will be able to use for fast-traveling among cities and various locations from the very beginning.

[A whole new Narrative-Approach to mapping]
We aim to let you see each place through the eyes of the inhabitants - the NPCs.
Some places will be very industrial, while others will be more oriented to farming. But, what's like living in there?

Secondary Quests are here for that.
The players will be able to feel how alive a place is from playing through it - not through text alone.
For instance, you might encounter farmers complaining about wild Pokémon ruining their harvest - and they'll hire you to keep creatures away!

This will be complemented by visual support - each map won't just be a bunch of houses, but will tell a story by merely looking at it!

The following map is a proof of concept, to showcase you a bit of the lore-aware geography we are using to pat the region - this paragraph will be deleted and replaced by actual in-game images in the future.
This is Pallet Town, as you can read in the Spoilers down below I focused on building a more believable place, taking a bit of inspiration from the Japanese countryside.
"Oh, no, it's not really a town. Just a couple of houses far into the countryside.
You'll find it walking south from here - right after the rice fields on Route One.
It's quite a walk tho.
I suggest you take a carriage from here, it'll stop you at a post right at the entrance of the "town" - Hm? Yes, yes you're right, Ponytas carriages are the only way to travel fast in this area of Kanto"
---Professor Samuel Oak

Places of interest
[Top to Bottom]
To make the cities more alive and relatable a set of secondary quests will help to highlight the life in that said place. How the villagers live, how it is to live there and what are the places of insterest of the town.
The player will like he/she is walking in a real place with people actually living their lives there.
Example: One of the early quests is to defeat a pack of Spearow disturbing the farmer's rice field on Route One.
Even if this is very simple, and of course secondary, little details like this will take the player into the everyday-life of these otherwise soulless sprites.
You can take Ponyta or Dodrio Carriages from there to fast travel to Viridian, Pewter, Cerulean and Vermillion City.
Red's house(left)
Red's and Blue's father built it. Red's mother still gardens some berry trees. Her son helped her a lot with those after her husband died.
Blue's house(right)
Red's and Blue's father built it. It's now abandoned - Blue and Dasy moved to their grandfather Villa in Cerulean years ago, after the death of their parents.
Old well
Now dry. It's abandoned since running water became available a year or so after it's construction.
Farmer's house
The old farmer and his son still work in the rice fields on Route One. They harvest flowers too on Route One - Red and Blue used to play there when they were kids - he was not happy with that.
Oak's Lab
One of the major research labs in Kanto. It was involved in genetics experiments, alongside the now abandoned Lab on Cinnabar Island. Now it has a small nature reserve where they breed and research specimens like Charmanders, Bulbasaurs and Squirtles.
They even do Trainers Prep School there - Pallet's wild surroundings are perfect to hone future trainer's knowledge of survival skills.
Ash's house
The most recent building in Pallet. They moved right after the Diploma Ceremony at the Lab, Ash almost missed the opportunity to get his starter because of this.
Elm's house
Elm has been Oak's right hand. He moved to Pallet to being able to stay close to his job-place. He's now waiting for the construction of his own lab in the newly found region of Jhoto.
Pallet's Bay
A beautiful place in the south, the lake is connected to a pond in the middle of the town - it's easy to see Poliwags there - and a sea route to Cinnabar island.
The lake has sweet water, thanks to a river flowing all the way down from Mt.Silver.
A B&B is under construction there - due to the Laboratory/reserve popularity.

This is what Route One will look like.

Pallet is different, of course, but you can catch a glimpse of this Route One concept in the upmost part of the map - even those pillars are briefly visible.


Inner Rhymes

Hip Hop and Pokemon are all I need.

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I really dig the mapping style you are going with int he screenies above. I am actually glad to see more NDS hacks popping up, really looking forward to a release!
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I really dig the mapping style you are going with int he screenies above. I am actually glad to see more NDS hacks popping up, really looking forward to a release!
Hey, thank you for the support!
We'll be starting the development of Pallet Town any day now, can't say when we'll be able to show progress since there's A LOT of testing to do - but we're all confident about this! Stay tuned :D
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Oh my goodness, this is highly ambitious! Is there a Discord server people can join to check in on progress?
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Works are still going, and it honestly doesn't seem anyone in the team is willing to give up anytime so --- fingers crossed everyone ;)

Pallet and Route 1 has been made exactly like I wrote in the main post, BUT...
Gen5 assets and custom buildings are very difficult to handle in HGSS, especially the animated ones. We literally have re-done Pallet something like 15 times over by now XD
So the resason why development is progressing this slow is: polishing.
But we hope to progress way faster once all of these assets are correctly imported in the game.

Stay tuned ;)

I am crazy excited for this project can't wait to play it
Sadly, you'll have to wait quite a bit for that... We don't plan on releasing the game until it's finished (maybe a mid-game demo? But that's up to debate)
We're basically using HGSS as an engine to create a completely new game from the ground up - so, yeah, that takes time.
I'm so glad you're hyped for this tho! :D

Oh my goodness, this is highly ambitious! Is there a Discord server people can join to check in on progress?
Yup, ambitious indeed. As I was saying we're really re-making the game from the ground up... XD
But we're confident everything mentioned in the first post is doable!
Discord you say? Hm, actually yes. It's mostly for us Devs tho... hmm... Send me a DM ;)

Thank you both for the support! It's great when people show appreciation for something you're working SO hard for!
Please stay tuned! :D
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Hey there! I'm a pixel artist that offers Pokemon Trainer Sprites, similar to actual game sprites. If you are looking for overworld or trainer spriters, please consider hiring me. DM me if you're interested. (twt: @infinitepx)
Yo, thanks for your offer. I wanted to reply anyway to say that I actually doubt we'll need assistance on that front.
Maps and Scripts take quite some time so I'm already way way ahead of them with sprites XD (and I'm remaking every single OW too).
But thanks anyway, if I'll ever need I'll send you a DM ;)

the other 2 houses are from hgss not bw
Oh for sure, that map is merely a proof of concept - the actual game is fully 3D and looks WAY different. Can't wait to upload this thread to show you guys :P