Binary Pokémon Re:Kanto (Possibly BW Hack)

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Pokémon Re:Kanto
[Team Recruitment Post]
This ia a more Story-DrivenIt Kanto "Remake/Retelling".
So, why Kanto? There are a lot of remakes of it.
Still... I think that it's truly a pity that no one of the official games focuses on the lore of the region and the first generation.

What's new?
[A Story-driven Kanto Remake]
- Characters
• Red, Blue and Green will all be in this game - Ash is one of the rivals too.
• Red and Blue will have their backstory to unveil, about their dead parents - finding out how it happenes.
(Player can still be Male or Female of course)
- The biggest point is the story and the world'simmersion.
• The player will have to unveil the mistery of Kanto's lore - Looker will be a constant presence - little by little discovering the existence of Mewtwo
• More focus on Team Rocket and it's members - from Giovanni to Archer to Jesse&James
• Mr and Dr Fuji genetic experiments - including the censored parts like the Starters and Amber's (Dr Fuji's daughter) clones.
• Pokèmon Trainers will feel like sports-star - girls go crazy for Lance[/LIST]- Anime elements
• Ash is in the game, he'll be one of the rival
• Jesse, James and Meowth are in too
• The "Movie One" scenario on Northern Island will be playable - adding in a boss battle.
- Various Pokémon Boss Battles (more than these two)
• Pinsir in Viridian Forest
• Mewtwo on Norhtern Island - Red/Player will team with Mew to fight Mewtwo, while Ash does his job freeing the Pokèmon.
- Hard Mode. As a competitive player I want to craft Leaders/Elite teams that'll need a strategy to defeat:
• Defeating a weather-based team
• Stalling conditions like Trickroom
• Some leaders will force you to use items like X-Defense.
1. BW Battle Animation - Possible if this'll be a BW hack
2. Following Pokémon - Possible if this'll be a HGSS hack
3. "Open world"-ish with Fast travel since the very beginning (Ponyta Express) - Gym Leaders should change their team accordingly to how many badges you have.
4. Every Gym Battle and League Battle will be in Doubles (I'LL MAKE A SURVEY ABOUT THIS) - This will allow much better the aforementioned opponents with deadly-combos to counter.

Re:Pallet Town
I want to focus more on the story and lore, alongside worldbuilding.
I want Kanto to feel like a real place where collecting badges is just the main character's 'job'. But the actual story/campaign will be focusing on the characters growth and story.
The following map is a proof of concept, therefore it may contain mistakes of some sort (I'm not a mapper, bare with me).
This is Pallet Town, as you can read in the Spoilers down below I focused on building a more believable place, taking a bit of inspiration from the Japanese contryside.
"Oh, no, it's not really a town. Just a couple of houses far into the countryside.
You'll find it walking south from here - right after the rice fields on Route One.
It's quite a walk tho.
I suggest you take a carriage from here, it'll stop you at a post right at the entrance of the "town" - Hm? Yes, yes you're right, Ponytas carriages are the only way to travel fast in this area of Kanto"

-Professor Samuel Oak
Inspiration: a classic Japanese Countryside
This is how I picture Route One in my head.

Pallet is different, of course, but you can catch a glimpse of this Route One concept in the upmost part of the map - even those pillars are briefly visible.

Places of interest
[Top to Bottom]
To make the cities more alive and relatable a set of secondary quests will help to highlight the life in that said place. How the villagers live, how it is to live there and what are the places of insterest of the town.
The player will like he/she is walking in a real place with people actually living their lives there.
Example: One of the early quests is to defeat a pack of spearow disturbing the farmer's rice field on Route One.
Even if this is very simple, and of course secondary, little details like this will take the player into the everyday-life of this otherwise soulless sprites.
You can take Ponyta or Dodrio Carriages from there to fast travel to Viridian, Pewter, Cerulean and Vermillion City.

Red's house(left)
Red's and Blue's father built it. Red's mother still gardens some berry trees. Her son helped her a lot with those after her husband died.

Blue's house(right)
Red's and Blue's father built it. It's now abandoned - Blue and Dasy moved to their grandfather Villa in Cerulean years ago, after the death of their parents.

Old well
Now dry. It's abandoned since running water became available a year or so after it's construction.
Farmer's house
The old farmer and his son still work in the rice fields on Route One. They harvest flowers too on Route One - Red and Blue used to play there when they were kids - he was not happy with that.
Oak's Lab
One of the major research labs in Kanto. It was involved in genetics experiments, alongside the now abandoned Lab on Cinnabar Island. Now it has a small nature reserve where they breed and research specimens like Charmanders, Bulbasaurs and Squirtles.
They even do Trainers Prep School there - Pallet's wild surroundings are perfect to hone future trainer's knowledge of survival skills.
Ash's house
The most recent building in Pallet. They moved right after the Diploma Ceremony at the Lab, Ash almost missed the opportunity to get his starter because of this.

Elm's house
Elm has been Oak's right hand. He moved to Pallet to being able to stay close to his job-place. He's now waiting for the construction of his own lab in the newly found region of Jhoto.

Pallet's Lake
A beautiful place in the south, the lake is connected to a pond in the middle of the town - it's easy to see Poliwags there - and a sea route to Cinnabar island.
The lake has sweet water, thanks to a river flowing all the way down from Mt.Silver.
A B&B is under construction there - due to the Laboratory/reserve popularity.

In Conclusion
The majority of the maps won't be edited - HGSS has them all - but a fair portion of them need to be edited tileset-wise.
- Almost every route will be left untouched
- Every Indoor map will be left untouched
The maps that nees to be edited and/or re-done are mainly the cities.

At the moment I need 2 Mappers - we'll be using the NDS mapping Tool by Trifindo
And at least on guy to start understanding how much freedom we have with events.

I'll be adding here the names and the available roles as soon as you start responding to this ^^

Inner Rhymes

Hip Hop and Pokemon are all I need.

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I really dig the mapping style you are going with int he screenies above. I am actually glad to see more NDS hacks popping up, really looking forward to a release!
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I really dig the mapping style you are going with int he screenies above. I am actually glad to see more NDS hacks popping up, really looking forward to a release!
Hey, thank you for the support!
We'll be starting the development of Pallet Town any day now, can't say when we'll be able to show progress since there's A LOT of testing to do - but we're all confident about this! Stay tuned :D