Showcase Random Fakemon Sprite Pack Vol.1

Started by LoveSamuraiForever 2 Weeks Ago 5:57 PM
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Whats up community, just wanted to drop in say whats up and put these creations into the atmosphere.

Maybe you'll like them, maybe you'll want to use them in your project? If so, that'd be cool.
I don't expect credit, but credit would be dope and would likely inspire me to release more content for public use/edit.

Anyway, I'm a bit new to this and not sure if I'm even posting this in the proper place or format
but regardless I post and share these sprites with much love and respect to everyone who makes games be it scripting, spriting, writing, whatever + just loves Pokemon and its lore, you're awesome. Keep going and see things through!

I hope to share more sprites and work and eventually the fan game project I've been working on which these sprites were scrapped from.

PS. I'm open to collaborating, commissions, or even just helping out a lil with a project if it seems interesting enough.
I'm really obsessed with Pokemon lore too so if you wanna talk about those I know a discord channel you should join.

I didnt really want to go in depth on all the details of each design inspiration etc, in case no one cared.
If you are interested to know, just reply to the post on which you wanna know and I'll respond.

Love Samurai, Forever


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Sorry I forgot to comment! That's great that you're allowing people to use your stuff! I think your poses and forms are very nice and I like your general spritework. I like the first one you posted a lot, what's the story behind it?

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