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Started by Penny55gg November 17th, 2020 9:29 PM
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I've been playing rom hacks for almost my whole life. I've wanted to make a rom hack for quite a while but, I'm finally learned how to make a rom hack, and finished one. I'm quite proud of what I made.

Custom Crystal is a difficulty hack and a QOL hack, it was inspired by Dray hack's but the difficulty is much lower than them.


- All non-legendries have brand new move sets! In gen 2, most move sets are subpar to say the least, but I've improved them so they have better moves than normal.

- Most Pokémon are catchable, outside of the legendary birds, and Celebi. Some Pokémon are moved from area's because they have been buffed.

- Ghost is changed to special, and Dark has been changed to Physical.

- Some dialogue edits! Most of the are kind of buggy.

- Gym Leaders have new teams, with most of them actually using Johto Pokémon!

- And more!




The rom hack is up until after the E4 and Champion, I'll update the game with Kanto fully done!

Final Beta:


Um, I know this looks very unprofessional, but I hope you enjoy my rom hack!
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