Other Tutorial Advance Map tips for 3rd gen editing.

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I've recently started working with scipts to edit my games and after having a lot of trouble with advanced map, I've decided to create a quick guide to keep others from having the same issue.

This is using advane Map 1.95 the current latest version, and once again this only works for editing roms up to gen 3.

First thing after loading your rom, you'll need to press ctrl z (if its your first time in the program)
then go to settings, events and make sure show sprites is on, and hide others events is off.

While in settings click grid to add lines to the map sectioning it off into individual tiles, this is to make editing the map tiles easier.

Next go to settings and at the bottom click, select Choose script editor and select the .exe for your script editor.
For XSE its you put your file that says "XSE".

then just click yes for all the dialogues that pop up.

Select any map from headers, open a script to make sure your program was linked correctly.
In XSE click on the icon with the pencil and pad on the main row, if it isn't already outlined.

This will give a pop-up that summarizes your script whenever you debug or compile.

When running script always debug before compiling, that will help catch any errors.

When you have the script how you want it, compile and then copy the start offset and paste into the
script offset box in advance map, usually you'll paste your offset in after the first 2 00's.

Finally click file save as, and put it where your test rom is.
ALWAYS USE "SAVE AS" not save, and don't click the save icon below file. With "save as" you can make sure its saving where you want it.

Adding new events:
On the event tab at the bottom they have a list of every type of event on the map, just add however more you want and then
click change events.

If your sprites are shown, a new sprite/icon should appear on the map, click and drag it to where you want it.
Find a free space in your rom by clicking the magnifying glass, set bytes to look for to "FF" and click search.
Next Double-click whichever of the returned offsets you want to use, and it will appear in the narrow box below, click specify to access it and then copy the offset listed there.
Paste it into the events script offset to it, and then you can add scripts to it in "Open Script".

Changing Wild Encounters:
In the wild pokeon tab, you can edit the encounters by type.
After type is selected you can edit the pokemon that appear, by changing either their name, or the pokemon No.
Once thats done to import them to the game, click on the map header to the left, (the one you're on or any other) a dialogue asking
if you want to "save wild encounters" will appear click yes.

Then click File, Save as, select your rom and you're done.

I mistakenly thought I needed to replace the map to bring in the changes, never replace a map unless you really know what you're doing, as that will cause errors that will prevent you from accessing that map to edit again, because the program won't be able to find the map connections.

Finally be very careful with changing "Cave" & "Type" map options in the header tab, as that can have the effect of making the map completely inaccessible. (pretty much the entire map entrance can disappear from the overworld).

Oh when writing scrips never put a space in the name.

If you do make any of the above listed errors that's what backup roms are for. To make backups of your rom, all you need to do is copy the one you play and paste it somewhere else, I think I read you shouldn't change the rom name, so I always keep mine the same and just paste into different folders that I name, for specific uses.

Alright that's all I wanted to cover, pretty much anything else you need to know will be covered in any other tutorial here or on youtube.
Good luck.


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yo, this belongs over in the rom hacking section of the forum. you're on the wrong side of the river XD
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yo, this belongs over in the rom hacking section of the forum. you're on the wrong side of the river XD
ok I gotcha, that "except rom hacks" sure was tiny lol. That thing's way too easy to miss.

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