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This one is easy. Paste this in the new script you made for the previous ability:

  proc { |ability,battler,battle|
    show_splash = true
    battler.eachOpposing { |b|
      next if b.effects[PBEffects::LeechSeed]>=0
      if show_splash
        # Show the splash only won't. 
        show_splash = false
      b.effects[PBEffects::LeechSeed] = battler.index
      battle.pbDisplay(_INTL("{1} was seeded!",b.pbThis))
    battle.pbHideAbilitySplash(battler) if !show_splash
Do you plan to make a topic for every new thing you wanna code?
I suggest you start learning some Ruby or recruit someone to make that code for you. I'm not going to write your game.