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In this article, we explore the emergence of the famous glitch Pokémon MissingNo., and how this strange blocky creature changed how the fans interacted with Pokémon forever. Here, I investigate many questions on the subject, like where MissingNo. comes from, how Poké-mania and the internet reacted with glitches, and who is more powerful - Mewtwo or MissignNo.

It's the first part of my series "Machines and Pokémon", where I explore across many Pokémon games and regions how different machines, like the games, the players and society at large - and how they all interact with the structures of Pokémon.

Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading!


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Going through this now, and it's a really good read so far. I honestly forgot so much of Missingno since it's been soo long since I last encountered it.

Due to other bugs, the Missingno. may continue attacking after being caught. It might transform into a Ditto or Rhydon after capture if the Pokédex is not set up properly.
I had no idea about this, or completely forgot!

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This is a captivating deep-dive into the impact of some of the very quirky features in the first generation of Pokémon games, and a must-read for anyone interested in rom hacking. I hope to read it a few more times.

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