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I'd love to hear opinions on the games difficulty, Is it too easy, too hard, or just right? and let

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Posted August 11th, 2022
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Chaos Emerald v2.4!
WELCOME, to the absolutely CHAOTIC world of Pokémon Chaos Emerald!

This hack is wild!

Get ready to battle in some of the strangest and most unique battles you've ever battled in a pokemon game before! This is in no way, shape, or form a normal difficulty hack!

This is a funny little difficulty hack I've made that's full of things that pokemon fans love including some old beta pokemon that were scrapped long ago


Lots of changes have been made to make the game better than ever!
Including no need to teach field HMs, more engaging and surprising battles, fairy type, night time, some new moves and abilities, and most important of all, the removal of that stupid fish gyarados (I hate gyarados!)
The game also features almost all of the pokemon from gens 4-7 including chatot (duh), riolu, solosis, alolan raichu, MEGA EVOLUTONS and much more! There's also a gen 8 pokemon line sneaking around in the shadows, can you find them?


This fanhack also adds some fun quality of life features!
You can use your starter unevolved but with the stats of a fully evolved pokemon (level them up holding a regular potion at any evolution stage they'll turn into their X variants, which are basically the first stages of them but much more powerful (basically the first stages of them but with the stats of a fully evolved pokémon). You can switch back between the X forms and the fully evolved by having them level up holding a super potion). So now you can carry your cute little Torchic and Mudkip all the way to the Elite 4 without having to worry about them being too weak!


You can even purchase rare candies!
In some pokemarts such as the rustbaro mart and ever grande city you can buy rare candies for a low price to prevent having to grind too much, they'd also be really useful if you feel the game is getting too difficult too. I don't recommended going too high over the gym leaders however or else the game will be too easy haha

I'm glad to announce that EV training is not required to finish the rom hack! I've beaten it twice with zero ev training whatsoever

The hack is complete and 100% playable from start to finish!

Pretty much all of the major battles are modified with fun including the first Gym Leader rematches and the Meteor Falls battle against Steven!

So please have fun playing my silly rom hack! There's a lot of surprises waiting for you...


Included in the download link below is the Version 2.4 MilkyWay UPS patch file (released 9/24/21) , documentation that you should read, a small text file that teaches you how to patch if you don't know how, and details on how to get those sweet sweet mega evolutions!

WARNING: This hack doesn't support old VBA or mVBA, use a more accurate emulator like VBA-M 2.1.4! If you're playing on android I recommend John GBAC










EV DISPLAY BY jiangzhengwenjz


if I'm missing any credits or if there's any crazy bugs let me know :}
and most importantly, enjoy the show!

P.S if you hear any weird screeching noises during your battles, its because they aliens are so intrigued by your battles that they have no choice but to come down and watch. They're a very interruptive and loud crowd indeed.


Q: Umm... I think I clicked on the wrong thread, can you help me figure out where I need to go?

A: Let's just consider this a happy accident and you accidently stumbled amount the strangest difficulty hack ever made, why don't you give it a try?

Q: Why did my treecko learn water gun?

A: That's a good question... moving on

Q: Why does remoraid look like that???

A: Don't blame me

Q: Maxie sent out a what?

A: A what is a pretty good pokemon, in fact it learns outrage at level 1, isn't that wild?

Q: Help I'm stuck underwater! What do I do?

A: Simply press the B button on your device and you'll be back up in no time!

Q: This game isn't real, and I'm just having a really weird dream

A: Pinch yourself, you might actually wake up

Q: I hate you...

A: That's mean :(

Boss level ranges
  • Roxanne: 12-15 (3 Pokémon)
  • Brawly: 20-22 (3 Pokémon)
  • Wattson: 28-30 (5 Pokémon)
  • Flannery: 38-40 (6 Pokémon)
  • Norman: 43-45 (6 Pokémon)
  • Winona: 53-55 (6 Pokémon)
  • Liza & Tate: 63-65 (6 Pokémon)
  • ???????: 73-85 (6 Pokémon, only one is 85 rest are 73-75)
  • Elite 4: 85-89 (All 4 have 6 Pokémon)
  • Champion: 89-90 (6 Pokémon)

Discord Community! (created on 9/20/21)

EDIT (4/5/22): Check out my cool new fangame, Chaos Dreams! It's fully completed and ready to play!
Are you ready for a brand new adventure in an all new region? Many old friends and new challenges await you!

Link to the page!


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Looks pretty good, glad that I could help you out with the HMs!
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Posted August 11th, 2022
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MAJOR UPDATE ALERT, Version 1.3 has just been dropped!!!

  • Added Legendaries to the Safari Zone
  • Modified more generic NPC Trainers
  • Changed a few routes wild pokemon selection for more diversity
  • Made some pokemon such a Poliwag and Politoad evolve much earlier
  • Nerfed Brawly
  • Buffed Crasher Wake
  • Fixed Wattson's movesets
  • Fixed Porygon's evolution so it evolves by holding Up-Grade (which it holds in the wild)
  • Fixed Scyther's evolution so it evolves by holding Metal Coat (which it as well holds in the wild)
  • Gave more wild pokemon held items in general
  • Fixed Victreebel's Cry
  • Added Herobrine

EDIT 1: VERSION 1.4 HAS BEEN RELEASED, fixes an issue with Glacia's team. Your savefile should be fine if you update to any version, let me know if there's any issues!

EDIT 2: I'd love to hear any feedback about the rom hack!


Item # 173, "The Sculpture"

Sorry, phishers
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Posted November 6th, 2021
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Lol aren't the chaos the chaos emeralds from Sonic!?
All in all, hack looks pretty good.
Note: I'm Not Really in Prelaw LOL


Item # 173, "The Sculpture"

Sorry, phishers
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Posted November 6th, 2021
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Thank you!
and in fact the Chaos Emerald is an actual item in the hack hehehe...
omg sonichu confirmed
Note: I'm Not Really in Prelaw LOL
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Posted August 11th, 2022
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Major update has just been released, version 1.7
  • Fixed a Major issue with the first 2 May battles if you picked Mudkip
  • Completely redone almost all of the routes to make sure almost every Pokémon from gen 1-7 is catchable, Including all of the starters from those generations
  • Added in a few more cries for certain Pokémon
  • Karrablast evolves by level up
  • Kricketune is now Bug/Normal with Moody and Boomburst
  • Lumineon is Water/Flying with boosted hp, special attack, and a better moveset
  • Lilligant has been given boosted speed with Friend Guard and Whimsicott has boosted special attack and No Guard
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Posted August 11th, 2022
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Version 1.9 Deluxe editon (yep we're doing deluxe now) has been released!
  • Fixed the glitch that caused the game to crash if you defeated all the trainers in Brawly's Gym
  • Fixed Wooper and Stufful's evolutions
  • Added in even more Pokémon to the game, almost every pokemon from gen 1-7 is catchable now
  • Absol, Pidgeot, and Buneary evolve into their lines mega evolutions
  • Buffed Unfezant, Maractus, Krickitune, Noctowl, Luminion, Plusle, Minun, Pachuritsu, Drifloon line, and Vikavolt
  • Unfezant is now Psychic/Flying with the ability Competitive
  • Hoothoot learns Dark Void
  • Drifloon line has the ability Delta Stream
  • Vikavolt has 143 speed
  • Maractus is Grass/Water with boosted defenses
  • A few more Pokémon evolve instantly from level up, especially ones that evolved too late
Your savefile should be safe if you update to the latest version, make back-ups just in case!

If there's any more glitches I need to fix, let me know!
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Seen December 20th, 2022
Posted August 11th, 2022
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VERSION 1.9c DELUXE (I ran out of numbers so now we're doing letters now lol) has been released for the world to enjoy!
  • Added in 5 new pokémon, the Rinrin line from the 1997 spaceworld beta (can be found in the petelburg woods) and a mysterious 3 pokémon line from gen 8, can you find them?
  • Changed the Gym Battle music to the Battle Frontier music! Now this underrated gem can be captured by more ears!
  • Hypno is now a Psychic/Dark defensive pokémon with prankster
  • Rhydon is now a Rock/Fairy pokémon with buffed special defense
  • Venomoth now has 255 speed, had to make it unique somehow haha
  • Biberal is guaranteed to have moody and learns Giga Impact, V-create, and Aqua Tail by level up
  • Politoad is now Water/Ghost and is guaranteed to have drizzle, you can obtain it by leveling up poliwhirl by only a single level!
  • Golisopod now has Intimidate!
  • Zebstrika has buffed defenses, the ability Galvanize, and leans Flare Blitz by level up!
If there's any glitches i need to fix let me know!
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Posted July 23rd, 2022
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Deino has a 4% chance of appearing on route 112!
Also it evolves much earlier, it evolves into zweilous at level 30 and zweilous evolves into hydreigon at level 40!
Nice, thanks for telling me. And extra props to you for lowering the evolution levels for the line lol. Wish more romhacks modified the level requirements of some Pokemon-Gen 5 as a whole for the most part, so their evolutions are more easily attainable. In another Emerald hack someone graciously reduced the level requirement for Rufflet into Braviaey from 54 to 34.
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Posted August 11th, 2022
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Hello everybody! Incase you haven't noticed, I released a small update this morning, Version 1.9w STARLIGHT!
  1. Fixed the issue that caused Wattson's Raichu to use struggle
  2. Buffed Archeops by giving it the ability Run Away
  3. Buffed Tirtouga line to match Archeops
  4. Nerfed Norman's Spinda because I felt it was too powerful and thus unfun to battle against, I still kept the battle challenging but not to a frustrating level ;)
  5. Made a few Pokémon easier to catch such as Deino and Dratini
  6. Buffed Hydregon's moveset so it learns more special moves
  7. Last but definitely not least, a brand new ability for Vanilluxe!
There shouldn't be any more major bugs in this hack, but if there is let me know!
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Posted August 11th, 2022
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Update time! Verison 1.9x NightSky has been released!
  • Wild Charge no longer does recoil damage (this was actually done earlier but I never announced it)
  • Removed full restores from all the gym leader rematches
  • Fixed Sandshrews Evolution
  • Fixed Victory Star and Iron Fist not displaying on the party menu
  • Buffed bone rush to base 35 power and 100% Accuracy
  • Finished adding in basically all the non-legendary missing Pokémon from Gens 1 to 7
  • Buffed Persian by giving it super luck and a new critical hit based moveset!
  • Buffed Spearow (I won't spoil how ;)
  • Added a TON of Pokémon in the Mirage Tower on route 111, there's a huge set of Pokémon on every floor!
  • Buffed Butterfree by giving it a huge special attack boost and making it Bug/Psychic
  • Made Parasect into a Bug/Ghost type and a huge defense boost
  • Buffed the Elemental Monkeys by making them half normal-type and boosting thier stats
  • Raised Avalugg's special defense
  • You can catch wild Spiritomb in the Petalburg Woods
  • Gaving Watchog the weirdest buff of all time, Gave it 255 in both offenses and 5 in all defenses and speed. It also learns Dark Void (which btw now has priority) , so have fun using this weird set! You can find this crazy Watchog on the third story of the Mirage Tower!
As always if there's any glitches that i haven't already fixed, let me know!
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Posted August 11th, 2022
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HUGE UPDATE, Version 2.0 StarryDreams has just been released!
  • The game is MUCH more polished now, both visually and mechanically
  • Fixed the issue that caused a certain pokémon to randomly transform into burmy
  • Slowking is now obtainable! Wild Slowpoke are guaranteed to hold a King's Rock
  • Buffed Slaking's HP to 30
  • Strengthened Norman's team
  • Boosted Emolga's offenses to 105
  • Raised Bombseel's HP to 95
  • Turned Mud Shot and Mud Bomb into useful moves
  • Created a cry for one of the new "pokémon"
  • Changed the menu sprites of the new additions to be closer to their original designs
  • Gave Skuntank a new name
  • Quagsire learns Aqua Tail, Ice Punch, and Brave Bird by level up
  • More held items for wild pokémon, yay!
  • Vileplume, Bellossom, and Victreebel now all have 535 BST
  • Added in a new ""pokémon""
I'd love to hear some feedback about my hack!
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Posted August 11th, 2022
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Update Version 2.1 has just been released to the world!
  • Brand new elite 4 member, you might be able to guess who it is!
  • Fixed an issue with Vaniluxe's menu sprite and pokedex entry
  • Added Buizel to route 104!
  • Floatzel is now a Water/Ice type with boosted special attack
  • Changed the menu sprites for a few additions to be more fitting
  • Raised Cloyster's special attack and special defense, and it now learns fake out!
  • Adjusted a few catch rates to be higher
  • Raised the defenses of Linoone
  • more wild pokemon held items!
  • fixed two abilities overlapping
  • Dragonair evolves into its brand new evolution just by level up, and now if you want you can have it evolve into Dragonite by holding a potion
I've created a discord community for the hack, so you can discuss it, provide feedback, and most importantly of all, have fun!
Link below!
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Posted August 11th, 2022
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MEGA EVOLTION PARTY TIME! Version 2.2 MilkyWay has just been released and adds mega evolution to the hack! You can buy all the mega stones in the Mauville City Department Store! Need to buy a mega bracelet from the same store to mega evolve, and you mega by pressing select before you pick a move!

Here's some details on which stones are for the brand new mega evolutions!
  • Ego - Dunsparce
  • Gravity Orb - Solrock and Lunatone
  • Disco Ball - Ludicolo
  • Steel Balls - Shiftry
  • Gun Powder - Kingdra
  • Jumpscare.exe - Dusknoir
  • Chaos Emerald(what!!!) - Walrein
  • GTX 1080ti - Pidgeot
I've also done a few small things outside of adding mega evolution
  • Gave Weavile, Flygon, and Breloom better level up moves
  • All the new additions are now catchable!
  • Added Meditite and Mawile back to Dewford Cave
  • Adjusted a few more catch rates

I hope you all have fun with the crazy new mega evolutions!
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Posted August 11th, 2022
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2.4 has now been released with a brand new mega evolution!
  • Brand New mega evolution for one of the new additions
  • New backsprites for Remoraid and Octillery
  • Renamed some mega stones
  • Vileplume is now Grass/Ghost like it's counterpart
  • Mega Pidgeot no longer stays as its mega evolution outside of battle, some Pokémon still do however like Mawile, Absol, Beedrill, Loupunny, and Banette
  • New front sprite for Remoraid as well! I think it'll make you laugh
  • Mega Aggron is now Steel/Dragon with high special attack like its counterpart

2.4 will most likely be the last version update unless theres any bugs I need to fix. The game is basically 100% complete at this point, I hope you all enjoy it! I had a lot of fun making this hack, and I hope it puts a smile on your face!
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Posted August 11th, 2022
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I'm interested in playing this but I feel like by the time I got part way through a save file there would be 10 updates, I'm playing on 3ds so patching is tricky. Any plans for making updates more substantial or staggering them a little?
I made a decision this morning that I don't plan on updating past 2.4, so you should be able to to play it fine now without having to worry :)