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So I got an idea today.
A lot of pokemon are considered stupid or just weak and as a pokemon lover it hurts me to see this mons get dunked on so hard.
I want to change that, but I don't know how to do anything on youtube, twitch, or anything of the like and I forgot about my emerald logs(sorry bout that) so I need to redeem myself and those pokemon.
I won't start to day however because I need people to tell me.

Which firered starter is the worst.


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Well, it depends on what you mean by "worst"

Charmander is the most difficult at the start, but Charizard is awesome.
Bulbasaur is easy for the first two, three gyms, neutral against 4 and immune to 5's Poison but then gets hammered by 6, 7, and half The Pokémon League whilst having poor type coverage and HMs.
Squirrel is the down the middle option, so I guess that kinda makes it the worst?

If you want to really take on "rubbish" Pokémon, box your starter. Might I make a couple of suggestions for team members:

Beedrill (worst than Beautifly which gets Confusion to play with) /
Kingler (poor match between stats and moves, but you need a Surf Pokémon)