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Great work on this.


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Loving the attention to the SMT series as a whole, even back to the very first games, and not just Persona!

Gotta say as far as favourite demons go, though, going to say Lilith, because I mean, come on
  • Demands respect
  • Doesn't get it
  • Continuously punishes everyone that took everything important from her just because she wanted to be equal, and
  • Takes what she's owed instead
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Seconded! This article was a fun read, SMT's known to be difficult and very punishing towards players who don't use buffs and debuffs. Highly recommended if you like a challenge 👍
My favourite demon has to be Black Frost. I always make a point to fuse it whenever I play any MegaTen game.
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SMT is fantastic, I highly implore everyone to try Nocturne since its on switch, I'm currently playing smt 4 and it's also really great, it's also great if you're looking for a "darker Pokémon" itch especially since I always felt fan projects were a bit too edgy when it came to that, these games do it perfectly. Of course, my favorite demon is for sure yomuksune, partly due to the persona series but it's also just a great design.
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Dragon Quest 5 was another important foundation in the genre.