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Team Rocket's endeavors on pre-evolving adolescent Magikarp long before they are ready has had an ecologically devastating impact on the environment surrounding the Lake of Rage. In this study, we take a look at what's been done, what's being done about it, and what we can do moving forward.
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“I battled a fisherman the other day around the lake who had a level 16 Gyarados. It was way too easy to defeat, and I don’t think that’s fair to the poor creature, at all,” one scientist noted.

In order to combat this strict, regulations need to be put in place regarding what level a Gyarados needs to be, before a Trainer can legally keep it. Anybody trying to competitively battle a Gyarados below level 20, outside of proper training and rehabilitation techniques, will be fined and have their Gyarados confiscated.
I'm now permanently going to think of this article every time I battle that trainer. I mean, a lv. 16 Gyarados? Good for exp, but also ridiculously unfair! (Lovely read. :D)