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More about it in the article here!

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I still own the N64 version of this game. So I would probably stick to that rather than picking it up for the switch.

If you don't know anything about this game: Definitely worth to play though if you really like puzzle league games, or are looking to dip into it. The difficulty choice for the main adventure mode ramps up pretty gradually yet the ceiling reaches really damn high, to a point where you're at the AI's pre-programmed RNG mercy, because it plays to optimized perfection with randomized programmed in memory-loss where it suddenly stops whatever setup it was trying to do on the Very Hard Difficulties.

This game also comes with the fun gimmick of 3D puzzle towers as you may have seen in the video preview, which means rather than the classic 2d field, you'll get a full circular space to clear blocks in. While this gimmick isn't used in the main adventure mode, it is used in some of the puzzle challenge levels, and the line clear levels.

From the looks of it it seems to support online multiplayer, which does pique my interest. And I spy a total of 4 player slots in the video preview, which makes me curious if they added in some kind 4-player system. I don't remember the game originally allowing 4 players to duke it out against each other.