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    This is my first FMA ficcy, so if its a little weak, bear with me. Please read and review! enjoy! There is a character based off me in it. I posted it at another site, and everyone there LOVED it, so i figured I'd give it a shot here! If you have any suggeestions, either post here or PM me .It is a bit fanboyish, so enjoy!

    Fullmetal Alchemist:
    Chronicles of the Thunder Alchemist

    Chapter one:

    On a passenger train bound for Central, Edward Elric, a vertically challenged, 17 year old State Alchemist sat on the cushion less seat, his feet propped up on a table in front of him. His small stature was due to having an Auto-Mail right arm and left leg. Auto-Mail was a breakthrough in prosthetic limbs; it actually gave the person who has it the ability to have a fully functional limb, the only drawback being that it’s extremely painful to have put on, and that you have no feeling in that limb
    His younger brother Alphonse Elric was a completely different story; his soul was trapped in a suit of armor, anchored to this world by a blood seal inside the armor that housed his soul. But Alphonse wanted to be a normal teenage boy, and tried not to let his condition get him down.

    To understand the Elric Brothers reasons for having these bodies, you would have to go back three years to a town called Risenbul and a woman named Trisha Elric. She was the boys’ mother, a kind and gentlewoman and the Elrics’ father, Honenheim Elric. He had mysteriously left a year before, leaving Trisha to care for the two young boys. Though she tried hard, Trisha became deathly ill, and died due to her failing health, spending her last moments with her sons. They were only 9 and 10 years old. Edward blamed his father for his mothers’ death, and holds a grudge against him to this day. Alphonse didn’t resent his father as much as Ed, probably because he didn’t remember much about him.
    The two boys tried to perform Human Alchemy, trying to create human life through the art of alchemy. Alchemy is the science of breaking something down and rebuilding it as something else. But it has to follow the law of Equivalent Exchange, but those boys though they could bypass the law, change the world the way they wanted. They were wrong. The attempt failed, leaving Ed without a right arm and left leg and Al without a body, leaving Ed no choice but to put his soul in a suit of armor. This was their sin they had to carry, the burden they were to bear for trying to play god.
    But Ed and Al were determined to get their bodies back, and there was a mythical gem that could do it. The Philosopher’s Stone; legend has it that it can bypass the laws of equivalent exchange and amplify the powers of the alchemist who uses it. So Ed and Al were determined to find it and set their bodies back to normal.

    “Brother….” Alphonse said, looking up from his seat.

    “Hmmm.? What Al.?” Ed periled, snapping out of a daydream.

    “Do you think we’ll ever find the stone?”
    “Of course we will, Al. I promised that.” Ed said, stretching out his left arm. The train rolled past the fields of wheat and corn as the two sat there.

    A few hours later the Elric Brothers arrived in Central, and there to greet them was two alchemists wearing dark blue uniforms. One was huge and muscular, with a blonde mustache and single blonde hair on his head. He was Alex Louis Armstrong, The Strong Arm Alchemist.
    The other was an alchemist who was shorter by contrast with dark brown hair and deep blue eyes, wearing an overcoat over his uniform with a bored expression on his face, no older than eighteen.
    “Edward Elric! How great to see you again!” Armstrong said.

    “Same to you major. Tell me, who’s that? An escort?” Ed asked, pointing to the other officer next to Armstrong, who yawned, obviously bored with this whole arrangement, or didn’t get much sleep.

    “Edward, Alphonse, I’d like you too meet Lieutenant Shane Mustang. He was transferred back here today.” Armstrong said.

    “Mustang? Like Colonel Roy Mustang?!” Ed asked, shocked.

    “Yeah, I’m his little brother.” Shane replied.
    Ed looked at him for a second. “Well, you certainly seem more pleasant than your brother.” Ed said.

    “Well, he’s not really that bad.” Shane said.
    “How come your not a major like Armstrong? I though all State Alchemists were majors.” Al asked.

    “It’s a long story.” Shane trailed off. The truth was that he USED to be a major, but he was in a bad mood due to the fact his superior officer was treating him like a lowly worm and smarted off to Brigadier General Basque Gran and was demoted, but he was lucky he didn’t lose his license.
    The group left the Train Station and boarded a waiting car bound for Central Headquarters.
    Meanwhile at Central Headquarters Colonel Roy Mustang, also known as the Flame Alchemist sat at his desk filling out yet another report. He was a tall, dark haired man of 29. He was silently glad his brother was coming back to Central.
    The door opened and a blond haired woman of twenty seven stepped in. Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye stepped into the room. Hawkeye wasn’t an alchemist, but when you could put a bullet between someone’s eyes from one hundred yards away, who cares?
    “Sir, Fullmetal, Armstrong and Mustang are here.” Hawkeye said.

    “Good, I’m sure my little brother would love it here.” Roy said as the door opened again, and the group of Alchemists had stepped inside.

    “Well Shane your back in Central. Four years you’ve been gone, right?” Roy asked.

    “That’s right Roy. It’s good to be home. I see you haven’t changed.” Shane said casually. It appeared to Ed that even though his brother outranked him, he still acted like normal brothers would.
    Just then the door opened again and a medium sized girl with frizzy brown hair and green eyes behind glasses stepped in, wearing the same blue uniform that the others wore, with the exception of a skirt. She stepped into the room, handing Roy some files and books.

    “Hi Scieszka!” Al said, waving.

    “Hi guys. It’s good to see you.” She said, brushing her brown bangs from her face. She turned around and looked at Shane.

    “Hi Scieszka! It’s been too long hasn’t it?” he said before Scieszka glomped him.

    “It’s so good to have my best friend back.” She said, blushing slightly. The two had met four years earlier, when Shane had first received his State Alchemist certification, meeting in the militaries first branch library.

    “So now that we have been re-aquatinted ourselves, lets get down to business, shall we?” Roy said, standing up.

    Shane chuckled as Scieszka let go, turning red. “So what have you got for us Roy?” he asked.

    “There’s been reports of a serial killer going around in the militaries back yard, hacking his victims with no reason or connection, and the ones who get away get sick and die. The weird thing is the victims are predominantly female, very few men. Think you can handle it?” Roy said, offering him the folder.

    “What the hell? I need a challenge. You got it Roy.” Shane said, taking the folder.

    Just then the door opened again and a tall man with black hair and glasses stepped in. Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes looked at everyone in the room.

    “Shane, it’s good to see you again!” he said before reaching into his pocket.

    “Oh boy.” Scieszka mumbled to herself.

    Hughes pulled out a snapshot of a small girl “You haven’t seen my beautiful daughter Elysia have you! Isn’t she a bundle of divine cuteness!!! It’s unreal how cute she is, isn’t it!” he gushed. Shane sweat dropped. Over the last four years he had forgotten how manic Hughes could be sometimes. Now he was getting a crash course.

    “Maes, I’m sure he’d like to compliment you on your daughters cuteness, but he has a job to do in investigations now.” Roy said, saving his brother.

    “Oh, is that right? Well if you need any help you can ask me, alright?” Hughes said, Shane nodding nervously.

    Shane saluted his brother, Hughes and Armstrong then turned to walk out until Scieszka’s voice piped up.

    “Shane, may I help you with this? It seems like you could use some help.” She twisted her hands in her skirt nervously.

    “Sure. I could use your help. But aren’t you working for the Lieutenant colonel?” he said.

    “I don’t mind,” Hughes said, he had the feeling there was something more to these two, “Were way ahead of schedule thanks to Scieszka. I think I can let her help with an investigation.”

    “Thanks you sir!” She said happily.

    The two exited the room, Scieszka flashing a V for victory hand sign before they left.

    “That’s odd, it seems like she had other motives in mind.” Armstrong pondered.
    In his new office in the east wing of Central Headquarters, Shane and Scieszka were thoroughly going through the records and police reports about this phantom killer. Shane studied one of the pages studiously.

    “Look at this,” He said, Scieszka looking over his shoulder, “The first case was twelve years ago, seven deaths in all, but for some reason they suddenly stopped until now. Why start now after twelve years?”

    Scieszka yawned, “Maybe they figured that the police were onto them, so decided to die down for a while.”

    “Maybe.” Shane said, looking at the clock that read 10:30 pm.

    “I don’t know about you Sciez, but I’m starving. You want to come with me to get something to eat?”

    “No thanks, I’d like to stay here and look over these.” Scieszka said.
    “Okay, I’ll just bring you something.” Shane said and left the room. He returned minutes later with some food to find Scieszka slumped over, sleeping soundly. Shane quietly sat down and continued to read, not wanting top wake her up.
    Many hours passed until Shane looked at the clock. It read 2:30 am. He shook Scieszka’s shoulder, making her head jerk up.

    “Was I asleep, I’m sorry. I haven’t been sleeping well.” Scieszka
    apologized, pushing her glasses up.

    “It’s alright. Come on, I’ll walk you home.” Shane said.
    The streets of Central were empty and the nighttime wind was biting cold, nipping like frostbite. Scieszka shivered. it was unusually cold that night. Shane put his overcoat on her, causing her to look up at him.

    “I would rather be cold than watch my best friend shiver. I can’t have my aide sick, right?” Shane said, she looked away, blushing.

    “We should be careful though. We don’t know where this killer is. I wish I had a ****ed car, but the higher ups would mess themselves if they had to pay for gas. Anyway, just stay close to me.” He said, Scieszka clinging to his arm.
    Suddenly, just as he said that, a loud banging erupted from the alleyway, causing Shane to reach for his gun and Scieszka to take cover. A sinister, chilling laugh arose from the darkness, Sending chills down their spines.

    “Who’s there?!” Shane commanded.

    “Well, well. Looks like I have two foolish victims for my collection tonight!” The voice cackled.

    Suddenly a black mass rushed behind him and grabbed Scieszka and pulled her into the darkness, causing her to scream.

    “Yes, scream for me! I love it when you scream!” The maniac cackled.

    Acting quickly, Shane snapped his fingers, sending electricity into the alley, lighting it up so he could see. The person in question had big palm tree like hair and wore a kimono, wielding a large blade ready to slice Scieszka in half, who was pinned beneath it.
    Shane fired at the figure, gunshots ringing through the alley as the figure fell over, cursing and Scieszka to run over to Shane, clutching her bleeding shoulder; the blade had cut her on its way down.

    “Who do you think you are you weak little worm?!”


    “I’m going to spill you guts, you b******!” the figure yelled, but Shane had shot again, hitting the shoulder of their attacker.

    “Shane, we have to run!” Scieszka screamed, wide eyed. Shane clasped his hands together and put them on the ground quickly, transmuting the pavement into a straight jacket around the suspected murderer. Shane was able to use alchemy in this fashion because other than the electrical arrays on the gloves he wore, he also had simple but effective arrays on the palms, allowing him to transmute fairly fast. It wasn’t in his nature to run from a fight, he liked to finish what he started. But despite the urge to stay and fight
    The two ran as fast as they could to the safety of Shane’s home.

    “Ow!” Scieszka seethed as Shane rubbed alcohol on her wound. It had
    stopped bleeding, but hurt to touch it.

    “Sorry.” He said before bandaging it. She put on a clean shirt she borrowed from him. They sat on his couch in the den.

    “You’ll be okay.” He said.

    “What do I do now?” She asked, folding her arms lightly on her chest.

    “You’ll stay here tonight.” Shane sighed.

    “Really?” She asked, surprised.

    “Yeah. I couldn’t live with myself if you were hurt again.”

    “Your so sweet!” Scieszka giggled, glomping him, wincing slightly because of her wound. Shane chuckled.

    “It’s late. Lets go to bed.” he said, looking down at her.
    She lie down on the couch and eh put a blanket over her before walking down the hall to his room. He felt kind of bad she had to sleep on his couch, but his house had two rooms, and the second room was a mini library now.
    The hours dragged on, as Shane lay awake in his bed, unable to sleep.

    “I came this close to losing a close friend,” He thought, “well, it wont be hard to find him now with bullet wounds in his shoulder.” he sighed and turned over, falling asleep.
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    I like it sweetie! X3 It's a tad bit fanboyish, but good never-the-less. I'll like it better if I saw every FMA eippy I missed. XD *I only saw the recent 3 shown in America.* XD
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      lol, thanks for the advice.
      Marina (Raikou Special) & FR/LG Blue from Pokemon claimed by ~Zero~
      Please read and rate my Fan Fictions, they rock!
      Both fics are by Me!
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        LOL! I liked it, too. Even though I don't like FMA that much... Nice fic, Shane.

        * Married to Jeremy.
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