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    Chapter One: The Big Day
    Six oclock A.M. is too early to wake, George thought as his brother, Kylar tried to wake him up.

    George, get up! Kylarordered.

    No, Im sleepy! George whined. He kept on babbling, but before he finished, Kylarhad dumped a pitcher of ice cold water on him. George jumped up, ran in the bathroom, and got ready in less than five seconds.

    Come on, today is important, Kylarreminded.

    That day was important. It was the day that George set out on his Pokon journey. He had just recently turned 13 [the new age to be able to enter a Pokon League]. His best friend, Zara, had also just turned 13, and was traveling with George. Kylar 15, was traveling with George and Zara. His job was to look after George and Zara. Last, but...least was Janet, Zaras cousin. Janet was 13, and was starting her Hoenn Pokon journey,too, but traveling alone. She wasnt exactly everyones favorite, as you will see.

    Do we have to eat breakfast, Mom? George asked.

    No, not enough time, but I made my famous cereal bars for you two. Enjoy, Their mom, Florence, said cheerfully.

    Thanks, Mom, but since when do you make bars? Kylarasked.

    Since today, try it.

    Later, see you later, love you much, bye! George said. you...bye, Florence said, holding back tears.

    George and Kylarmet up with Zara at Professor Birchs lab.

    Hey Z, are you excited? George asked.

    Yes, I am excited, very! Are you prepared? Zara asked, struggling with her bags.

    Not, really, but I bet you are, George said. Youre carrying a freakin mini mall on your back.

    Need help? Kylarasked.

    Yes, Zara strained. She collapsed, and Kylargrabbed her bags, with no trouble. She got up and admired his muscles.

    Eww, George thought.

    They were about to enter the laboratory, when the doors came flying open and smashed George in the face. He fell down, but got up quickly and played it off.

    Out of the door stepped Janet. She was tall, and had long black hair.

    If it isnt my favorite relative! She ran over and gave Zara a big hug.

    Hey...Janet. Zara said, apathetically.

    Oh, my, your little friends have grown to be handsome young men.

    Janet, Im older than you, and you just saw us last week! And do not try hugging me. Kylarsaid.

    Fine by me. She leaned in to hug George but he refused.

    Well, Ill be going now. Ciao! She walked off into the horizon.

    Who do we have here? Birch asked, stepping onto his porch.

    Hi Professor, my name is Zara, this is my friend George and his brother Kylar Zara held out her hand. Pleasure to meet you.

    The pleasure is mine Zara. He shook her hand. Please come in.

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      [B]cHAPTER 2: pICKING A pOK/B]
      Zara, George and Kylarstared at the Pokalls on Birch's table.

      "These are your choices for starter Pokon," Birch said. He pushed a button and Two Pokalls appeared. They opened up and two Pokon, Torchic and a Mudkip appeared.

      "Aww, I wanted a Treecko!!!" Zara whined, but then quickly composed herself in Birch's presence.

      "There's only two Pokon," George noticed.

      "Oh, yeah, Janet must have taken the Treecko! Darn," Zara exclaimed.

      "Don't worry about it," Kylarsaid. "You guys can have them. I'm only here to watch after you."

      "Thanks Ky, you're the best!" Zara cried, giving Kylara big hug.

      George gave them a "get a room" look. " I think I'll pick...Torchic!"

      "Torchic was my second choice," Zara mumbled angrily. "Well, what choice do I have? Mudkip..." Zara picked up Mudkip's Pokall and returned it.

      "Wow, I can't believe we actually got Pokon!!!" George said.

      Birch picked up two red objects. He handed Zara and George the electronics. "These are your Pokex. They are like a handheld Pokncyclepedia."

      "Wow..." George said, rather amazed.

      "Thank you Professor," Zara said.

      "You're welcome."

      They left the lab. They were leaving Littleroot town, where they lived. No more parents to tell them what to do. No more bedtimes. No more.

      "I'm free!" George shouted. He started making noises like he had a syndrome.

      "I'm still here," Kylarreminded.

      "So, you're not the boss of me."

      "Says, who?"

      "Says me."

      "O, yeah?" Kylargot in George's face.

      "Yeah, you overgrown mutant sled dog!" George pushed Kylarand knocked him [along with Zara's bags] down a hill. Kylarscreamed on the way down.

      "Oh, gosh, my bags!" Zara chased after Kylar

      "I might as well." George jumped down the hill. He knocked Zara down on the way, and all the of them hit something really hard.

      When they regained conscienceness, they saw an angry Janet hunched over them.

      "If it isn't my cousin and her little friends," Janet said bitterly.

      "uh..hi Janet," Zara said. They stood up.

      "I'm gonna get you for disturbing my picnic!!!" Janet yelled. She tried to swing at Zara but she punched George insted, and they started running. Janet chased after them. George tried throwing donuts at her. One of them knocked her out, and they ditched her. But not for long....

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        We wouldnt have had to run away from Janet if you wouldnt have been so excited! Zara said to George.

        How many times do I have to apologize?! George asked angrily.

        Boys... Zara complained.

        George were going to have to work on your temper, because we cant keep having these incedents, Kylarsaid.

        Especially when Janet is near! Zara exclaimed.

        The group was regaining their strength by a tree, after running from Janet. George guzzled down a cup of water and said, Whatever.

        Its such a nice day, Kylarsaid. Please dont ruin it, George.

        Such a nice day! Zara took out her Pokall. Come on out Treecko- I mean...Mudkip...

        Zaras Mudkip burst out of the Pokall and raced up to George.

        Hi... George said nervously.

        Mudkip sprayed George with Water Gun. George fell down, out of breath.

        Mudkip, great job! Zara cried.

        Kylarlaughed. George got up, with air circulating again. Then, they heard a rustle in the trees surrounding them.

        Ahh! Its Janet, George yelled.

        Then the group heard a voice. I think they heard us! the voice whispered angrily.

        Whos there?! Kylarasked.

        AHH! A person fell out of a tree. It had a ventriloquist dummy in his hand.

        Who are you? Zara asked.

        I think they see us... the man said stiffly.

        Kylarand Zara exchanged looks. George stepped up.

        Look, guy, we see you. Now, who the heck are you?

        Hmmp, well if you must know, the strange man started, I am the great... the man looked in his bag of items he was carrying. He picked up a couple of items and looked at them. As I was saying, I am the great Imation de LexMark. Its French.

        Okay, what do you want? Kylarasked.

        I am here to...umm...yea..Uh, O yea! Im here to make sure you dont reach your potential to be the best trainer you can be, and...blah, blah, blah, Imation read off of a sheet of paper. And also to make sure that you do not figure out about my boss secret scheme to rule the world- He covered his mouth.

        What the...whos taking over the world, and doesnt want u to be good trainers?! George asked.

        Nothing, all you need to know is that I will be stopping you from being good trainers, so you dont get to smart and figure out any fishy things that might be happening. Alrighty?

        You dog-breath monstrous horse-raddish, you arent stopping me for anything! George exclaimed. He charged straight at Imation and knocked him on the ground. Imation made two awkward faces, and had an asthma attack. His eyes inflated and his toungue popped out.

        George, stop, I think you killed him! Zara cried.

        Imation reached in his bag of items and pulled out an inhaler. He took two puffs.

        Sorry, needed my puffer. But, anyway, goooo Zangoose! He pulled a Pokall from his bag of items, and hurled into the air. Out popped a white and red Zangoose. It purred.

        Oh, you want a fight?! George asked, jumping up and down. Gooo!

        Georges Torchic popped out.

        No, George, its inexperienced. That Zangoose looks well leveled. Ill handle it! George said, throwing out a Pokall. A Poochyena appeared. It growled.

        You have a Poochyena?!?!?! Zara and George asked in unison.

        I caught it a couple of weeks ago. Ive been training it secretly in the woods, Kylarexplained.

        Well, come on! Imation ordered. Im not getting any younger!

        I didnt think you were. Poochyena, take down attack!

        Zangoose, use fury cutter!

        Poochyena knocked Zangoose down before it could raise a paw. Poochyena was really quick.

        Fury Cutter! Imation hollered.

        Zangoose got up quickly and scratched Poochyena.

        Shake it off Poochyena, and use Quick Attack! Kylarexclaimed. Poochyena moved with agility until it hit the Zangoose.

        Fury Cutter, again!

        Dude, the attack is getting old, Kylarsaid.

        Hmmp, thats what you think., Imation giggled. You jut dont know that as fury cutter keeps using Fury Cutter, the attack becomes stronger and stronger.

        Zangoose scratched Poochyena again. Poochyena flinched.

        Use Bite! Kylarcommanded. Poochyena ran up to Zangoose to bite, but Zangoose scratched it, and Poochyena struggled to stand up.

        HA! Imation cackled loudly.

        Ugh, Poochyena, you can do it, just believe in yourself! Use, Quick Attack! Kylarsaid in a caring voice.

        Quick Attack isnt nearly strong enough, Zara whispered to George.
        I know.

        Poochyena raced toward Zangoose. Zangoose held out his paw.

        Now, Poochyena, use Bite to bite Zangooses paw!

        Poochyena opened its intimidating mouth and bit Zangooses hand. Zangoose waved its hand wildly in the air, along with Poochyena.

        Use growl! Kylarsaid.

        Poochyena made an unbearable noise, while still attached to Zangooses hand. Zangoose made a face.

        Now, Take Down!

        Poochyena let go, and while in midair, flung itself into Zangoose, fainting it.

        Ugh! Imation yelled.

        Ha! Great job Poochyena! Kylarsaid happily. He gave the tired Poochyena a hug.

        Imation ran up to his Zangoose. Zangy, are you Okay? Zangoose was confused and slashed Imation. Imation had a fit and fell in a pond.

        Nows our chance! Zara announced, and returned her Mudkip. The boys agreed and starting to run away from the trees, quickly, and they ditched him. But not for long...

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          Wow...lots of ditching in this fic. I must say that I am enjoying it! I can't wait to learn more about the characters! Keep developing them! Good work so far!
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            LOL, Thank you. The next chapter should be up no later than next Thursday.

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              cHAPTER 4: tHE cENTER
              After being attacked by Imation de LaxMark, the group found themselves in Odale Town. They looked around the quaint little town and smiled.

              Feels like home back in Littleroot, Kykarsaid, analyzing the little homes and marts.

              Im pooped, and theres a Pokon center over there, George said, pointing to a tall building with a giant Pokall on the top. The building was blue, with clear, automatic doors.

              Lets go, Zara said.

              They walked into the glass doors, and looked around curiously. There was a computer, a glass table, and the front desk, where the group saw a lady with red hair and a white uniform. It had a red + on the front of her apron.

              This place is neat! George exclaimed. Look, over there is a food place! George ran to order some food. Meanwhile, Kylarnoticed a poster posted on the wall nest to a window.

              Zara, check this out, He said, gesturing her to come toward him.


              Look at this poster. Its about the Hoenn League.

              Zara read. All Pokon trainers, get ready! The best battles of your life await you. Must have eight badges to enter.

              Cool, huh? Kylarasked.

              Yes! I cannot wait to enter.

              Well, right now, we have to get our Pokon medical help, Kylarreminded.

              They walked up to the front desk.

              Hi, Im Nurse Joy. How may I help you? Nurse Joy said cheerfully.

              Hi, Im Zara.

              Im Kylar pleased to meet you.


              George came to the desk with a hot dog in hand. He took a big bite. Then he saw Nurse Joy. Wow! He said, his mouth full of hot dog. He was amazed by her beauty. She looked at him strangely. Are woo a angel? Pieces of food fell from his mouth, onto the counter.

              George! Kylarcried. Go sit, now, and Ill give her your Pokon!

              Fone wit be! George yelled as he handed over his Pokall.

              Excuse my friend, he is special, Zara explained.

              So, would you please heal our Pokon? Kylarasked.


              George pouted as he sat on the comfy chair at the glass table. After the Pokalls were dropped off, Zara and Kylarsat down next to George.

              Come on, George, lets go to the arcade, Kylarsaid.

              Only if you pay, George muttered.


              Yay! George exclaimed.

              Im going to get something to eat, Zara told them.

              Zara went to the food court. She saw Kantonese food, Johtonian food, and Hoenarian food. She got Pizza.

              Pepperoni please! Zara reminded the chef.

              Okay, okay, he said, and then started talking trash in a foreign language.

              Rude guy... she said to aloud.

              She leaned back against the counter. She looked around. The main door opened. She saw a familiar silhouette. Then she saw the person clearly, Janet!

              Never mind, she told the chef, and ran to the arcade.

              Thats not fair, I want a re-match! George yelled at Kylar

              Guys! Zara panted. I saw...Janet!

              Janet?! The boys yelled.

              We have to go, and we cannot let her see us! Zara said.

              I have a plan! George said. They huddled together and George whispered instructions.

              The broke and the three of them went into the restroom. A few seconds they walked out. Zara, was dressed as a man. She was wearing a fake goatee, mustache, and a hat with dred locks.

              She also had on a trench coat with a pair of black sunglasses. George had on a pair of fake glasses with a big nose attached. On his head was a brown berret. Kylarwas wearing black goth clothes and had used green InstaDye on his hair, then spiked it.

              Ready? Zara asked.

              Ready, they replied.

              They marched sneakily down the corridor to the front desk like they were in the military.

              There she is, Mon, Zara said with a Jamaican accent. Janet was sitting at the glass table, reading the Pokon Enquirer.

              Zara, George, and Kylarmarched to the front desk.

              Nurse Joy, ello Mon, Zara said. Are our Pokon ready to go now?

              Who are you? Joy asked.

              Janet stood up and walked toward the desk.

              Look Joy, we dont have time to play games! George shouted, banging his fists on the counter.

              Excuse me! Joy yelled. Then a lady with a blue outfit ran from the second floor and pointed at Zara, George, and Kylar

              Freeze! The officer commanded. Kylarglared at George. As they turned around Janet got a peek at them. Zaras fake facial hair was peeling.

              Zara? Janet asked. She walked up to Zara and pulled off her mustache and glasses. Zara gasped.

              Excuse me, child, you betta not mess wit me, Mon, Zara said, backing into the counter.

              I said freeze! said the officer.

              No need Jenny, I know these kids, Joy said.

              Me too, Janet added.

              The three turned to face Joy.

              Im so sorry, Joy, we were in a rush, Kylartried to explain.

              Mhmm.... Joy answered, wanting more.

              Well, um, we apologize, and we thank you for your help... George tried, also.

              Zara picked up the three Pokalls, and they ran out.

              Youre lucky I have to get my Pokon from Nurse Joy. Janet shook her head and said as the group exited.They ditched Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, and Janet. But not for long...

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                Your Fanfic is like way better then mines, Nicky! I love the Ditching part! Ditch Me!
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                  LOL, Dizzy. I wouldn't ditch you!! Thanks for the compliment, but you should believe in yourself, because if you think your's is bad, then it'll turn out bad.

                  -words ~o~ wisdom

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                  I know I am late doing this, but fan-fic of the week time!

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                  Nice story Nick!

                  And yes Shadow, very late...
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                    cHAPTER 5: tO pETALBURG cITY wE gO!

                    It was six thirty at night. The sun was setting. It had been a long day. So much ditching, so little time. The group had started a campfire and were lying in their sleeping bags.

                    I cant believe we made it to Odale Town this quickly, George said.

                    With all the running we did, Im surprised were not in Petalburg already, Kylarreplied.

                    I guess youre right, George said, yawning. Then everything went black. Then a blaze of light appeared to reveal Georges Torchic, which was bigger than the average Torchic.

                    Use Ember! George commanded.

                    Torchic yawned and fell asleep.

                    Huh?! George said, confused.

                    Torchic, could you please use your Ember attack to re-light our fire? Zara asked nicely.

                    Torchic turned toward the fire wood and shot out flames. AND THEN THERE WAS LIGHT.

                    George looked confused, as usual. How did you get it to do that?

                    I simply asked it to light our fire, I didnt force it.

                    Thank you Torchic, George said, Zara giving him an approving look.

                    Im tired, goodnight, Kylarsaid falling asleep. George rolled his eyes and blew out to fire.

                    When George woke up the next morning, Zara was preparing breakfast. Kylarwas jogging along with his Poochyena. George yawned. Six thirty is still to early, George thought.

                    He walked up to Zara, stretching his legs.

                    Good morning, Zara said cheerfully.

                    Hey, what are you cooking? George asked.

                    Bacon, Eggs, and Sausage.

                    YUM! George reached for his Pokall, and released Torchic. Are you hungry?

                    Torchic! Torchic replied.

                    George and Torchic sat down right next to the fire where the food was cooking. George started to drool.

                    George! You have to train Torchic young to eat Pokon food, and the Pokon food dish is over there, next to our sleeping bags, Zara stated.

                    Whatever, George whined, and walked his Torchic to the Pokon bowl dish, where Zaras Mudkip was chowing down.

                    Kylarhad finished running and went to sit down on a stump next to the fire. Poochyena was panting, and getting dog breath all over the food.

                    Kylar Please move your pooch somewhere that I am not cooking, Zara said like a mother.

                    Okay, okay. Kylartold Poochyena to go to the Pokon food dish. Poochyenas ears twitched. Then it started growling.

                    Kylar I think youre dog is psycho, George said, staring at the dog.

                    Then out of the bushes jumped a wild...Taillow! It was chubby and angry looking.

                    AH! Kylarsaid.

                    Those things are very territorial and are fast fliers, Zara commented. You better watch out.

                    I can handle that overgrown Tweety Bird Plushie! George cried. Torchic, do you want to battle?


                    Torchic, use Ember!

                    Torchic released orange flames that hit the Taillow. Taillow fell over like a fat baby.

                    AHAHAHAHA! George cried laughing.

                    The Taillow got back up and charged at Torchic. Torchic went flying in the air. George stopped laughing and tried to stand where he thought Torchic was going to fall. Torchic spread its wings and parachuted to the ground.

                    Youre not laughing now, are you? Zara said. Its called karma.

                    George rolled his eyes. Torchic, use peck attack!

                    Torchic charged at the wild Taillow, knocking it over again. Taillow got up and huffed. Then it started hitting Torchic with its wings.

                    What attack can I use...? George asked himself. Torchic, go crazy on the bird!

                    Torchic looked confused. George made a crazy face at Torchic. Torchic understood and, again, charged at Taillow. It pecked Taillow sharply, and kicked it. Taillow flew up in the air. While it was in the air, Torchic released blue flames in the air, and it looked as if Zara was cooking chicken for breakfast. Speaking of Zara, she was watching the battle so intently, she forgot to watch the food cook. She smelt something and shrieked.

                    Oh my gosh! Zara exclaimed. My meal! Mudkip, I need you!
                    Mudkip ran to Zara. Could you use water gun to cool down the food?

                    Mudkip sprayed the food lightly and un-lit the fire. Zara turned back around to finish watching the battle. Whatd I miss? Zara asked.

                    You missed Torchic go psycho, and George capture Taillow, Kylarreplied.

                    Aww, poo, Zara complained.

                    After everybody ate breakfast, they set out for Petalburg City.

                    It smells so nice, Zara said, sniffing flowers.

                    Yeah, Kylarsaid.

                    I must be sick, I dont smell anything, George said dully. And my feet hurt.


                    Ahh! George screamed, jumping into Zaras arms. She dropped him.

                    Its Imation! Zara exclaimed, pointing at th body lying on the ground in front of them.

                    Imation de LexMark stood up, his dummy in hand.

                    Greetings children, I am the great Imation de LexMark, here to torture you some more, Imation said. His dummy nodded.

                    Eww, whats up with that doll? Zara asked.

                    Its a ventriloquist dummy, not a doll, Imation corrected. Imation started talking through his teeth. Hi, Im buddy, Imations ventriloquist dummy.

                    No, silly, thats you talking! George said, laughing. You thought you could fool us. George fell down laughing.

                    George, its not that funny, Kylarsaid, staring at George strangely.

                    Ugh, Im insulted, Buddy said.

                    Me, too, Imation said.

                    Imation, were not in the mood! Zara cried.

                    George, after he got serious, sent out his Torchic and Taillow.

                    Torchic use Flamethrower! George ordered.

                    Torchic threw...flames at Imation. He got burned and fell down. Buddys head fell off and rolled into a bush.

                    Taillow, headbutt! George commanded.

                    Taillow charged at Imation, knocking him somewhere in the free world.

                    Great job, George said, hugging his Pokon. Then he returned them.

                    Were here! Kylarexclaimed, pointing into the horizon.

                    Wow, look at the buildings and stuff, George said.

                    Look at the lake, Zara said, gazing at the blue water.

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                      cHAPTER 6: tHE mYSTICAL lAKE OF pETALBURG cITY

                      Zara stared at the lake as she entered Petalburg City. She dropped her bags and ran as fast as she could to the blue water. Kylarpicked up her stuff, as he and George followed her. A flash of light appeared revealing Mudkip. Mudkip jumped in the water and splashed around, followed by Zara.

                      She could have waited for us, George complained.

                      Thats the way girls are.

                      Kylarand George put down their things, and hopped in the water, with their clothes on.

                      What took you so long? Zara asked.

                      We saw Janet! George joked. Zara gasped and jumped into Georges arms, nearly drowning him. He was so skinny he couldnt hold her up.

                      Hes just playing, Kylarsaid, taking Zara from George and dropping her the water.

                      George, you need to grow up! I couldve passed out and drowned in the water, Zara yelled angrily.

                      You could never drown in this lake, a mysterious voice said. Zara and the others turned and saw the person. It was a small, gray old man. He looked Asian and had an annoying voice,

                      Who are you? Zara asked.

                      I am Chai, and I assume you are tourists from Johto, Chai replied.

                      Uh, no, were from Littleroot Town, George corrected. We just started our Pokon journey yesterday.

                      Oh, and you havent heard the tale of The Lake of Petalburg? Chai asked in shock.

                      The three shrugged curiosly.

                      Let me tell you, Chai started. It all started years ago, in this very town.

                      Duh, George said sarcastically.

                      Let me continue please, Chai said. There was a funeral about to take place, down the street. It was a very honorable minister, who everybody liked and admired. So, as the were carrying his body to the grave, one person dropped the minister into the water.

                      Uh huh, continue, they said.

                      Some people say they saw a blue flash of light, or an aura of some sort. But it disappeared quickly. Then, out of the depths of hades, the minister stood up, coughing.

                      George screamed in horror.

                      What? Kylarasked, embarrassed.

                      I just realized there was a dead person in here, George said, getting out of the water.

                      Well, he must not have been dead if he got out of the water, Kylarsaid, trying to be logical.

                      No, he had been pronounced dead a week before the burial. No heartbeat. No pulse. Chai added. Some people say it was the magic Pokon Water Guardian who brought the minister back to life. Ever since then, everyone who has been in this lake has lived long healthy lives.

                      Oh, so you must have an emergency supply of this water in your pantry! George said, laughing at his own stupid joke.

                      Chai rolled his old eyes.

                      Is that story true? Zara asked, getting out of the pool, and recalling Mudkip.

                      Of course, but still people wonder how the minister returned to life.

                      Cool story, Kylarsaid.

                      Lets look for the Water Pokon Guardian! George cried.

                      No, George, we have to go to the Petalburg gym! We have a tight schedule, Zara reminded George.

                      Fine, George said sadly.

                      About time we get going, Kylarsaid, looking at his waterproof watch.

                      Goodbye children, Chai said waving as the group headed for the gym.

                      As they approached the gym, they stopped abruptly. A sharp arrow had jetted right in front of their noses. George passed out.

                      What was that? Zara asked, trying to pull George to his feet.

                      An arrow. It came from that direction, Kylarsaid, pointing to the right. There stood none other than, Imation de Lexmark, equipped with his dummy.

                      Greetings children, Imation said.

                      Yeah, hey, Buddy, the dummy, said.

                      Ugh, howd you get here, again? Zara asked.

                      Lets skip the chit-chat. Youve hurt me. You will pay! Imation said, throwing a Pokall.

                      Zangoose appeared. Zangoose, bite that girl! Zangoose slithered up to Zara, and bit her leg.

                      Zara! George screamed in horror.

                      Oh no you dont, Kylarsaid, throwing a Pokall. Poochyena appeared. Bite that Zangoose.

                      Uh.. George didnt know what to do.

                      George, take Zara somewhere, get her help! Kylarordered. Zara was lying on the ground in pain. A tear rolled down her face.

                      George leaned in and lifted her. Dont worry, Zara. Its gonna be alright. George ran to the center of town. Where to go? He thought. Then he remembered the lake. He ran towards the lake. Zaras blood trickled down her leg. She stopped making noises.

                      Finally he arrived at the pool. He slowly and carefully got into the water, the nice, clear, blue water. Zaras head hung back, her mouth open. George closed it, took a breath, and went under. George looked around, as the red water surrounded him. He let go of Zara, trusting the old mans story. Then something happened. Something weird. It seemed as if everything bad that had happened had went away, as if his soul was being taken away, and cleansed. Then the feeling went away. He stood up quickly, taking a breath. He felt Zara slap him on the back. ZARA! She had regained her health.

                      Your leg, its not bleeding! George screamed in amazement.

                      What? I thought we had gotten out of the pool, Zara said confused.

                      You dont...remember... George said.

                      Youre right, would you mind explaining? Zara asked. George looked into the blue water. George, are you okay?

                      Uh, yeah, sorry.

                      As George and Zara approached the gym they saw Kylar

                      Youre okay? He asked.

                      I guess, I dont really remember what George said happened. Zara said.

                      Youre wet...dont tell me... Kylarsaid as if he was about to freak out.

                      Yes, George replied.

                      I told you, Chai said, coming out of the bushes behind them.

                      Dude, are you a stalker? George asked, freaked out.

                      The lake healed your friend. The story is true! Chai cried. Ive got to tell my daughters! Chai ran off.

                      Hey, what happened to Imation, George asked.

                      I took care of him...

                      Oh, well, guys, Im tired and I saw a motel down the street, Zara said.

                      Lets go! George said, and ran off into the horizon.

                      Get me down, Imation whispered. He was sitting in a tree full of wild Beedrill. Help!

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                        Well, there only seem to be minor spelling and grammatical mistakes stopping this fic from being perfect. Since it's a trainer fic, description sn't really expected to be great, so you're let off the hook in that sense. The parts I liked most were the similes you invented to convey certain feelings. My favourite was:

                        Originally Posted by ^^NICK^^ v.2.0
                        It bounced like a fat baby
                        That made me laugh out loud... Anyways. I do have a question, this might me just be not reading it properly (I tend to speed read), but there doesn't seem to be a reason for why the trio are ditching Janet. I would have thought it would have been explained by Chapter 6, but obviously I'm wrong. I hope to find out shortly though. Anyways, the characters are staying in character... yadda yadda yadda :D

                        ~ MCD
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                          Thanks MCD. I thought chapter 2 explained why they were ditching Janet. Wll, if you didn't know, it's because Janet is annoying, and nobody likes her. Plus, she is now out to get Zara, George and Kylare because of them ruining her picnic.

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                            lol, I like your descriptions... very colorful... XD

                            I also like your characters. They stand a lot in the story... ^-^

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                              Thank you OF. One day I will stop being lazy and read your fic. 0 Maybe I'll do it now.

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                                cHAPTER 7: wALLESKA tHE pEST

                                After resting and relaxing, Zara, George, and Kylarheaded back out, on their way to the Petalburg gym. Zara and George were arguing.

                                George, Im battling the gym leader first! Zara announced.

                                No, I am, you ham! George yelled back at her. Zara gasped at his remark, and started running towards the gym. Oh no you dont! George sped up, and Kylartrudged slowly, shaking his head in grief.

                                Zara reached the gym first, beating George by a few seconds. She knocked on the big glass door. She peered inside, but she couldnt see anything, because the glass was so thick. Then the door opened, and Zara, leaning on it, fell inside, screaming. George starting laughing like a hyena.

                                Not funny! Zara cried, standing up. Facing her was a short, chubby guy. Hello.

                                Hey championa, whats happening? The small man asked. Im Chet.

                                Hi...Chet, I-

                                We, George corrected.

                                We, are here to challenge the gym leader of this lovely gym, Zara said, trying to be nice.

                                Chet laughed, and motioned for all three of them to come in. Chet giggled again, And youre beginning trainers, right?

                                Yeah, and... George replied.

                                Norman, the gym leader, is what you might say, more advanced of a gym leader, Cher answered. He led the group to a room that looked like a fitness gym. In the room, was a guy with Purple hair. He was lifting weights, with a white Pokon by his side.

                                Zara looked uneasy. I see what Chet was talking about, Zara said to George. That Pokon looks rough.

                                George pulled out his Pokex. VIGOROTH: Vigoroth is always itching and agitated to go on a wild rampage. It simply can't tolerate sitting still for even a minute. This POKEMON's stress level rises if it can't be moving constantly, The Pokex said.

                                Cool, Kylarsaid in awe.

                                Norman stopped lifting and looked at his guests.

                                Hello, can I help? Norman asked nicely.

                                Hi, Im Zara, Zara said nervously.

                                Norman stood up from his bench, and reached out to shake their hands. George stepped in front of Zara, and held out his hand. How do you do? George asked, rather professionally.

                                Norman shook Georges hand. Im well, and you?

                                Great. So, are you accepting challenges for gym battles on this lovely day? George asked.

                                Yes, Norman said, but I only battle trainers who have obtained four badges. My Pokon tend to be too strong for the beginning Pokon Trainer.

                                Than a frail little girl walked in the room. Uncle Norman!

                                Walleska, I totally forgot about the Pokon thing, sorry, Norman said to the toothpick shaped girl.

                                Aww... Walleska whined. Her eyes filled with tears.

                                Norman turned to George, Zara, and Kylar I have a favor to ask of you before you set off on your journey.

                                Sure, name it, Kylarsaid, trying to sound dependable.

                                Could you take my niece into the tall grass and help her catch a Pokon? Norman asked.

                                Sure! George and Kylarsaid, as if they were replying to a boot camp instructor. Zara was still freaked out by Normans Vigoroth, that was staring at her.

                                George, Zara, and Kylarwalked the minuscule Walleska into the tall grass.

                                Atchoo! Walleska shouted, as they pollen irritated her allergies. Then she fell.

                                Wheres Walleska? Zara asked.

                                I tripped! Walleska wailed from the ground. She stood up with a Ralts in her arms. I tripped over this.

                                Its a Ralts! George commented.

                                I caught a Ralts! Walleska cried happily.

                                Zara sighed. Sweety, thats not exactly how you catch a Pokon...

                                Its mine! Walleska screamed at Zara. She marched back to the gym. They followed.

                                Norman beamed as they walked through the doors. Chet was sleep standing up.

                                You guys are wonderful! Norman said happily.

                                Thanks, but-

                                No, buts! Well, how about this. When you come back here next time, I will have a special gift for you, for helping my niece.

                                Zara started to say something, but George covered her mouth. Thanks, were looking forward to then!

                                The group waved as they headed off to continue there journey. They were ditching that brat Walleska, but not for long...

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                                  cHAPTER 8: tHE gREAT wOODS

                                  As the group approached route 105, they were pretty tired. Zara was limping, George was groaning, and Kylarwas sweating. George spotted something in the distance.

                                  Look guys, a cabin, I think! George exclaimed, pointing at a small, log shack.

                                  George started running toward the cabin, still limping. Zara and Kylarexchanged exhausted looks. By the time they had caught up with George, he was already knocking on the door.

                                  Theyre not answering, George said, like nobody had noticed that.

                                  Obviously, Zara said sarcastically. Lets go sit down by the water.

                                  They walked down to the dock, and sat down. The moonlight was reflected off of the water onto Zaras face. George gazed at her.

                                  What? Zara asked, confused.

                                  Huh, oh nothing! George replied, embarrassed.

                                  Next thing George knew, Zara was leaning on his shoulder, sleep. Kylargiggled softly and George smiled.

                                  In the morning Zara was woke first. She woke George and Kylarand they started for the Petalburg Woods. As they stepped into the forest, Kykarfroze.

                                  Whats wrong? Zara asked.

                                  ...bugs... Kylarreplied, scared to move.

                                  Oh, yeah, you have that phobia! George snickered.

                                  Thats a serious medical condition, so shut up! Kylarshouted, lookign around to make sure no bugs wear near him.

                                  You shut up you over-grown rabid Hoenn Idol wannabe! George yelled. Oh my gosh Ky, look! Its a Wurmple!

                                  Kylarflinched, and turned blue. Ugh, George! Stop!

                                  After Kylarmanaged to overcome his fear of insects, the group wandered around in the maze like forest. Then, out of a bush came a trainer.

                                  Ahh! Kylarscreamed like a girl. I mean, nice to meet you...?

                                  Uh, sorry to frighten you, The trainer said. My name is Dane, and I was waiting for a trainer or two to come by and battle me.

                                  I want to battle you! George announced.

                                  No, George, you always battle. My turn! Zara cried. Hi, Im Zara, and I challenge you to a battle!

                                  No fair... George whined.

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                                    cHAPTER 9: zARA'S bATTLE

                                    Hows one Pokon each sound? Zara asked Dane, the bug Pokon trainer.

                                    Fine with me, Dane replied. Nincada, go!

                                    The bug Pokon, Nincada, appeared in a blaze of white light. Its pale green wings shimmered in the sunlight.

                                    Come on out Mudkip! Zara threw her Pokall. Mudkip appeared with a smile, like it was sedated.

                                    Nincada, use your fury swipes attack! Dane ordered.

                                    Nincada lifted in brown claws, as it pounced at Mudkip.

                                    Mudkip, tackle, now! Zara commanded, but before she could finish talking, Nincada was already swiping Mudkip.

                                    Muuud! Mudkip shrieked as it was scratched.

                                    Mudkip, tackle attack!

                                    Mudkip stopped crying and lunged at Nincada. Nincada tried to evade the attack, but wasnt quick enough. It fell to the ground.

                                    Use your scratch attack! Dane cried. Nincada got up, and slashed Mudkip again. Now use Fury Swipes!

                                    Nincada started scratching Mudkip rapidly, and Mudkip face turned red. Mudkip growled really loudly. Nincada got really dizzy.

                                    Mudkip, mud shot attack! Zara shouted.

                                    Mudkip growled and shot barrages of mud balls at Nincada. Nincada got up and started to slash Mudkip got ready to tackle. They both collided, and fell out.

                                    Get up! Both trainers commanded.

                                    Their Pokon tried to stnad up, though they were quivering. Their bodies both started to glow. The trainers stared in awe, as their Pokon evolved.

                                    Marshtomp! Zaras new Marshtomp said. It clapped its big flippers.

                                    Dane was looking at his Pokon funny. I thought Nincada was supposed to evolve into Ninjask. Whats this?

                                    The newly evolved Pokon was sad looking. George took out his Pokex.

                                    It says Nincada can evolve into either a Ninjask, or a Shedinja, depending on how many Pokon you are carrying, George informed. Its a Bug and Ghost type.

                                    Cool! Its way better than any Ninjask, its a ghost! Im going to use it to scare my sister! Dane said happily. He picked up Shedinja and hugged it.

                                    Can we get back to the battle? Zara asked impatiently.

                                    Why not, Shedinja, use leech life! Shedinjas white halo glowed a neon blue color. Marshtomps orange stomach glowed as blue energy flowed from it, and into Shedinja. Marshtomp made a face as if it ate a sour pickle.

                                    Oh no you dont, Marshtomp, use mud shot, now! Marshtomp opened its mouth a formed a big mud blob. It shot it at Shedinja. Shedinja got hit, but it didnt flinch. Hey, no fair!

                                    The Pokex says on super effective attacks can effect Shedinja! George told Zara.

                                    Great, what other attacks can I use? Zara thought hard. Marshtomp, try to find a way to squash that dead bug!

                                    Marshtomp nodded and charged at Shedinja. Marshtomp leaped in the air, and hopped on Shedinjas back. It started slapping it hard, and stomping on its wings. Marshtomp bit Shedinjas halo, and Shedinjas eyes got big. It started to flinch. Marshtomp hopped down. It started running, and soon it was in the air again ramming Shedinja.

                                    Looks like Marshtomp just learned take down, Kylarsaid.

                                    Cool, Marshtomp, Take Down attack! Marshtomp used take down again, and Shedinja fell. Marshtomp started stomping and slapping Shedinja.

                                    No! Shedinja, dont let those cheap shots mess you up! Shedinja tried to get up, but it had no energy. It fell and its eyes closed.

                                    I won! Zara cheered. She ran to Marshtomp and gave it a big hug. You were so good, Marshtomp!

                                    Yeah, you rocked, Dane complimented.

                                    Your Shedinja was no joke, either! Zara said nicely.

                                    Zara and Dane shook hands.

                                    I guess Ill be going now, I need to take Shedinja to the Center, Dane said to Zara.
                                    We should go to, Zara said, returning Marshtomp.

                                    Why dont we go together? Dane asked. I could use the company.

                                    Sure! The three said.

                                    George yawned as they exited the Petalburg Forest.

                                    Route 104, it says here, Kylarsaid, reading the guide book. Its only another mile to Rustboro.

                                    Something smells really good, like flowers... Zara said, sniffing.

                                    Yeah, its the Pretty Petal Flower Shop, Dane stated. A group of sisters own it.

                                    It would nice if someone got me flowers... Zara said, glancing at George. George looked disgusted.

                                    Zara, we do not have time to stop and smell the roses, we have to go to Rustboro!!! George yelled, and started stomping away. He stood in front of the bridge to see if anybody was following him. Nobody was, so he continued stomping onto the bridge. The only problem was, it was sturdy, and the rope split. AHH! George said as he fell into the water.

                                    George! Kylarand Zara screamed in fright.

                                    Im gonna drown! George screamed on the way down. He held his hand up as he went under. His hand stayed there. Then he rose. Its shallow.

                                    Zara and George shared a look, then bust out laughing. Oh my gosh, I thought you were going to drown! Zara said, in between giggles.

                                    Not funny, I couldve swallowed a Magikarp or something! George yelled. Now my clothes are wet and muddy!

                                    George tried to climb out, but he slid back down, slowly, getting mud in his fingernails. George groaned, and splashed the water hard in anger.

                                    Eventually George managed to climb out using Danes bug net...Zara and Dane decided to race to Rustboro, and the others followed. Dane beat Zara, and waited for her at the threshold of the city.

                                    Welcome to my hometown, Rustboro! Dane said, pointing into the vast city.
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                                      cHAPTER 10: rUNNING

                                      "I didnt know you were from Rustboro," Zara commented. "How do you like it?"

                                      "Its cool, but there are hardly any bugs," Dane replied. Dane and Zara walked shoulder to shoulder exchanging stories.

                                      George looked repulsed. "Eww, why is he walking with her?"

                                      "George, how many times must I explain to you that cooties are fictional?" Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] asked in a joking way. George laughed sarcastically and rolled his eyes.

                                      "Look guys, theres a park!" Zara exclaimed. She and Dane tried to outrun each other to get their seat on the bench. This time Zara beat him, but Dane sat on her lap. George turned beet red, and a bit of steam rose from his head.

                                      "Calm down, George, its not like youre jealous or anything, right?" Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] asked. George shook his head, and put on a robotic smile.

                                      "Everythings fine," George said through his teeth.

                                      The bench Dane and Zara were in was two sided, so George and Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] sat on the opposite facing side. They sat on both sides of a women who was in the middle, reading the Pok[font=Times New Roman]/font]mon Times. George reached down and tied his shoe.

                                      "Hello," Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] kindly said to the women. She put down her newspaper and started to greet Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font].

                                      "Janet?!" Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] said nervously. He voice trembled, as his jaw dropped. He was still, as she glared at him with her dark, unforgiving eyes.

                                      "RUN!" George screamed. He stood up, grabbed Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] by his necklace, and ran. Zara saw what was happening, and started to run. Dane, confused, started running. What George didnt know was that he had accidentally tied his shoe laces together with Janets. He was dragging her along in the grass.

                                      "George!" Zara tried to call him, but he was running far ahead, way farther than Dane or Zara could. He went up the slide, and stood, trying to see if Janet was anywhere to be found. The he felt something tug on his shoes, and he fell backwards down the slide.

                                      "AHH!" Zara shrieked as Janet knocked George off the bottom of the slide, onto the dirt, like one of the spheres from Newtons Cradle.

                                      Zara, Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font], and Dane rushed to the slide, and knelt down to see if they were okay.

                                      Georges eyes were Xs, and Janet was nearly unconscious.

                                      "Oh goodness," Zara said. "Their laces are tied together."

                                      "Ill untie them," Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] said.

                                      "I got it," Dane said and got busy untying. Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] huffed, and knelt next to his brother. He pulled out a water bottle and sprinkled a bit of water onto George, then Janet.

                                      After Dane finished with the shoe laces, Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] lifted George to his feet. Zara lifted Janet onto the slide and slapped her, trying to get her to wake up. Janet sneezed on Zara. "Eww," Zara said. "Shes woke, lets go."

                                      "This is confusing, and happening way too fast," Dane said, confused.

                                      "Ill explain it later," Zara told him, and they started to run away.

                                      "Hey guys," Dane said as they entered the heart of the city. "I have a place we can go to rest."

                                      Dane got in front and led them to a big building at the edge of the town. It had a view of a lake, and a beautiful garden.

                                      "Where are we?" Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] asked, trying to look it up in his guide book.

                                      "This is my house," Dane said with a smug smile.

                                      All their jaws dropped as they stared at his mansion.

                                      "Wow, your house is really...big," Zara stated.

                                      "Come on in, I need to chill for a sec," Dane said, and motion for them to follow him in the house.

                                      As they walked in, a Butterfree flew into Danes arms. "Hey Butterfree!" Butterfree cooed.

                                      "Aww!" Zara said, gushing with love.

                                      "Oh, geez..." George said.

                                      After they rested, they headed out to the lake. It was chilly out.

                                      "Well, I guess its time for us to part," Dane said, with his Butterfree perched on his shoulder.

                                      "Yeah..." Zara said, looking into the water.

                                      "Well, actually I just made a decision..."


                                      "I decided to travel all across the world, just like you guys," Dane said, looking off into space. "Maybe well see each other along the way."

                                      "Yeah, thatd be cool."

                                      "Says who?" George whispered.

                                      Dane stood up. "I will be the greatest bug Pok[font=Times New Roman]/font]mon master!" Dane took out his Pok[font=Times New Roman]/font]ball, and released Shedinja. "With my Shedinja, and Butterfree, I will capture all of these Pok[font=Times New Roman]/font]mon!"

                                      Zara smiled.

                                      "Im going to get my starter tomorrow," Dane announced.

                                      "We can come with you!" Zara said happily.

                                      "We can?" George said, and Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] elbowed him in the stomach.

                                      "Well, why dont you all stay the night, we have guest rooms!" Dane ran up to his house, followed by Zara, George, and Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font].

                                      George tripped over a rock on the way there. "Ouch!"
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                                        Looks nice! Keep up the good work! (though I have to highlight the thing since I like the Ledian layout best... XD)

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                                          LMAO, thanks Oni! I know, the colors are harsh, but it makes the story liven up. I will post the next chapter Thursday/ Friday as usual.
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                                            cHAPTER 11; dON'T gO

                                            Dane woke up, like an alarm went off in his head. In less than a minute he was fully dressed. He went in the guest rooms and woke Zara, George, and Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font].
                                            "Six thirty A.M. is too early to wake," George complained, as usual.

                                            Dane went in his bathroom and started to brush is teeth.

                                            "I wonder if hell try to follow us," Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] said with a an angry face.

                                            Zara elbowed him in the stomach. "Thats rude, and he was nice enough to let us sleep here."

                                            George mimicked what she said silently.

                                            "I saw that."

                                            Dane walked out of his bathroom. "Lets get going."

                                            As they walked out of his mansion, Dane took one final look at it. He sighed and kept walking. They headed into town and saw a big blue building, with a red and silver Pok[font=Times New Roman]/font]Ball at the top. The Pok[font=Times New Roman]/font]mon Center.

                                            As they approached the center, Zara looked at Dane. "Are you ready?"

                                            "You bet!"

                                            They walked in, and gazed around. George pointed to Nurse Joy and they went to talk to her.

                                            "Excuse me, Nurse, I am here to get my starter Pok[font=Times New Roman]/font]mon," Dane said, smiling brightly.

                                            "Okay, come back here with me," Nurse Joy said. They all followed. They walked into what looked like a storage room with a lot of Pok[font=Times New Roman]/font]Balls on shelves. Joy went to a shelve labeled "Starters". "Do you know which Pok[font=Times New Roman]/font]mon you are going to pick?"

                                            "Yes, I do," Dane said, pointing. "That one!"

                                            "A Torchic?" Nurse Joy asked.

                                            "A Torchic?" Zara, George, and Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] asked.

                                            "Yes," Dane said, ready to explain. "I figure if Im going to be catching bug, I need a fire Pok[font=Times New Roman]/font]mon to assist me."

                                            George smiled. "Torchic is the best, hands down!" Zara glared at him.

                                            "Well, here you are, you Torchic." Nurse Joy handed Dane his ball.

                                            Dane smiled happily. George smiled with him. Zara smiled looking at George smile. Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] was playing with his rubber band. It flew out of his hand and it the Pok[font=Times New Roman]/font]Balls. A couple when from the shelf. "Sorry," he said.

                                            "Ky, thats something George would do!" Zara exclaimed.

                                            "Um, I think well go now, thanks!" George said to Nurse Joy. She bent down and started picking up the balls as they left.

                                            When they got outside, Dane released his new Pok[font=Times New Roman]/font]mon.

                                            "Torchic!" Torchic said, looking around.

                                            "Aww!" Dane said, picking it up. "Its the best! Look, it has pink feathers instead of light orange!"

                                            Zara touched Torchics feathers. "They feel beautiful, you are really lucky."


                                            "Well, I guess this is it, goodbye," Zara said, looking at the ground.

                                            "Well miss you," George said, holding out his hand. Dane shook it.

                                            "Well see you soon, Dane," Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] said.

                                            Dane looked at them all, "I cannot wait to meet up with you all-"

                                            Before Dane could finish, his Torchic got snatched by something that was moving really quickly.

                                            "Torchic!" Dane yelled. He started to run after Torchic and its napper, but he was stopped by someones hand.

                                            "Where are you going, young man?" Imation asked.

                                            "Who are you?!" Dane asked, frightened.

                                            "Thats Imation, hes our stalker," George replied.

                                            Imation growled. George grimaced.

                                            "Let go of him!" Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] commanded, pushing Imation. Imation shook his head. He let go of Dane and started to strangle Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font]. Dane, George, and Zara started attacking Imation. Dane kicked, George punched, and Zara slapped Imations back.

                                            "AH!" Imation screamed in a high pitched voice. He let go of Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] and fell to the ground. Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] got up, and sent out his Poochyena.

                                            "Poochyena, go find a Torchic that belongs to Dane!"

                                            George sent out his Taillow. "Follow Poochyena!"

                                            The two Pok[font=Times New Roman]/font]mon went quickly into the forest, searching for te Torchic.

                                            "Im going to go report you to the police," Zara said to Imation.

                                            "Well, you do that. Let me inform you that if I press this button," Imation showed them a contol, with a big red button in the middle, "youre Torchic is toast. You see, I told my Zangoose to attach dynamite to your Pok[font=Times New Roman]/font]mon."

                                            Dane wanted to say something, but he couldnt he knew that if he upset Imation, he might never see his Torchic again.

                                            "You cant do that!" Zara yelled.

                                            "Oh, yes I can!" Imation pushed the button, and they heard a bang.

                                            "Torchic!" Dane yelled. Then a big cloud of smoke formed, and Imations Zangoose, dark and ashy, fell to the ground, with Xs for eyes.

                                            "Zangoose? How could this be?" Imation said, crying.

                                            Then, out of the smoke came Poochyena and Taillow, with Torchic, unharmed.

                                            "Oh my gosh, do you think?" George said looking at Zara. Zara shrugged.

                                            "Torchic, Im so glad youre okay!" Dane said, hugging Torchic.

                                            "You guys did great!" Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] and Dane said to their Pok[font=Times New Roman]/font]mon.

                                            Sirens blared. Officer Jenny pulled up in her motorcycle. She stepped off, and walked up to Imation.

                                            "You look familiar," Jenny said to Imation. "I have a feeling you have something to do with this..."


                                            "Yeah, he did," Everyone said.

                                            After they explained to Jenny what happened, and Imation was arrested, Dane walked Zara, George, and Kylar[font=Times New Roman]/font] to a trainer hotel.

                                            "Thanks so much, Ill miss you!" Dane said, waving.

                                            "Bye!" They replied, waving back.
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                                              lol, you should check out that chapter in the Ledian layout...XD
                                              Awesome chapter, btw!

                                              Pocket Monsters Special!
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                                                Oh, gosh. You cannot even see it. Um, thanks so much, OF!
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