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  1. professor plum


    He's a corgi. I'll be getting him towards the end of July. Problem is, I haven't chosen a name yet. I'm leaning towards Renly and Apollo. Help?? I've included photos of said angel. Keep in mind, he's about three and a half weeks old. Well, okay. His is May 30th. (This is actually...
  2. Kirozane

    It is a shirt now :3

    I know... I know... 2 blogs in one day is not a wise thing... but remember that picture I posted earlier? Well, I copied it onto a shirt like I planned... :3 To the best of my ability... I am not good a freehand copying and it becomes very apparent here. I did this at my neice's birthday party...
  3. Kirozane

    This is too cute...

    I was doodling last night, trying to come up with an idea for when I get to do a bit of T-shirt painting today.... After a lot of chibi pokemon, I came up with this.... This may be what I try to recreate... So what do you guys think? Is it cute? Is it not? I personally died from a cute...
  4. Taemin

    Darumaka Plushieee ;w;

    So I finally got my Darumaka plushie in the mail a couple of weeks or so ago. Aftering tweeting about it, some people demanded pics.. so.. uum, a few weeks late, BUT HERE'S PICS. I'M PROBABLY HORRIBLY BIASED, BUT ISN'T IT ADORABLE? /shot Well I think it is.
  5. professor plum


  6. professor plum

    LADIES AND GENTS: Miss Gypsy Rose Lee~!

    So, we went outside today for daytime explorations and . . OH NO GYPSY ;-; QUICK GO, JOJO! DO SOME SLEUTHING! Oh, she was just nappin' n_n itchin' walking by the fan :3 She really is this cute. :D Are YOU talking to ME?! D:< so we went back inside and . . she tried to climb onto the...
  7. professor plum


    This is she and my father. :D She's so adorable =3=; NAME IDEAS . . GO this is another pic of her ;w;