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  1. Aaron's Aron

    Pokémon Spinoff: Pokémon Conquest: Ultimate - A Gen 9 Complete Overhaul of Pokémon Conquest! (v3.0.7 - May 21st, 2024)

    https://imgur.com/aeiZyF2.gif Everyone is Here! Welcome to Pokémon Conquest: Ultimate! This mod of Pokémon Conquest took over a year to complete and completely overhauls the game from scratch, making it the largest Pokémon Conquest mod to date! https://imgur.com/rKz0MBj.png It features 150...
  2. BagonGanda

    Pokémon Spinoff: Pokemon Conquest: Twin Dragons (A Conquest ROM Hack)

    Last update to this ROM Hack - August 13th, 2023 (Beautifully made logo by Lindsay Panes, thank you so much for your very pleasing work made for my game!) Pokemon Conquest: Twin Dragons is a ROM Hack of Pokemon Conquest, a hack with a few quality-of-life features sprinkled in with moves from...
  3. WhatAUsername

    Pokémon Spinoff: Pokémon Conquest: Reconquered (A Pokémon Conquest Rom Hack)

    Prelude Thank you to everyone who has been playing Reconquered! We were just recently involved in Eevee Expo 3 during their sizzle reel. You can find them on Twitter by following the below linked tweet (like the tweet while you are there) and see all the other games featured! I also wanted to...