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  1. pikX

    Platinum hack: Pokémon Platinum Boost- A Vanilla++ Platinum ROM Hack

    Pokémon Platinum Boost is a ROM hack designed to be what I would call vanilla++. Not just vanilla+, as I have done too many modifications for it to be what I would call that. It sticks to the default Pokédex of 210, as it is not a 493 hack. Plenty of mons have been buffed, and there are some...
  2. Air9321

    Pokemon Delta Sapphire!(Beta 0.1)

    Overview Delta Sapphire is a Rom Hack of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. This game will have an increased level curve, built around an exp share set to Off(current champion level cap is 82). This game will also feature many QoL changes, namely ground item changes, mart changes, addition of the move...
  3. L

    FireRed hack: Pokémon: Liquid Crystal [3.3.xxxxx Live Beta]

    ## Updated information about LC and the future (posted June 2023): https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=10634484#post10634484 ~Introduction & Welcome~ Hello there everyone, and welcome to the Official Pokémon: Liquid Crystal forum thread. I'm Linkandzelda, and maybe you heard of me...