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FireRed hack: Pokémon: Liquid Crystal [3.3.xxxxx Live Beta]


Ex-rom hacker turned indie game developer

## Updated information about LC and the future (posted June 2023): https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=10634484#post10634484

~Introduction & Welcome~

Hello there everyone, and welcome to the Official Pokémon: Liquid Crystal forum thread. I'm Linkandzelda, and maybe you heard of me before, maybe not. I started working on this alone around April 2007 with the intention for it to be a one person project, this meaning a solo hack. After the first major release it quickly became popular and the demands rose for higher quality and faster development, so I decided to appoint Synyster_Zeikku as Co-Owner to work mainly on Graphical aspects of the game. After 5 years of development as we enter 2013, we have a small team in place of dedicated ROM Hackers.

~The Development Team~

With any major project there comes a Development Team to hold things together and to get the project moving forward. This is the development team for the Pokémon: Liquid Crystal Project.

Lead Developer & Owner: Linkandzelda
Graphics Artist & Co-Owner: Synyster Zeikku
Lead ASM Programmer: Jambo51
Lead Music Composer: Magnius
Bug Testing & Quality Control: FIQ
Mapping: Ray Maverick & Linkandzelda

Special Thanks
Sometimes there's a time when we can't do everything ourselves and have to recruit help from external sources. This is a list of people that we turned to for help and support during the course of development.


~Hack info & Story~

Pokémon: Liquid Crystal is a ROM Hack developed for the GameBoy Advanced system using FireRed V1.0 as the base ROM. It's a complete remake of the Original Pokémon Crystal game from the GameBoy Color. The story is the same as the Original Crystal with a load of extra events and even a brand new region to explore; the Orange Islands.

While playing Pokémon: Liquid Crystal you will experience the original main story from Pokémon Crystal, with additional events placed in and around it. Expect to see new evil teams, rivals, and other twists throughout.

~Main Features~

Pokémon: Liquid Crystal has a wide range of awesome features for you to enjoy. This is what we think are the top ones.

~Updated Graphics & Maps~


Make your way through the game while setting eyes on some of the Greatest Graphics & Maps ever seen in a Pokémon Game! Every single map from the Original Crystal has been Revamped and Remastered into a set of amazing Maps like none before. With new Tiles & Palettes bringing Johto & Kanto to life once again!

~Day & Night~


Experience Real Time events and Visuals with the Day & Night system in Pokémon: Liquid Crystal! Travel through 5 different times including Morning, Day, Sunset, Evening and Night! Just like in the Original Crystal Version when the sun went down and came up again based on Real Time. Weekly events happening all over, with certain things happening every day in the game! When it goes dark in the real world, the sun goes down in Pokémon: Liquid Crystal.

~Relive Johto & Kanto~


Relive the adventures of the Johto & Kanto regions with glorious Graphics and Music, and even some new faces! Experience a nostalgia attack like never before as you travel through the Routes and Towns of one of the best Pokémon regions ever created.

~Experience The Orange Islands~


Take part in a completely new story line on the never before seen Orange Islands region! After the events of Johto & Kanto, Zane goes out of control in the Orange Islands. Play through a new chapter in the story and unlock some of the deepest secrets.

~Revamped Battle Scenarios~


Battle Trainers & Pokémon with Real Scenarios like Water, Sand and Grass! Just like in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl from the Nintendo DS, Pokémon: Liquid Crystal has enhanced battle scenarios to help make those battles even more realistic.

~Explore New & Hidden Areas~


Search far and wide to reach New Places and Hidden Areas never seen before! There's tons of new areas that were not there in the Original Crystal just waiting to be found. With the new Open Ocean, you can surf and explore the complete map, so who knows what you will find!

~Dive Underground~


Just like in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, you can Dive down to the bottom of the ocean and explore deep caves to find new Items and Pokémon. Now, In Pokémon: Liquid Crystal you can Dive to the depths of Johto & Kanto to uncover deep secrets!

~Real Season Based Weather Effects~


Travel through the vast lands while experiencing Real Time Season-based Weather Effects! Travel the lands while being hit with Snow, Rain, Thunder and other Weathers! Based on the Japanese weather patterns, expect to find yourself immersed in a downpour of fierce storms during Spring, and heavy Snow Fall during the Winter.

~Updated Battle Mechanics~
Battle your way through with a new Battle Mechanic. Earn EXP like In Black & White! Pokémon: Liquid Crystal incorporates a unique system to any other GameBoy Advance Pokémon Game, with the enhanced EXP system it changes the way you battle forever!

Also included is the Physical/Special Split introduced in the Generation 4 games for the Nintendo DS. Now you can make the most of your Pokémon's Power while they use powers they could never use before!

~Additional Features~
In addition to all the above features, we have implemented a ton of other amazing features:

  • This obviously isn't be a 100% accurate remake, it does/will have differences.
  • Remixes of Johto, Kanto and Orange Islands music
  • New battle music for Rivals
  • Raised Pokémon levels for increased difficulty
  • Redone move-sets for Rivals and Gym Leaders
  • Extra in-game trades for obtaining new Pokémon
  • New OWs for Gym Leaders & more
  • Day & Night Music - more in the future!
  • Vast addition of new Pokémon & Trainer sprites
  • Brand new move tutors
  • New scripts, events and secrets to discover
  • New Rivals and other extra battles.
  • A new berry system, allowing people to grow their own berries.
  • "Sliding Panels" - Ruins of Alph Puzzle.
  • D/P/P Fonts and Textbox.
  • Much much much more waiting for you!


Here you can see some of the best Screenshots, Videos, Music and other media.


Before a release we like to hype things up by releasing an epic Trailer showing off the game and announcing new features. The first of these 2 Trailers was created for the 3.1 Beta Version set to be released in 2011. The second Trailer was to announce the release date of the 3.1 Beta Version, being December 25th 2011.

~Showcase Videos~
Sometimes, we just feel like posting random videos to show off a new Feature or just a random piece of the game.

~Other Videos~

~Banners & Fan Art~
Here is a showcase of all the Fan Art and Banners people have made to support Pokémon: Liquid Crystal. Keep it up guys, your support is greatly welcomed!

Here's the code for it to put into a sig.


Other banners.


~Received Awards~

Over the course of Pokémon: Liquid Crystal's Development, it's received a few Awards from different communities where it used to be maintained.

~Annual Hack Award~
The Annual Hack Award is an Award given to a hack which has been chosen to be the best of the current year out of all actively maintained hacks on the community. This Award was given to Pokémon: Liquid Crystal at the time when Beta 1.1 was first released on Pkmn Hackers Online, a popular ROM Hacking forum now known as ROM Hackers Online and actively maintained by me.


~Hack of the Month~
The Hack of the Month is a competition which goes on at the Pokécommunity forums. A group of people will vote the best hacks from the month, and the public will vote for the best one. In April 2009, on the 25th Pokémon: Liquid Crystal 2.1 was released on the Forums there. It was given this award on the same month.


~Hack of the Year~
Hack of the Year is one of the biggest ROM Hacking competitions on the Pokécommunity Forums. They give various Awards to different hacks under a set amount of categories. In 2010, Pokémon: Liquid Crystal received first place for the Best Gameplay Award, along with some other Awards too.


~Frequently Asked Questions~

We get a lot of questions asked every day about Pokémon: Liquid Crystal, so we decided to answer some of the most asked questions here in this list. Please make sure to read this section before posting to ask a question.


~Bugs & Glitches~

We make a huge effort to document and fix all reported bugs at some point during development. We can't do that if people don't report them, so here is how to correctly report a bug:

Use the form below as an example:

Build Number: 3.3.00100
Bug/Glitch Description: I can't fly when using Fly from the Pokémon menu, the same thing happens when using Surf and other field moves.

The current build can be found on the Introduction Text when you begin a new game, on the first page at the bottom. It's important that we get as much information as possible in as easy to read format as possible so we can fix it and release as soon as possible. Here's how not to report a bug:

~Where To Report Bugs~
I'll accept a bug report from any of the following listed places.

Please only use one of the above methods, not YouTube Comments or Visitor Messages.

You can find a list of currently logged bugs here.

~How We Release Updates: The Live Beta Explained~

The Live Beta system is a system where we make constant releases and patches by incrementing a build number and uploading the new IPS. We then keep adding to this IPS and people can download the new one instantly. Here's how it works in a nutshell.

  1. We work on a new feature or fix a bug in Liquid Crystal.
  2. We then change the build number on the Game Introduction Text.
  3. We then record what we changed/fixed in the ROM.
  4. We then create and upload a new IPS release for download.
  5. You can then download it within seconds of us fixing it.

If you have any questions about the Live Beta, then feel free to ask, or if you don't understand how the Live Beta works, then read this post for a more detailed explanation. The key thing to remember is, check the Build Number and the Diary below, as well as remember the download link and file name never changes.

~The Liquid Crystal Development Diary~
Whenever we make a notable fix we let you know right away. A member of the team will post a message informing people of the change over on the Pokémon Liquid Crystal Project Page on ROM Hackers Online Social. If you want to get constant updates on what's going on, you will find all the latest updates on that page.

~Build History~
With every build increment we make we write down the date and time, the old Build Number and the new Build Number, along with a short description of what the fix/change was. Here's what a single entry looks like:

03/01/2013 19:19:20: Build changed from 3.3.00089 to 3.3.00090. Fixed various small errors.

The current build can be found on the Introduction Text when you begin a new game, on the first page at the bottom.


We have a full list of these accessible from the page linked above, as well as right here. It's a good idea to bookmark this link so you can check it to see when something changed and if you need to re-download it.

I introduce the @PkmnLCUpdates Twitter account. From now on when I update the build, the changes will be tweeted to this account. Simply follow this and you'll be notified of new builds instantly. Please note however that this is not a Pokémon Liquid Crystal Twitter account for everything, it's only for build update notifications and nothing else, so it will not respond to any messages and/or followers.

Also, if you get into my IRC on the #romhacking or #liquidcrystal channels, you can type ".lcbuild" and you will be given the latest build change automatically. Just a quick shortcut, you can get in via the Official Liquid Crystal site or RHO.

~Required Emulator For Proper Playing~
Due to new hacks performed on the latest version of Liquid Crystal, the emulator required to play the hack is Visual Boy Advance 1.8.0 Beta 3. Other emulators such as Gpsp and Gameboid are currently supported, and I'm working on adding full support for Flash Carts. I prepared a pack which includes ticked options for playing the latest version of Pokémon: Liquid Crystal.

VBA for LC Download

~The Downloads & Useful Links~

So, here it is, the download link for the Live Beta IPS patch. Remember to read everything in this thread/page before playing and asking questions. The download page will contain a list of mirrors, which are all suitable if available.

Pokémon: Liquid Crystal Live Beta Download

~Other Very Useful Links~
These links were mentioned in the above texts, but here they are again for quick referencing.

VBA for LC Download

The place to get all the latest News & Updates

Build Change history list(Bookmark this!)

@PkmnLCUpdates Twitter account for new Build Notifications.

Preferred place to report bugs and glitches for faster fixing

IPS Patcher for Windows - Required to play each time

~Closing Notes~

So, I hope you enjoy Pokémon: Liquid Crystal. Remember to read the thread fully before playing. Any and all feedback on the game is welcomed.
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  • Age 30
  • Seen Mar 28, 2021
Hehe thanks guys. 3.1 is not the final version there will be a beta 4 and then a final to follow. At least thats the plan ;)


dude Ive been waiting for this for a while now, ever since i played the current beta a long time ago, i was hooked on this game and now your making the next beta, thats awesome, i cant wait to play it.
Hm, tough time to bring it back. As you may of noticed Zel is back, and you never know when Shiny Gold is going to come back.

Anyway, everything looks great so far! I loved the video, it was nice, quick, and flashy. :D
Good luck!;)
While this isn't my favorite remake of GSC I do enjoy playing it. Coincidentally in HG/SS when you rematch gym leaders they have six Pokemon and the Elite Four. :O By the way will the game be harder than Shiny Gold X or Spirit Gold? (Drayano60's new ROM Hack, a sequel to Fire Red Omega.)


Ex-rom hacker turned indie game developer
Well i'm raising the pokemon levels to make it much harder than the previous one. Its currently too easy although it wont be as hard as SG X.


Favorite Stand
Oh my god, I loved this hack I thought you gave up on it? Oh well I am still happy the hack is still going.BTW, what will the final version have?


You can contact me in PC's discord server...
  • Age 33
  • Seen Dec 23, 2023
It's back huh?
Nice to see it's really back. ^^

I wish you good luck on the project~ ;)
  • Seen Nov 8, 2012
Playing version 2.1 and it looks really nice so far, I like the kid who says its christmas and gives you an ultra ball I hope 3.1 comes out soon


Red Dead Revolver
that's just great I am s big fan of this hack
btw I love the background music of beta 3.1 trailer where can I find this theme?
Hehe thanks guys. 3.1 is not the final version there will be a beta 4 and then a final to follow. At least thats the plan ;)


I think after you release the 3.1 beta, you should finish the hack up and then release a final beta. None the less I look forward to see this being finished whenever that may be.

Lord Varion

Guess who's back?
  • Age 29
  • Seen Jan 6, 2015
Oh yeah
Liquid crystal 3.1 beta
Can't wait
I like how this is becoming more and more different to most G/S remakes <3


In my opinion, easily one the best hacks to ever grace the PokeCommunity.
I knew this hack wasn't finished; there was alot of things in Beta 2.1 that made me go "WTF?" at times, but I stuck through it. In fact, this was the first hack I've actually finished, even before ShinyGold.
Like the others have said, cannot wait for 3.1 to be ready, and still can't believe this hack is back.(How long since 2.1 came out anyway?)

Lugiaz Soul

I support Crystal Dust
Why don't you release Beta 3 like you did at The Pokemon World Forums? I've played through Beta 3 and it was awesome. Is OK for me to re-upload the Beta 3 or do I still follow the "rules"?
  • Seen Feb 6, 2014
Can't Wait!! I Hope Gastly appears at Bellsprout tower this time

and the weather gets fixed.^^
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