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hack rom

  1. AmpersUwU

    Help - Pokémon Chaos Black Info

    Do y’all have any info related to Pokémon Chaos Black? Or do you know if some of the people who worked on it are still active. Please help. :>
  2. Elfyer

    Edit AtSign Emerald no ai

    Hi everyone :) I was wondering: is it possible to edit AtSign Emerald multiplayer (Emerald no ai) as the other roms? 'Cuz I tried to hack with YAPE, G3HS, HMA, but nothing seems to work... :sadwick:Just Advance Map, maybe (at leats it opens it). Any idea?:hattremhuh: I don't know if I can post...

    Insert Musics Without Sappy [FR]

    I'll be brief, I'll show you how to add songs manually without Sappy! Tools used to • HxD • Mid2Agb • Thumb Step 1 - Make your MIDI I recommend seeing these posts, topics and threads to learn how to do your MIDI. • Install All Instrument Patch on your ROM Make your music with up to 5 Tracks...
  4. B

    Code: Ben 10 hackrom

    No se como es esto pero quiero decir que hay un trabajo de hackrom de Ben 10 que lamentablemente se le olvido al creador y aqui esta si alguien quiere continuarlo quien sepa hacerlo seria bueno o si quiere para contactar conmigo
  5. B

    Ben 10 hackrom

    I don't know what this is like but I want to say that there is a Ben 10 hackrom job that unfortunately the creator forgot and here it is if anyone wants to continue it who knows how to do it would be good or if you want to contact me
  6. GetKosiorekt

    Crystal hack: Pokemon Lunatic Crystal v1.6

    Pokemon Lunatic Crystal is a difficulty ROM Hack that provides not only a major challenge, but is also an attempt at making Gen 2 more balanced and enjoyable, while also retaining the charm of the original games. Lunatic Crystal has the following features: • Trainer parties have been massively...
  7. W

    Question: Saint Seiya Hack-rom

    Hello community! I would like to know if there is any hack-rom project based on Saint Seiya, in the style of Dragon Ball Z Team Training. I believe there is a lot of potential to make a cool project based on the Knights of Athena ------------------- Olá pessoal! Gostaria de saber se existe...