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  1. K

    Accidentally traded my lucky egg in Pokemon Scarlet

    So there I was doing a few surprise trades with the many duplicate pokemon in my box, and I accidently traded a starter pokemon that held my only lucky egg in the entire. I instantly started to lose my mind, as there isn't another way to get another lucky in Pokemon Scarlet. Can someone help me...
  2. Z

    [GEN IX] Hi, need a Quaxly

    I need a quaxly to finish the pokedex, it doesn'tneed to be shiny, i just want a quaxly, I'm willing to trade a shiny eiscue, shiny teddiursa, shiny voltorb or shiny noivern. Please help! Thank you!
  3. Sweet Serenity

    Does Baxcalibur Hold a Candle to Other Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon?

    Does Baxcalibur Hold a Candle to Other Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon? After viewing the feed on my tablet, I came across an article titled "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's Baxcalibur Doesn't Hold a Candle to Other Pseudolegendary Pokémon" published on Gamerant written by a writer named Smangaliso...