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trade corner

  1. Met4mor


    Hi everyone, I only need Spinda to complete the pokedex on Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and I was wondering if anyone could trade him! It doesn't have to be on pokemon home but directly on BDSP! Many thanks in advance!
  2. A

    [General] Touch trade Koraidon

    I need a koraidon for my Pokédex but have no need to keep him. I would really appreciate a touch trade for him and would also be willing to give you a violet paradox for helping
  3. Z

    [GEN IX] Violet: Need help with completing Pokedex

    Hi, I am looking for someone to trade the version exclusive paradox pokemon with. I only need them in my pokedex so I can trade them back if you would like to. The pokemon I am looking for are: - Great Tusk; - Scream Tail; - Brute Bonnet; - Flutter Mane; - Slither Wing; - Sandy Shocks; -...
  4. S

    [General] Need help with Pumpkaboo line evolutions (Pokemon Sword/Shield)

    Hello, I recently caught a number of Pumpkaboo (4) i need traded and returned to evolve them. They are of the 4 variant sizes and i require them for my living pokedex. I tried using pokemon home’s GTS function to find a suitable trade, but trade evolutions dont work on the app, so i would be...
  5. Tsutarja

    Come trade with me!

    If y'all are into getting your Pokédex completed for the fifth generation, then come check out my trade shop! I know selection is small for the time being, but I promise that I'll expand my shop some more in the coming weeks! 8)
  6. Melinda

    Trade Corner's Secret Santa Event!

    Yay! Come join in on TC's Secret Santa!! :D [Link]