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  1. M

    Accidentally released starter pokemon

    Hi, My son has accidentally released his starter Fuecoco (in its evolved form of Skeledirge) on pokemon violet (switch) and is absolutely devastated. From what I've read, only way to get another is to trade - we don't know anyone directly but wondered if anyone on here would be able to help me...
  2. P

    Someone help me beat hard mode in Ogre Outstin please

    I can't find anywhere online a group to help me beat it so I can get the shiny Munchlax, it's ridiculous!
  3. Z

    [GEN IX] Hi, need a Quaxly

    I need a quaxly to finish the pokedex, it doesn'tneed to be shiny, i just want a quaxly, I'm willing to trade a shiny eiscue, shiny teddiursa, shiny voltorb or shiny noivern. Please help! Thank you!
  4. l0ve._.gutz

    [Shiny] Looking for a shiny fennekin female (lf in xy, ft shinies in sv)

    I just recently revisited pokemon Y, I want to start my game out with a shiny female fennekin, i've been soft reseting, but im scared it'll take too long and i'll lose interest in wanting to play it, or I just wont get one at all, this wont go unpaid, if u have either scarlet or violet I can pay...
  5. Sweet Serenity

    Does Baxcalibur Hold a Candle to Other Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon?

    Does Baxcalibur Hold a Candle to Other Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon? After viewing the feed on my tablet, I came across an article titled "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's Baxcalibur Doesn't Hold a Candle to Other Pseudolegendary Pokémon" published on Gamerant written by a writer named Smangaliso...