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FireRed hack: 1.1 IS OUT!: Pokémon Expansion Red 1.1

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    • Seen Apr 5, 2024
    This is my first time doing this so i'll try to make it as good as I can.
    Hi, I'm Zein_pro10, a little spanish YouTuber that likes Pokémon, Roblox, etc...
    I allways wanted to make my own Pokémon Romhack since I was 6 years old, and finally, my dream became a reality, welcome to Pokémon Expansion Red 1.0.

    Pokémon Expansion Red is a Pokémon Romhack of Pokémon Fire Red, where you can find all the Pokémon avaliable up to gen 3, also, the stats of all of them had been increased (aprox. 500 BST fully evolved), this makes them somewhat usable in battle, also, some Pokémon had their types changed, like Seadra (Water->Water-Dragon) or Dunsparce (Normal->Ground-Dragon), as well as the abilities like with all the starters.
    IMPORTANT!!!: I didn't made the national dex avaliable before post game, so you can't evolve Golbat into Crobat (It's an example BTW)
    Pokemon Expansion Red-0.pngPokemon Expansion Red-1.pngPokemon Expansion Red-2.pngPokemon Expansion Red-3.pngPokemon Expansion Red-4.pngPokemon Expansion Red-8.pngPokemon Expansion Red-9.pngPokemon Expansion Red-10.pngPokemon Expansion Red-11.pngPokemon Expansion Red-15.pngPokemon Expansion Red-16.pngPokemon Expansion Red-17.png
    Last few things before finishing, The documentation of the game will come with the 1.1 update (because I didn't want to make it earlier) and, you may find me and one of my best friends in the game, just saying.

    Last thing, there are new moves in the game, that's all for me, have a nice day!

    CREDITS: All the game was made by me (Zein_pro10), but some of the new changes of the game are inspired by other games like Pokémon Emerald Kaizo or Radical Red, I recommend you playing them, the liks are below.

    1.1 CHANGES
    Hi guys, I know this is early but 1.1 is out, here are some things that changed:
    1.- Some Pokémon have better abilities that fit them, like the Squirtle line, that loses Water Absorb and gains Shell Armor
    2.- Gym leaders and E4: Now that I have Advance Trainer, the teams of the Gym Leaders and E4 have six Pokémon (And some of them have better strategies)
    3.-Team Change for Creator Zein (me) and Playtester Hugo (a friend of mine): The teams of these two trainers will change every important update
    This update was small, but look foward to see regional forms in later updates, I love making this game and I would love to hear suggestions for making the game better.
    That's all for 1.1, have an amazing day!


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