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2014 in review! Journey to 5000 posts!


    • Seen Feb 7, 2024
    Before the year ends, I'm going to make sure that I get 5000 posts. At the time of this writing, I have 4,934 posts, giving me 66 more posts to go! This may seem like a small feat for many, and it is really, but this is something different for me. I rarely give myself goals, and when I do it's definitely not something as minuscule as getting 66 posts in a week or so. This also gives me an excuse to finally reach out of my shell and start posting in other forums, at least for a few days :p And don't worry, I'll try to challenge myself to make actually cohesive posts (so no useless staff hangout posts, but no promises!).

    So how was everyone's year? Mine was pretty...interesting. :) This year, I've finally managed to get over the depression I've been experiencing for almost two years. I haven't told many people about it because I don't feel obliged to, but it finally feels good to speak about this to someone that isn't my best friend. Enough of that sappy self-loathing chapter of my life, though, and on towards the happier notes of my year.

    In terms of recent events, I got really good grades this semester. I definitely wouldn't have made it without my friends whom I finally interacted with outside the classroom. It also helps to finally have someone to look towards when the instructor says "buddy up!" School-wise and relationship-wise, I'd rate my 2014 experience a 10/10. What else? Oh, I became a moderator here last July something. I honestly don't remember the exact date, primarily because I don't pay attention to dates, but these 5 or less months being on staff certainly has been a blast. For all of you BTB regulars, watch out because I've got so many things in mind next year. :) 10/10 for PokeCommunity stuff, too!

    Anyway, that's all I can think of for now. If I have anything more to share, I'm just going to make a new blog post after a few days. On that note, I'd like to urge everyone to make a blog post regarding their 2014 experience. Don't have a blog? Well, comment down there! I'm interested to read how everyone's year was. Spread the word! Cheers!