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2014 in Review

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    Well since we've only got one more week until 2015 hits, I'm gonna do a year in review. So, basically, this year has been really, really, really, really, really, really, really, boring. On a normal day, I just spent all day in my apartment, watching television, laying around, and playing my 3DS. I escaped my third-floor home a lot less than I usually do, especially compared to last year. I never adventured outside of the country, or the state. I was extremely bored at home for months until I got my laptop, as I was just uninterested with any of my 3DS games, due to the fact that I only got about 10-12 games this year, and most of those were early in the year.

    But, that brings me to 2014 in a gaming point of view. I added a lot to my Pokemon collection, as starting 2014 I only had 5 Pokemon games, but ending 2014 I have 15 Pokemon games, and two more gaming systems.

    Now then, games weren't the only things I got. Of course, our apartment got internet on August 16th, I joined PokeCommunity on September 5th, threw out my virus-ridden Windows XP laptop on December 1st, and got a new, Windows 8 laptop on December 3rd.

    Anyways, my overall rating on 2014 is 5/10. It was really boring, but there were some high points, but those high points couldn't erase all the boredom I suffered during the summer. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and hope to see you back for my next blog.

    And if you think this is boring, THIS REPRESENTS MY YEAR


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    That's disturbingly similar to my year in some ways... mostly the gaming til you're bored part... *shudders*