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[Binary] 2D Game Engine - Looking For UI-Artists

El Munico

Hey there, poke people!

The name's Ricardo, and I've been hardcore coding on my super secret project for ages now. But guess what? I've finally hit a point where I need some seriously talented artists to join the fun and help me design the raddest stuff ever!

Check out this quick intro to what my program can already do (I won't dive into all the deets 'cause there's already a ton of mind-blowing features). Basically, I've whipped up a killer prototype for a 2D engine (using java) that's all about taking Pokemon fan games to a whole new level. Peep the pic below to see the slick editor on the left and the epic main menu on the right.


But hold up, we've got more eye candy for you! Feast your eyes on these painting examples, logic examples, and UI examples:

🖌️ Painting Examples:
🧠 Logic Examples:
💡 UI Examples:

Now, let's dive into the juicy features this bad boy brings to the table:

✨ Infinite map size with over 100 layers for mind-blowing drawing and collision detection
✨ Tiled and untiled objects that'll make your creative juices flow
✨ One click tile set or object set palette creations
✨ Designed to rock full-screen resolution on your PC, so it's all about that visual oomph
✨ Get ready for dynamic collider, trigger, and script attachments that'll blow your mind
✨ Mystery Dungeon Sprites for your follower Pokemon, 'cause we're all about style
✨ Autotiles for that effortless coolness
✨ Gif support to amp up the Gen5 battle sprites and other sweet animations

Now, hold your breath, 'cause we've got some wickedly awesome stuff coming soon:

⚡ Controller-based input that'll make you feel like a true gaming master (coming real soon, peeps!)
⚡ Pokemon Battles that'll have you geeking out like crazy (duh xD)
⚡ And hey, we're always open to more ideas, so hit us up if you've got any mind-blowing suggestions

You see, amigos, since I've personally written every single line of code here, I've got the power to tweak and implement whatever any developer could ever dream of. It's all about time and necessity, baby!

Now, let's get down to the recruiting business, my peeps!

A little something about me: I'm a 26-year-old coding junkie studying computer science in the heart of Munich, Germany. I'm fluent in German, Spanish, and English, and I live and breathe coding. Plus, I've played enough Pokemon in my life to know it inside out. I've got the stamina to see this project through to the finish line.

Right now, I ain't planning on creating a full-blown game. Nope, my mission is to polish the engine first. Once that's done, I'll whip up a small game using it to showcase all the engine's mind-blowing features. But here's the deal: I've been spending way too much time designing fancy UI elements that jive seamlessly with the rest. I've gotta give props to all the artists out there for their insane dedication to crafting new designs. So, I'm on the lookout for some seriously motivated artists who want to bring the UI game to the next level. I'm talking about everything from the main menu to the tiniest choice or dialogue box. The UI theme needs to be consistent and designed for full-screen resolution (think 1920x1080). That's my top priority. And hey, if you've got fresh UI ideas, we're all ears! Let's brainstorm and bring those ideas to life!

So, if you're itching to be a part of this awesomeness, just hit me up. Have an epic day, y'all!