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#4: I wanna rock, ROCK! [Week #3: Music Theme]

El Héroe Oscuro

IG: elheroeoscuro

Question Of The Day #4 [Week #3: Music]: "The Wiggles, the greatest band alive, has asked you to to open up for their world tour. Which song do you choose to cover and why for them?"

Welcome to the new and improved Question of the Day! Every Monday through Friday a new question will be proposed each day that fits a theme for the week. Currently, the theme for the week is Music, where throughout the week we will be talking about any and all things related to the sounds and rhythms of music. If you have a VIPQOTD that you would like to see, send me a VM or PM and if your question gets selected then an emblem will be given out as a reward!


As stated, you've been in charge of opening up for The Wiggles, the hottest band to hit the radio since Caillou dropped his own remix track. The only requirements The Wiggles gave you was that you must cover a minimum of three songs of your choice. You have your own band as well, so whether you want to play an instrument or sing is up to you. Which songs do you choose to cover and why?