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5 things i've learned about college


big poppa
  • Age 25
  • Seen Jun 13, 2018
i've been wanting to blog for some time now and i've been in college for nearly a month now so i thought why not give some tips to my fellow first year students. without further ado, here's 5 tips based on what i learned during my first month of college:

1. whilst purchasing textbooks double check to make sure you get the correct version. i spent about $50 on the wrong version of a book and i was unable to return it.

2. READ THE SYLLABUS. please, just do it.

3. add / drop week is your best friend. i had a three hour friday class, a class on a different campus, philosophy, and a class that ended at 9:15 pm; add / drop saved me.

4. ratemyprofessor is also your best friend. if your professor isn't listed here try the class out for a day or two and if it's not for you, refer back to number three.

5. hot showers are never promised to you. i share a shower with one other person but the water is always cold. imo the best times to shower are before 10 AM or after 11 PM.

hopefully you found these helpful or at the very least relatable, i'll be posting more college related stuff soon!