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A brief review on: Touhou 15 - Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom


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    Newest Touhou's here, I feel like geeking out, might as well review quickly, non?

    I quite like the new characters - I feel that they each have a good amount of uniqueness for how small Touhou games are. A favourite of mine has to be Clownpiece, some jester American fairy of hell thing.

    The soundtrack is probably my favourite out of the whole series. Just...have a listen.
    LoLK Clownpiece's Theme: Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner
    LoLK Stage 4 Theme: Frozen Capital of Eternity

    Two of my certain favourites. It's just a beautiful soundtrack, once again, for such a small game. For one developer, it's solid.

    Now, onto the key of a Touhou game. Gameplay. Unfortunately, as marvelous as Lunatic Kingdom's been, it's pretty much broken when it comes to difficulty. Easy is quite difficult, despite it meaning to be, well easy. The later half of the game on Easy is actually infuriatingly difficult. As soon as you hit Stage 3, you pretty much lose. Difficulty spikes? What are those? It's more like a difficulty battering ram here.

    If I were to rate it out of 10, it'd be a 7. The positives do indeed outweigh the negatives, and this game seems to be one that'll see lots of chatter relating to when it comes to the TH fandom.

    Hope you enjoyed this. Maybe I'll review something in more depth. Been considering Fallout: New Vegas.