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2nd Gen A Look Back at Pokémon Crystal’s Online Service

Unown Seer

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    • Seen Dec 6, 2020
    This is probably the most detailed, non-technical analysis of Crystal's online features available to English-speaking readers. I hope that people appreciate it.

    You can clearly see that Crystal set the foundation for almost all the Wi-Fi features to date, save for random battles and gimmicks like the Dream World. Unfortunately, those features were ahead of their time, as the cellphone infrastructure was hardly ideal. I would have to say that Game Freak was probably pushed by Nintendo to utilize the adapter, and their time would have been better spent on further distinguishing Crystal's single player experience from Gold and Silver's. But then, I am of the opinion that the other third versions (including USUM) weren't any better; at least Crystal tried something innovative.

    If I had to bet regarding the Switch's classic games, either all the old Pokemon games will get online support for P2P, or even Crystal won't. The question is if the PCC will be supported. What most interests me about it is the News Machine, since it was a cool form of DLC (as opposed to unlocking data that is already in the game). I'll have an article up about the News Machine details behind the GS Ball's distribution, which Jake alludes to.
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