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About: About the Resources Section

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About the Resources section

Welcome to the new Fan Game Resources section! Here, you can find or submit sprites, audio, code and more to enhance your fan games. Whether it's for your gen 3 or 4 ROM hack or your next Essentials game, hopefully you'll find what you want here to make your game shine!

Use this primary section for posting resources that fit both ROM Hacking and Game Development content, or the sub-sections for content that pertains to just one area.

If you're looking for particular resources, use the search, or get the help you need via our Decomps & Disassemblies, Binary ROM Hacking or Game Development sections. Note that threads that are not resources will be deleted.

Tagging your content

Tags are enabled in this section, to make it easy for people to find content. Tag your threads with labels that seem appropriate for your game — your Gen 3 devamp sprites for both ROM hack and Essentials users, for example, could be tagged with essentials, devamp, rom-hacking, gba, etc. Don't worry about going overboard — it makes it easy for others to find your resources! (Though keep in mind that moderators may remove irrelevant tags.)

You can filter tags from the section index by clicking "Filter" above the thread list, or click a tag you see next to a thread or while you're viewing the thread.

To tag your thread, select "Edit Tags" at the top of the page and tag away! Enter the tags you want, separated by a comma.

Also don't forget to apply the appropriate category — Map, Script, Graphics, Audio, etc.


Megathreads are specifically-tagged threads that contain lists of other resources, code samples, or are just generally really big content repositories. Be sure to check them out for the smaller kinds of features, graphics and such that you might not find as an individual thread.


If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know by posting in our Feedback thread! And if you need any other help with these sections, contact a Fan Games team member:

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