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[Breeding] Alexis's Hidden Ability Breeding Ranch

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    Alexis's Hidden Ability Breeding Ranch

    Just a few ground rules.

    1. Follow all PokeCommunity & Trade Corner Rules, no exceptions
    2. No hacks; I do not trade hacks, nor will I accept them.
    3. i DO NOT bred for IV
    4. When arranging a trade, please include your OT and your FC; even if they are already in your signature or PC info. It will help me greatly.
    5. i DO accept big trades (30+) but do give me time to bred.

    Extra stuff to keep in mind

    • Please keep in mind my spreadsheet may not be updated 24/7 and may contain mistakes (I am human after all).
    • At the moment, I will ONLY be conducting trades in Gen VII (Ultra Sun).
    • As always I reserve the right to refuse a trade for whatever reason.

    Wants and the like:

    • Pokemon that I do not currently have bred, especially in Apriball HA Pokemon.
    • Fossil Shop ball Pokemon i am missing.

    How to Contact me:
    Discord: SkyHunterQueenAlexis#8703
    Pokemon Info
    IGN: Alexis
    3DS Name: Alexis
    3DS FC: 5301-3096-7488

    Times Available to Trade
    I am CST (GMT/UTC-6)
    Check what time it is for me here: Alexis's Hidden Ability Breeding Ranch.

    Monday - Friday
    2:00pm - 10:00pm

    Saturday - Sunday
    6:00pm - 12:00am

    I may reply outside of those times, but I generally only have time to trade during these times. If I can trade outside of those times I will do my best to let you know ahead of time.

    What I am offering:​

    I am offering the following in this Google Spreadsheet.

    Alexis's Hidden Ability Breeding Ranch

    special thanks to Tabor62 for letting me use his or her layout.
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    Current Trades

    1. Pokemon - Ball
    2. Pokemon - Ball
    3. Pokemon - Ball
    4. Pokemon - Ball
    5. Pokemon - Ball

    • Pokemon - Ball
    • Pokemon - Ball
    • Pokemon - Ball
    • Pokemon - Ball
    • Pokemon - Ball

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    • Seen Dec 11, 2020
    Hey, I am looking for a Vulpix(Kanto) HA. Egg moves don't matter and neither do the nature. Do you have one available ?